From the Belleville, IL Daily Advocate, Friday, Sept. 27, 1907:


Grave of J. B. Piot, French Settler, Kept

Open Until Late at Night That Sister

May Look Upon His Dead Face

At the Centerville Station cemetery Thursday the grave of J. Baptiste Piot, one of the oldest French settlers of St. Clair county, was kept open from early morning until late at night in order that a sister, en route from Louisiana, might see his dead face.

Piot died Sunday morning at St. Mary's hospital in East St. Louis. Inaccordance with his expressed desire, his sister, Mrs. JosephineBoisseau, of Minmetti, La., was notified that the burial would take place Thursday afternoon.

No reply was received until the body had reached the cemetery. While preparations were being made to lower the casket word was received from Mrs. Boisseau that she had started for East St. Louis and asking that the burial be delayed.

The casket was left on top of the ground and was watched by sextons. As dusk came lanterns were lighted. The vigil was continued until Mrs. Boisseau's arrival.

The casket was opened and the lanterns held close to allow Mrs. Boisseau to see the features of the dead. After a long look she turned away.  By the flickering light the body was lowered into the ground and earth was heaped upon the grave.

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