Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Workers
St. Clair County, IL

"The Rip Track Gang"
July 3, 1928

Contributed by Chuck Finley, whose grandfather was Henry Stickann from E. St. Louis, Il. (died of pneumonia in 1941)

(BIG PICTURE! Scroll to the right to view the rest of the faces)

Top Row on Box Car L to R

Fussy Luc East
James Lucas
Guy Stephens
"Boob" Frank L. Weist
"Bob" Thomas F. England
Pat Mulgueney
Thomas Wood, Jr.
"Green Baun" Harry Greenwood

Bottom Row L to R

Victor Breidecher
Joe Brubis
George Schnider
Mike O'brian
Erza Morgan
Henry L. Stickann-my grandfather
Joe Sugent
William Wood
George O'Mara

Top Row on Ground " Middle Row"

O.W. Lowe, R.R. Detective
Theodore McClain, Clerk
Jack Stokes
Louie Magee
Ed Camp Schnieder
Otto Breamer
Albert Kinst
George Rogers
Andrew "Andy" Neiman
Frank Kadouie
Ben Freshman
Henry Hubert
Walter Dietz
Virgil Brawley
Anderson A. Wood

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