The regular monthly meeting held at Belleville, Tuesday, March 3, 1891


Frank PERRIN in the chair.

All members present but BOGGEMAN, BOUL, MILLER, PERROTTET and THEBUS.

The journal of the previous meeting was read and approved.

The reports of the overseers of the poor were referred to the Committee on Paupers.

A petition of the City Council of the city of East St. Louis was read.

Motion by ATKINSON to grant the prayer of the petition.

Motion by STOOKEY to refer to the Committee onElections and Townships.

Amendment by REIMANN that the committee consult the States Attorney in reference to this matter.

Carried as amended.

The dog license bonds of Jacob MUELLER and Charles PROBSTMEYER were approved.

The claim of Charles CANNADY was referred to the Committee of Education.

The communication of the assessor at Fayetteville township was referred to the Committee onEqualization.

The petition of E. D. STOOKEY to furnish abstract of mortgages etc., for assessment purposes was presented.

Motion to table until the new board is elected.

The petitions for drainship licenses were referred to the Committee on Licenses, as was also the communication of P. N. TRUDELL.

A petition of citizens of Lenzburg township for witness fees was referred to the States attorney.

The quarterly report of the Treasurer was referred to the Committee on Salaries and Reports.

A list of claims was read and referred to the Committee on Claims.

The following resolutino offered by M. M. STOOKEY was adopted, towit:

Whereas, This borad has learned of the great affliction that has recently come upon Hon. J. R. MILLER, an esteemed member of the board, in the loss of his most estimable wife, after a third of a century of conjugal companionship; therefore be it...

Resolved, That the sympathies of the board are hereby extended to our brother MILLER, and his children in their sad hour of bereavement.

That these resolutions be spread on the records of the board, and a copy thereof be sent to Brother MILLER.

Motion by DAAB that the county clerk notify Madison County to remove a pauper of said county by the name of G. W. HUNTER now residing in Stites township, and to present a bill to the board of Supervisors of Madison county.

On a motion of DAAB, Veit STONICK is allowed to execute a new note with 6 percent interest.

Board Adjourns until 1:30 ol'clock P. M.


Board met pursuant to adjournment.

Present as in the morning.

A communication from the State Board of Equalization was read.

Motion by ATKINSON to comply with the request.

Motion by BURGARD to refer to the Committee of Judciary.

Amendment by STOOKEY to place the communication on file. Carried.

The report of the Committee on Claims was received and adopted, and the clerk was instructed to issue warrants to the following named persons, towit:

View the Claim submissions here (lots of names!)

The Committee on Claims also report to reject the claims of Henry SOPP and Wesley PARKER.

Motion to adopt the report.

Amendment by LORENZEN to suspend the rules and allow the claim of Henry SOPP.

The report of the Committee on Paupers was received and adopted as follows:

To the Honorable Board of Supervisors:

We your Committee on Paupers would beg leave to report, that on the 28th day of February we met at the county hospital for the purpose of inspecting the same, we found everything in good order, there being 127 inmates:

Males - 79
Females - 48...including 2 children
Insane - 32

Report snipped here...end of report

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