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CITY COURT - Number of cases tried before Judge Kase for the week ending June 26th, 1866:

Wm. A. Brown, Pa. Roe, Dan. Halsey, John Tobin were fined $3 and costs for drunkenness.
Jas. Coyne, John McGowan, Pat. White, were fined $3 and costs for shooting in the city limits.
Wm. Smith, driving wagon with wrong number, finned $3 and costs
G.H. Roberts, Fred. Sevelli, Phil. Curtis, Hermann Walters, Joseph Emmet, Albert Brewer, Chas. Brewer, Jas. Gleason, Tim. Arnold, Bill Jones and Frank Adams, were fined $3 and costs each for bathing in the river, in city limits.
Amos Kaucher, Michael Sherlock, Kate Sherlock, Pat.Cauley and Bridget Cauley, were fined $5 and costs for disturbing the peace.

Before Justice McCracken- Wm. Brill, obtaining money under false pretenses; case continued till today.
[East St. Louis Gazette, June 28, 1866]

From the East St. Louis Newspaper, October 4, 1890:
The following cases are set for hearing in the circuit court at Belleville next week, with Judge Burroughs presiding:

No. 48 - People, & c., Kammerer vs. Ward et al.  Debt.
No. 91 - People, &c., St. Clair Co., vs. School et all.  Debt.
No. 92 - Chancery - Seibel-Suesdorf vs. Belleville Distilling Company.  Lien.
No. 94 - K. Knoche vs. J. Keith.  Trespass.
No. 95 - Chancery - Pat Keefe vs. Mary Keefe.  Divorce.
No. 96 - L. Noble vs. T. Mayfield.  Case.
No. 98 - T. Helbling vs. P. Appel.  Appeal.
No. 99 - A. Dannelley et al vs. M. A. Bowman.  Ejectment.
N. 100 - A. Donnelley vs. L. Woods et al.  Ejectment.


No. 101 - A. Donnelley et al vs. Levi Baugh.  Ejectment.
No. 101 - Chancery - M. Wittmer vs. J. Wittmer.  Divorce.
No. 102 - A. Donnelley et al vs. F. B. Bowman.  Ejectment.
No. 103 - Carrie Bowler vs. St. Louis, Alton and Terre Haute Railroad Company.  Appeal.
No. 104 - H. Brooks vs. J. B. Lovingston.  Appeal.
No. 105 - Evans vs. Freeman.  Appeal.
No. 106 - Schmisseur vs. C. Lewis.  Appeal.
No. 107 - Rumsey Manufacturing Company vs. East St. Louis. Assumpsit.
No. 108 - Adams vs. Paridy et al.  Assumpsit.

No. 109 - Blake vs. Kurrus.  Case.
No. 110 - Assignment of People's bank, Mrs. Fleisam, executrix and appellant.  Appeal.
No. 111 - Gauch vs. Citizens' Horse Railway Company.  Trepass.
No. 112 - Kaiser vs. Medart.  Appeal.
No. 113 - People for Mabrer(?) vs. Schanz et al.  Debt.
No. 114 - Bauer vs. Touchette.  Trespass.
No. 115 - Fultz vs. St. Louis Bridge Company.  Trespass.
No. 116 - Estate of Delorine vs. Ohio and Mississippi Railroad Company.  Case.


No. 117 - Hoeltmann vs Ohio & Mississippi Railway Company. Case.
No. 119 - Berghoefer vs. Ohio & Mississippi Railway Company. Case.
No. 120 - Jacquot vs. Jarvis.  Ejectment.
No. 121 - Krebs vs. Thirlon.  Ejectment.
No. 122 - Janauscheck vs. Flannigan et al.  Trepass.
No. 123 - Allen vs Beyerlin.  Appeal.
No. 124 - Warnick vs Gardener.  Appeal.
No. 125 - Combs vs. Ohio & Mississippi Railway Company.  Case.


No. 127 - Crown Coal Company vs. Louisville, Evansville and St. Louis Consolidated Railroad Company.  Assumpsit.
No. 128 - Hannifan vs. Horn et al.  Trespass.
No. 129 - Friedrich vs. Froelig.  Ejectment.
No. 130 -  Obst., administrator, vs. Louisville, Evansville and St. Louis Consolidated Railroad Company.  Trespass.
No. 131 - East St. Louis vs. Sickels.  Appeal.
No. 132 - Wangelin, administrator, vs. Ohio & Mississippi Railway Company.  Case.
No. 133 - Young for, & c. vs. Belleville Steel Company, et al. Appeal.
No. 133 - Chancery - Oechsle vs. Oechsle.  Divorce.


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