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St. Clair County Marriage Announcements
From Area Newspapers

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Walter W. Brown and Miss Sevilla Jones, as faithful members of the church, made their communion on Trinity Sunday morning, in preparation for their marriage, which took place at the bride's father's house, on St. Louis avenue and Tenth street, the following Tuesday evening, in presence of a number of relatives. After the solemn church service of the sacrament of holy matrimony, a bountiful wedding supper supper was partaken of by all present, and a pleasant evening spent. It was gratifying to see the newly married couple attending church together the following Sunday, and not acting like some married people, as if they had done something they were ashamed of, or cared not for their religion, by staying away from church. The bride has been a pupil and teacher in the Sunday school, also a pupil and teacher in St. Mary's day school. We are deeply interested in these young people, and hope that their lives will be blessed and always happy together.
[East St. Louis Journal, 14 July, 1892]

Announcement was made yesterday of the engagement of John Chamberlain of Lebanon to Miss Lulu M. Farthing of Odin Ill. The wedding is set for Thanksgiving Day. Mr.Chamberlain is well known in St.Clair county and served as a member of the state legislature.
[November 19,1903 East St.Louis Journal]

Married in Bellville on the 8th inst., by Rev. W. W. Mitchell, Mr. J. A. Close, merchant of this city and Miss Sallie E. Edmonson, of Belleville. [
Illinois State Chronicle (Decatur, Illinois) Thursday, November 15, 1855]

Married, at the residence of the parents of the bride, on sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock, Mr. William Donner, son of Alderman W. D. Donner, to Miss Mary Dick. Rev. Hempelmann of the Ev. Prot. church performed the ceremony in the presence of a number of relatives and friends of the happy couple. After the ceremony was performed Ida, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Schaller, of Belleville, was Christened by Rev. Hempelmann. Besides Mr. and Mrs. Schaller, Mr. Phillip A. Michel and family, of Belleville were in attendance.
[Mascoutah Herald, 6 March, 1891]

Dorman - Verguson
Miss Emma Verguson, of North Eighth street, and William H. Dorman, of North Third street, were married yesterday evening at 8:30 o'clock, at the Summit Avenue M. E. Church, Rev. F. L. West officiating. Miss Ollie? F. Rush and James H. Edmiston acted as bridesmaid and groomsmen. The bride wore a lovely cream henrietta dress, made en train and elaborately trimmed with cream ribbon and silk lace, and with fan and slippers to match. She carried a bouquet of ten roses and wore rosebuds in her hair. The bridesmaid was also arrayed in a cream henrietta gown, trimmed with cream ribbon and silk lace, and with fan and slippters to match. She carried a bouquet of pink roses. The bridal cortege repaired to the home of the bride, where an elegant repast was spread, to which the bridal party and a number of friends did ample justice.
[East St. Louis Journal, 14 July, 1892]

The Journal is informed on good authority that Mrs. B. V. Winton, widow of the late Dr. O. R. Winton, and Joseph E. Eckel, who has been studying medicine under Dr. Chas. F. Wilhelmj, were married at 2 o'clock this afternoon, in St. Louis.
[East St. Louis Journal, July 15, 1892]

Ehler-Harriss Wedding
Miss Velna Harriss, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Harriss of 1716 College Avenue, was married Monday to Mr. H. L. Ehler at the Tyler Avenue Presbyterian Church in St. Louis. After a short honeymoon to be spent in the East and at the Great Lakes they will return to St. Louis where they will be at home to their many friends at 1652 Spring Avenue.
[East St. Louis Journal, 2 July 1919]

Mrs. Louis Frey and Miss Lulu Lines, two well known young people were married at Salida, Colo., on Wednesday
[Mascoutah Herald, 13 March, 1891]

John E. Garvey, a well-known and esteemed young man of the First ward, and Agusta Wolf, both of East St. Louis, were united in matrimony this week.
[January 1887]

Gorton - Van Driesen
Miss Gladys Lillie Van Driesen and Fred Gorton, of Belleville, Ill., were married yesterday at the court house by Judge E.E. Parmenter.  [Rock Island Argus., July 13, 1904,Page 8, (Rock Island, Ill.)]

Mr. Harrigan and his bride, Miss Annie Erwin, have returned from their wedding tour.
[January 1887]

Word was received in East St. Louis Tuesday afternoon that Mr. Edward B. Jones, aged 34, and Miss Mabel Williams, both of East St. Louis, procured a marriage license in Springfield.
[East St. Louis Journal, 2 July 1919]

Killion - Call (nee Kirkpatrick)
Geo. W. Killion, the well known photographer of Collinsville avenue, and Mrs. C. B. Hall, also of this city, were married yesterday evening at 8 o'clock, at the residence of Mrs. Millhouse, 1312 St. Louis avenue. Rev. F. L. West performed the ceremony. The wedding was private, only the necessary witnesses being present.
[East St. Louis Journal, July 15, 1892]

Venice - Miss Emma Abbott of this city and Mr. Ernest Massman of Raymond, Kan., were married Wednesday afternoon at the residence of Mrs. Henry Robinson, aunt of the bride. Rev. Father P. Kaenders of St. Mark's Catholic church officiating. They have gone to Kansas where they will make their future home.
[East St. Louis Journal, October 4, 1890]


A marriage of interest Tuesday morning was that of Miss Mary Stack, a well known teacher of the Webster school, and Mr. Leo F. McLaughlin of Shawnee, Oklahoma. The wedding took place at St. Patrick's Church at 7 o'clock mass, Rev. Father Trombly officiating. After the ceremony a wedding breakfast was served at the home of the bride's parents, 632 North Sixth Street. The young couple departed for their new home in Shawnee, Oklahoma.
[East St. Louis Journal, 2 July 1919]

Mr. Albert Metcalfe a prominent young man of this city and Miss Annie B. Clements of Gold City, Mo., were married on Wednesday evening, at the Fourth Christian Church, St. Louis. The newly married couple will reside in this city.
[East St. Louis Journal, October 4, 1890]

Moehrl - Kreitner
Miss Lillie Kreitner, of this city, and Bert Moehrl, of Belleville, were married in that city on March 21st.  The marriage had not been made generally known in this city until this week.  The bride is the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Kreitner and is well known in this locality, having been reared in this city.   The young couple will make their home in Belleville.  Mrs. Moehrl arrived Tuesday to spend a few days here with relatives.  She was accompanied home by her mother who had been the guest of relatives in belleville the past week.  [The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.), 31 March 1910]


Miss Eveline Goldman and Isaac Ray of this city were married Wednesday.
[East St. Louis Gazette, 27 September 1884]

Married at the St. John M. E. church at 7:30 p. m. Monday, Mr. E. C. Renfro of St. Elmo, Ill., and Miss Geneva F. Board, a niece of Rev. Chapin, the pastor of the above church. At an early hour a respectable-sized audience had assembled to witness the ceremony. Promptly at 7:30 the family filed into the audience room, followed by Rev. Chapin and the contracting aprties, during which time Mrs. Bernays presided at the organ and played a beautiful march apprpriate to the occasion. The ceremony was short but well arranged, and well performed. After they were pronounced man and wife, they returned to the pastor's parlor, where they were followed by many friends who tendered congratulations. Mr. Renfro is station agent at St. Elmo, on the Vandalia Railroad, and is a young man of high character; while Miss Board is an accomplished young lady, who has made many warm friends during her short stay in this city. Her services as a soprano singer will be missed by the M. E. choir. Success to them is our wish.
[January 1887]

Salger - Niedringhaus
Niedringhaus' Daughter Elopes
St. Louis,Jan 18 - A sensation in society has been caused by the elopement of Miss Adelaide Niedringhaus, daughter of the ex-congressman, with Frank Salger, a traveling salesman.  They were married at Belleville, Ills., and Mr. Niedringhaus says it is all right.
 [Rock Island Argus.(Rock Island, Ill.), January 18, 1895, Page 4]

Announcements were received today of the marriage of Miss Emily A. Jackson of Pennsylvania Avenue to Mr. Wesley A. Schumacher of Belleville. The young couple were married March 1, 1919 at Carlinville by Rev. William S. Phillips.
[East St. Louis Journal, 2 July 1919]

Mr. Otto Selbert left Monday morning for Ivesdale, Champaign county, Ill., where he was married yesterday to Miss Emma Heberer, of that place. They will reside near Ivesdale on a farm [Mascoutah Herald, 3 April, 1891]

Miss Clementine Jennings, daughter of the late Dr. T. C. Jennings, and C. H. Shields, of Greenville, Ills., were united in matrimony last Wednesday. The cememony took place at the residence of the bride's mother. Rev. Father Koenig, of St. Henry's Church, officiating.
[January 1887]

Carl Smith, a former resident of this city, but now of Omaha, was married in Council Bluffs, Ia., on August 10th.
[East St. Louis Journal, 18 August, 1892]

Mr. George H. Steel and Mrs. Elizabeth Pralle were united to marriage last Sunday by Rev. Hempelmann, of the Ev. Prot. church of this city. The newly married couple were tendered a serenade by the charivari? orchestra on Monday evening. The HERALD joins the friends of this couple in hoping that their future married life will be fraught with all the commending excellences of bliss
[Mascoutah Herald, 13 March, 1891]

Miss Bertha Kopp, the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Kopp, 1129 Market Avenue, and Mr. Don T. Strauss, son of Mr. L. P. Strauss, 921 South 11th Street, were married Monday, June 30, at 4:30 p.m. The ceremony was performed by Rev. E. Jaeger, pastor of the Immanuel Evangelical Church. The bride was attended by Miss Anna Strauss, sister of the groom, and the best man was the brother of the bride, Mr. William A. Kopp. Only the immediate relatives of both families were present. A delicious wedding supper was served and all departed at a late hour, wishing the young couple a long and happy life. Mr. and Mrs. Strauss will make their home with the bride's parents.
[East St. Louis Journal, 2 July 1919]

Miss Sarah Pidgeon, of 536 Collinsville avenue, and Adolph Studer, a well known young baker of this city, will be married July 20th, at 6:30 a. m., at St. Patrick's Church, by Rev. Father O'Halloran. Miss Mollie Connelly will be bridesmaids and William Studer, of Chicago, will officiate as best man. The wedding will be quiet, only relatives of the family being invited. The residence 536 Collinsville avenue is being newly fitted up, and the happy couple will reside there after their return from a bridal tour to Chicago.
[East St. Louis Journal, July 15, 1892]

Miss Louisa Huschle and Joseph Vollmer, both of this city, were married last Wednesday evening in West Belleville, Squire Eggmann of East St. Louis officiating.
[East St. Louis Gazette, 27 September 1884]

Washington - Wades
WINS A BRIDE BY HEROISM -  Illinois Man Aged 71 Marries a Woman of 22 Years.
Mascoutah, Ill., Dec. 27 - The leading Afro-American in St. Clair County was married last evening. He is George Henry Washington, aged 71 years, and his bride is Maggie Wades, 22 years of age. Their marriage was the culmination of a romance which had its beginning in the heroic deed of the groom at a picnic 16 years or more ago.  The bride, who was then a small child, with her mother and father was thrown into the lake by the capsizing of a boat.  All three seemed doomed to certain death in the deep water.  Henry Washington was one of the managers of the picnic, and he sprang into the lake, and at the risk of his own life saved the mother, father and daughter.  In her feeling of gratitude toward their brave rescuer, Mrs. Wades returned thanks and half jokingly told him that some day he should wed the daughter.  [The Appeal. (Saint Paul, Minn. ), 01 Jan. 1898]

The engagment was pronounced yesterday of Walter A. Wolf of this city and Miss Laura Stclair Dill of Belleville. The date of the wedding has not been set, although Phillip Wolf, the father of the bridegroom, has presented to the couple a house and lot in East St.Louis as a antenuptial gift. Miss Dill is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.M Dill of Belleville. Mr. Wolf is the son of county treasurer Wolf.
[November 19,1903 East St.Louis Journal]

John Woods of St. Clair and Miss Martha Rieley of this city were united in matrimony this week.
[January 1887]

Mr. George Ziph, son of Mr. Henry Ziph of St. Joseph, MO, was married to Miss Annie Torloting, step daughter of Mr. Louis Seyfried of Engelmann township, on Wednesday, April 8th. The ceremony took place in the Assumption church in St. Louis
[Mascoutah Herald, 10 April, 1891]

A white man of fair appearance and two ugly colored women came over the ferry about 2 o'clock to-day, and came up Broadway, attracting considerable attention by their loving conduct upon the streets. Officer Griffin arrested them and took them to the Police Station, where they stated that they were looking for the Court House and wanted to be married. The second colored woman was to be bridesmaid. They hail from Spruce street, St. Louis.
[East St. Louis Journal, 18 August, 1892]

East St. Louis Journal, March 1890 -- The following marriage licenses were issued yesterday in Belleville by County Clerk Phillip Rhein:

East St. Louis Journal, March 1890: The following marriage licenses were issued yesterday in Belleville by County Clerk Phillip Rhein:

East St. Louis Journal, 14 July, 1892 --
Marriage Licenses:

East St. Louis Journal, 19 September 1905
-- Marriage Licenses were issued in East St. Louis, yesterday, to the following couples:

East St. Louis Journal, 30 June, 1912 -- Marriage licenses were issued here Friday afternoon and Saturday to the following couples:

East St. Louis Journal, 30 June, 1912 -- Marriage licenses issued at Belleville:

East St. Louis Journal, 30 June, 1912 -- Marriages issued in Clayton (probably Missouri):

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