Walnut Hill Cemetery
City of Belleville
1101 Mascoutah Avenue, Belleville, IL 62220-3625

This information was provided by Karen Souhrada and Debbie Sedlacek Strachan:

SOUKUP, Frank [NOTE: second husband of Marie (nee VALTA) HARTMANN]
Block 21,subdivision B, tier 7(between Cypress-Hope and Myrtle Streets),
Grave 33
death date: 10-20-1917
stone:yes: the stone is identical to the one which marks the grave of his
wife, Elizabeth Soukup

SOUKUP, Elizabeth [NOTE: nee VALTA; m1 HARTMANN, widowed in Bohemia; m2 to
Franz/Frank SOUKUP]
Block 21,subdivision B, tier 18 (between Cypress-Hope and Myrtle Streets),
Grave 5
death date: 11-15-1941
stone:yes; identical to the one which marks the grave of her husband, Frank

WALTA/BENESH: (upright joint stone, gray in color and on a raised
rectangular base.)
Jerry Benesh, Jr., d. 3-19-1978
[NOTE: great-grandson of Vaclav & Marie VALTA/WALTA; son of Clara
LIDISKY/LIDICKY and Jerry BENESH][ Clara, nee Lidisky; daughter of Rose
Valta & William Lidisky, granddaughter of Vaclav & Marie VALTA.]
Vaclav Walta [NOTE: husband of Marie HANUSOVA]
Block 21, subdivision B, tier 12(between Cypress-Hope and Myrtle Streets),
Grave 25
d. June 15, 1927

BENESH/WALTA: (upright joint stone gray in color and in the "pillow style",
on raised rectangular base.)
BENESH, Helen: 1918 -1976 [d. 7-15-1916; daughter of Jaroslav & Clara
WALTA, Marie: 1849 - 1916 [nee HANUS; wife of Vaclav VALTA/WALTA;
great-grandmother of Helen BENESH.]
Grave registry: Block 21, sub. B, tier 6 (between Cyprus-Hope and Myrtle
Streets),Grave 47

KOUDELKA: [rectangular upright joint stone marker of gray material with a
semi-circular stone in front reminiscent of a grave decorating style showing
a "hewn tree stump"; stone in great condition]:
Marie 1871-1948 Mother;
Karl 1865-1949 Father [This would be the graves of Marie VALTA and her
husband Karl "Charles" KOUDELKA; Marie is the daughter of Vaclav & Marie
Grave registry: Block 21, sub. B, tier 12(between Cypress-Hope and Myrtle
Streets), Grave 27, 28

KOUDELKA: (an upright well-weathered stone in the "open book" style.
Written words in the Czech language are shown on both "pages", and on the
left hand page there is an inset frame which holds the picture of a young
man in a bowler hat.)
Ladislav: NAR. RO. [born] 1898 - ZEM. [died] 1912

PECKMANN, Charles; Grave 26 between Vaclav Valta's and the Koudelka's.
(Upright darkish gray monument on a raised rectangular base. Featured in
the top center of the stone is an oval space, which contains the picture of
a man with a mustache. Death information found by Debbie Strachan on the
Illinois Death Index: "Charley Pechman; died Sept. 5, 1927 Franklin Co.,
West Frankfort, IL". [Note: This is believe to be the grave of the husband
of Albina "Albie" VALTA, the daughter of Vaclav & Marie VALTA]

WALTA, Anna [Note: AKA: VALTA - daughter of Franz/Frank Valta/Walta, Sr. &
Katherine DITTERT Walta]: Block 21,sub. B., tier 3, grave 55
d. January 13, 1911

WALTA, Infant, Child of Frank [NOTE: Frank Sr., & Katherine (nee DITTERT)
Block 19, 1st addition , tier 26, grave 34
d. 4/6/1915

WALTA, Mary, block 21, sub. B, tier 10, grave 47
d. July 15, 1916; [? Who is she?]

WALTA ( joint stone; "pillow style", very new looking:)
Frank 1869-1957;
Katherine 1869-1922[Nee DITTERT]
[this would be for the son of Vaclav and Marie HANUS- VALTA/WALTA; and his
wife Katherine DITTERT]
Katherine Walta; [NOTE: nee DITTERT, wife of Frank Walta, Sr.];
Burial Block 21, sub B., tier 10, grave 9
died November 19,1922
Frank Walta [NOTE: Sr., son of Vaclav & Marie VALTA/WALTA];
Block 21, sub. B, tier 10, grave 9
died December 21,1957;

WALTHA, Mary [NOTE: see variant of name as VALTA; daughter of Frank &
Katherine Dittert Valta/Walta; granddaughter of Vaclav & Marie Valta/Walta];
Block 21, sub. B, tier 8, grave 1
d. April 19, 1918

LIDISKY: (joint stone, upright "pillow" of a pinkish color):
Charles ["Karl"] 1892-1972 [died 3/3/1972];
Belle 1895-1967 [nee KADLEC]
[These would be the graves for the son and wife, of Vaclav "William" LIDISKY
and his wife Rosalia "Rose" VALTA/WALTA; daughter of Vaclav and Marie

LIDISKY: (joint stone monument, upright, and the stone is pink in color and
on a pedestal base; flanked by two white stone urns):
William: Sept. 23, 1903 - Jan. 14, 1972
Sylvia: Dec. 29, 1911 - [Nee HEGER; no further dates noted for this
person.][These would be the graves for William, son of Vaclav "William"
LIDISKY and his wife Rosalia "Rose" VALTA LIDISKY. Sylvia is the wife of

LIDISKY: (upright white stone monument with a lamb in repose on the top of
the stone):
Frantisek: Sept. 21, 1905 - Nov. 6, 1923 [This would be the grave of "Frank"
LIDISKY, the son of Vaclav and Rose VALTA LIDISKY; grandson of Vaclav &

LIDISKY: (upright joint gray monument): "At Rest"
William: 1859 - 1918 Father
Rosalie: 1867 - 1947 Mother
[These are the graves for Rose, the daughter of Vaclav & Marie VALTA/WALTA,
and her husband Vaclav "William" LIDISKY]

BENESH: (a large joint upright stone on a rectangular raised base. The
monument features two inset oval frames, which hold the pictures of a man
and a woman; in great condition.) "At Rest"
Jaroslav ["Jerry, Sr."]: 1890 - 1936, Otec (which means "Father"]
Klara: 1894 - 1998, Matka [which means "Mother"; also known as Clara]
[These are the graves of Clara/Klara, nee LIDISKY, the daughter of Rose
VALTA and her husband Vaclav "William" LIDISKY, and the granddaughter of
Vaclav & Marie VALTA/WALTA. Jaroslav BENESH is the husband of Clara

BENISH: (upright joint gray stone monument with information with a father,
mother, and later addition of a child's name. Name also known as more
common variant BENESH): "At Rest"
Father: Joseph: November 24, 1863 - August 26, 1926
Mother: Mary: March 25, 1863 - October 8, 1920
At the bottom of the stone was added the following:
1900 BESSIE 1990
[These are the graves of the parents of Jaroslave "Jerry" BENESH who was
married to Klara/Clara LIDISKY, the daughter of Vaclav and Rose VALTA
LIDISKY and the granddaughter of Vaclav & Marie VALTA/WALTA. Bessie BENISH
is the daughter of Joseph and Marie BENISH.]

[source: Cemetery Records, newspaper notices, family research records of:
Strachan/Souhrada: Last Updated, August 2001]
[Karen Souhrada: souhrada@rochester.rr.com
Debbie Sedlacek Strachan: robdeblar@chipsnet.com]

Known family burials: Surnames of Interest:

The following information was donated by omajune@yahoo.com:

Reinhold Juengel - born: Dec. 28, 1863 died: May 12, 1894 (husband of
Anna (Steinwagner) Juengel
Anna (Steinwagner-Juengel) Kreitner -born: Aug. 1870 died: Sept. 3, 1909
(wife of Reinhold Juengel & John E. Kreitner)

John Juengel born: Nov. 1891 died: Mar. 22, 1892 (son of Reinhold & Anna

Mary Steinwagner -born: Feb. 2, 1841 died: Nov. 16, 1927 (mother of Anna
(Juengel) Kreitner
John Kreitner -born: May 19, 1898 died: Apr. 1931 (son of John & Anna
(Juengel) Kreitner

Reinhold Juengel -born: Mar. 7, 1889 died: Dec. 12, 1937 (son of Reinhold
& Anna (Steinwagner) Juengel)
Isabelle Elizabeth Juengel -nee Bertelsmann born: Sept. 2, 1890 died:
Oct. 12, 1961 (wife of Reinhold)(daughter of Johannes Casper & Teresa Bertelsmann -nee Yocks)

Anthony (Tony) Juengel -born: Oct. 8, 1914 died: June 12, 1920 (son of
Reinhold & Isabelle (Bertelsmann) Juengel
Mary Clara Underwood -nee Juengel -born: Aug. 10, 1916 died: June 7, 1983
(daughter of Reinhold & Isabelle (Bertelsmann) Juengel

George John Juengel -born: Apr. 15, 1918 died: May 16, 1976 (son of
Reinhold & Isabelle (Bertelsmann)Juengel

Alice Jean Lewis -nee Juengel -born: July 2, 1951 died: Jan. 14, 1973
(daughter of Andrew & Dorothy(Underwood) Juengel)
Emma (Steinwagner) Hammel born: Dec. 29, 1895 died: Jan. 29, 1985
(daughter of Theodore & Frances (Heimel)Steinwagner)
Viola (Kronenberger) Shoemaker- born: Sept. 13, 1909 died: Jan. 21, 1993
(daughter of George & Louise (Yuengel) Kronenberger

Joseph Yocks -born: Oct. 14, 1841 died: Jan. 20, 1920 (brother of Teresa
Irwin W. Yocks -born:1903 died: 1929 (son of John H. & Bertha Yocks -nee
Elsie B. Yocks -born: Oct. 21, 1898 died: Mar. 11, 1988 (daughter of John
H. & Bertha Yocks)
Elmer S. Yocks -born: Dec. 26, 1911 died: Dec. 26, 1986 (son of John H. &
Bertha Yocks)
Joseph Yocks -born: Nov. 1, 1877 died: Dec. 19, 1959 (son of Joseph &
Barbara Yocks)
Jacob Yocks -born: Aug. 25, 1879 died: Feb. 13, 1932 (son of Joseph &
Barbara Yocks)
John Yocks -born: July 20, 1876 died: Jan. 12, 1941 (son of Joseph &
Barbara Yocks)

The following information was provided by Brenda Miles Thiems:

Robert August Emerson, SR.
b. August 23, 1908 1205 Piggott Av., E. St. Louis, St. Clair, IL;
d. November 25, 1974 Belleville, St. Clair, IL
he was the son of Charles Emerson and Mae (Reichart) Emerson

he married Ethel Ruth Hodges on February 22, 1932.

Ethel Ruth Hodges Emerson
b. July 22, 1914 E. St. Louis, St. Clair, IL
d. December 10, 1994 in Seattle, King, WA
she was the daughter of Earl Ross Hodges, Sr. and Ella Lillian (Sheary) Hodges.

The following information was provided by Carol Lutz:

Bur: Wilhelmine Katherine Herbst, b. 31 Dec 1888 Belleville, d. 1 Aug 1915 Belleville, bur. 3 Aug 1915 Walnut Hill Cem.

Bur: Marie Friederike Herbst b. 7 Feb 1892 Belleville, d. 28 Nov 1922, bur. 30 Nov 1922 Walnut Hill Cem.

Bur. Lena Herbst nee Mueller, b. 7 Jun 1860 Belleville, d. 3 May 1924 Belleville, bur 6 May 1924 Walnut Hill.

Bur: Leonard Herbst b. 1 May 1857 Madison Co., d. 10 Aug 1938 Belleville, bur. 12 Aug 1938 Walnut Hill, residence 501 Survey Street, Belleville. Gundlach Funeral Home

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