Stephenson County


Township Map

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Baltus Lenington - In 1-Grave Cemetery West of City

This is what a "Cemetery Deed" looks like.

A - D

Afolkey Cemetery

Babbs Grove
Bassword - McConnell
Bellview Cemetery - Orangeville
Bethlehem Cemetery -Davis
Buckeye Cemetery

Calvary Cemetery
Cedarville Cemetery -Orangeville
Chapel Hill (Freeport)
Christian Hollow (Lena)
City Cemetery (Freeport West)
Cranes Grove (Forreston North)

Dakota Cemetery
Davis Cemetery

E - H

Ebenezer Cem.
Eilert Cem.
Eldorado Cem. (Dakota)
Eleroy Cemetery
Ellis/Van Brocklin (Freeport West)
Epplyana/St. Paul Cemetery (Davis)

Farwell Cemetery
Frankeburger Cem. (Davis)

Grandview (Freeport West)
Gund Cemetery (Freeport East)

Hart Cemetery
Highland (Pearl City)
Holly Grove (Warren)
Howard Union

I - L

Irish Grove (Davis)

Kent United Baptist

Lane Cem. Florence Sta.
Lancaster Cemetery
Lena Memorial (Pearl City)
Louisa Cemetery (Lena)

M - P

Manny Cemetery (Lena)
Mennonite Cemetery (Freeport East)
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery (Orangeville)

Oakland (Freeport West)
Old Zion/ Folgate
Oneco Cemetery (Orangeville)

Pioneers / Vietmeier (Davis)

Q - S

Richland Center Cemetery
Ridott Cemetery (German Valley)
Roby/Waite ( McConnell)
Rock City Cem. (Davis)
Rock Grove Cem.
Rock Lily Cemetery

Sabin Cemetery
Salem United Church of Christ
Silent Hill (Wadddams/McConnell/Orangeville)
Silver Creek/German Valley
Silver Spring Cem (Freeport East)
State Line Lutheran Trinity Lutheran
St. Joseph Freeport
St. Joseph Lena
St. Marys Freeport
St. Marys Pearl City
St. Paul Cemetery (Davis)

T - Z

Union Cem (Dakota)

Van Brocklin/Ellis (Freeport West)
Vietmeier / Pioneers

Waddams Grove Cemetery (Warren)
Winslow Cemetery (Lena)

Yellow Creek Brethren (Pearl City)

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