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Family Bibles and Records

Family Bibles

Aue Family

Coffman Family

Fye Family

Hoover Family Bible

Hoyman Family Bible

Daniel Kloepping Bible

Kochsmeier Family Bible

Lapp Family Bible

Liddie Family Bible

Priewe Family Bible

Schmeltzer Family Bible

Schmitt Family Bible

Swingley Family Bible

Thompson Family Bible

Van Sickle Family Bible

Family Records
Data contributed by Researchers
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We are not accepting any more family trees or gedcoms, due to the fact that they often contain unsubstantiated data without source citations.
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Ackerman Family

Albright-Schramm Family

Aue Family

William Baker Family

Benton Family

Billerbeck Family

Bower-Boyd Family

Samuel Bowers Family

Boyer-Johnson Family

Abraham Brandt Family

Charles Brandt Family

Cantrill-Sorn Family

Galen Brown Clair

Erwin A. (Pat) Clock

Corl Family


Crocket - Burt - Engle Family

Curtis / Saxby Family

Dreyer Family

Eells Family

Elvey - Gardner Family

Dr. George Reid Emery

Folgate Family

Foll Family

Frankeberger Family

Frisbie Family

Herlocker Family

Hess Family

Hibst Family

Hinds Family

Hybarger Family

Jonas Family

Fred Kempel Family

Perry Kenyon Family

Kortemeier Family

Kreps Family

LaGrand Family

Jacob Leckington Family

Lutz - Youtzy

Macomber Family

Jasper Mallory Family

Marsh Family

Frank Meinert Family

Moyer Family

Nath Family

Nesemeier Family

Nesemeyer Family

Nott Family

Pfeil Family

Pollock Family

Powers Family

Robey/Young Family

George Smith Family

John W. Smith Family

Schramm Family

Tunks Family

Thomas Wishart Family

Christian Yarger Family




Family Diaries and Letters


Miscellaneous Family Data


DIARY of William F. Bear, 1968

Family Reunions

Omri Daniels to Mary Bradley

DIARY of Rev. Conrad Bender,  1866

Random People Pictures

Loring Snow to Miss M.M. Snow


Barklow Letter



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