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Photos and Postcards

These are Historical photos and postcards.
We are not looking to post any more of these types of pictures.  

Dakota Store
Old Store in Dakota
Walter Geiseman was the last one who ran it
Photo by Ron Walters

Dakota Depot
Dakota Depot

This 1890 photo shows the John Meyers General Store & Post office in Florence Station. There was a dance hall on the second floor. Besides being storekeeper and postmaster, Mr Meyers was a grain dealer and operated a small distillery. The signs on the building to the right say "The Cough Cure Jaynes Expectorant" also "Lenox Soap" and "Chew Horse Shoe Plug Tobacco"
Contributed by Karen Hutmacher

Meyers store
Meyers Store, Florence Station

Florence 1924
Florence Station, bef. 1924
Contributed by Karen Hutmacher

Lena City Hall
Lena City Hall

Lena Water Tower
Lena Water Tower

McConnell Depot
McConnell Depot (flooded)

McConnell Folgate Residence
Residence in McConnell - possibly the Folgate house

Orangeville Depot
Orangeville Depot

Street in Orangeville
Street in Orangeville

Wagners block in Orangeville
Wagners Block in Orangeville

Street in Orangeville

Pearl City
Devore Avenue in Pearl City
Jan 15, 1910
Photo by Alice Horner

Scioto Mills
Scioto Mills

Winslow IL
Main Street
Winslow, IL 

Rice Street
Rice Street, Winslow, IL

Fire, Winslow, IL

Flood in Winslow
Flood in Winslow

Winslow Flood

Stephenson Street looking West

Tarbox Block, Stephenson St.

Freeport Fire
Freeport Fire Department, 1910
Contributed by Billie Jo Read

fire station
Fire Department

General Hospital
General Hospital, Freeport

 Globe Hospital, Freeport, IL
Globe Hospital, Freeport

Masonic Temple
Masonic Temple, Freeport

The street-car line extended from well inside of Taylor Park to either West or Whistler St. The cross-town line on Chicago St. went north to Oak place and thence west on Galena Ave. ending on West St. The south line went to the end of Chicago St. as it then was, turned east onto Williams (now Iroquois) and then south on Carroll St. and at first it ended at South Galena Ave.

trolley 1911
1911 Trolley, Freeport

In this 1900 to 1910 photo you see the corner of Stephenson St looking west and Van Buren St looking north. From left to right, you are looking at the old First National Bank building on the extreme left, the spire shown down Stephenson St. is that of the First Presbyterian Church, the tower on Court House Square is that of the Civil War Monument, behind the Court House you can see a multi story building with a statue on top, that is the German Insurance building and of course the most prominent is the old Stephenson County Court House which was razed in the 1970's. Many Stephenson County residents, who remember, are regretful to this day that the old Court House was replaced. Today much of what you see has been replaced, but some still remains. The First Presbyterian Church remains and is well cared for. The Civil Monument is there minus many of the statues which were originally placed on it. The German Insurance Building is now an office building minus the statue on top. Some of the lesser buildings are still there. [From the private collection of John Kornfiend]

Old Colony building
Old Colony Building

Rawleigh Farm
Rawleigh Farm

Freeport 1940s
Freeport Street, c. 1940s

Galena St
South Galena Ave., Freeport
Contributed by Jean Lavin

Home for the aged
Home For The Aged, Freeport
Also referred to as "Parkview Home"
Contributed by Alice Horner

Whites sanitarium
Whites Sanitarium


Aerial View of Freeport
In the foreground of the picture is the bridge over the Pecatonica River, the photographer is hovering over the East side of Freeport looking West. Along with the river is the Schmich Brewery on the right side of Stephenson St and on the South side is the Kraft Cheese plant, eventually replaced by Micro Switch, Plant 2. Also, in the foreground is the Burgess Battery plant on the right, Rawleigh building on the left and down Stephenson Street to the west you see the old State Bank Building, which at one time was being used by Newell- Rubbermaid Co. for offices. This photo is post World War 2. The bridge has a metal frame over structure built after the war, due to material shortages brought on by the war effort. [Postcard contributed by Karen Hammer; Information from John Kornfeind]

Opera house fire
Opera House Fire
July 19, 1912 Freeport IL
Contributed by Alice Horner

Stephenson St

The Brewster House (hotel) on Stephenson Street at the corner of State Avenue. It's the hotel Abraham Lincoln stayed in when he came to Freeport for the Lincoln Douglas debates. It was demolished long before 1940 [postcard from Merikay Mestad, info from Alice Horner]

Henny Buggy Building
Henny Buggy Company Building.

On the building is signage for Freeport Carriage Company, Henny Buggy Company. Located four blocks southwest and owned by the Moline Plow Company, Moline, Illinois. Capacity 125,000 vehicles annually.   (From Alice Horner)

Kings Children Home
Kings Daughters Children's Home
Freeport, IL

Teddy Roosevelt in Taylor Park - Sept. 8, 1910
Railway Men's Picnic

Contributed by Karen Fyock

Teddy Roosevelt


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