One Hundred Years 1855-1955
Transcribed by John J. Kornfeind February 2012

Joe McNair genial cook and handyman at the Germania has been an employee of the club for 32 years. Joe started as a pin setter back in 1923 and graduated to maintenance man in 1924. Throughout those 32 years Joe has handled about every type job possible in the club from cleaning to cooking.... and handled them all very well.

To hundreds of members of the organization during the pasi 32 years, Joe's winning smile and cheery greeting has become a tradition. Many of the present members can recall Joe's winning smile when they came to the club with their parents for the big annual Christmas party.

Among his many acquaintances, Joe numbers hundreds of entertainers who have appeared at the club, from those who played in the old theatre to the units who now entertain in the cocktail lounge, they all recall Joe's willingness to give a helping hand in setting up . . . and they also welcomed his assistance as a critic.

Those 32 years add up to a good many hours. Long after the members were tucked in bed, and many times before they were awake in the morning. Joe was down getting the club ready for the next affair. In spite of those long hours Joe spent at the club he still found time for his family at home, located at 59 S. Hooker Avenue. Joe's family consist of his wife, five daughters, two sons and four grandchildren.

We salute Joe for his faithful 32 years of service, always a dependable employee and a friend to all.

Patio Theatre - John J. Haney Mgr .... Miller Sinclair - N. Galena & Exchange
Admiral TV - 218-20 Stephenson // Shepley - Hayner Corp.

We affectionately dedicate this page to Mrs. Mary Koch, who for three decades has guided the destiny of the Germania Ladies Card Club.

Hostess, consultant and at times a referee, she has given her time and energies almost unstintingly in the promotion of "500" and Bridge every Friday afternoon in the mezzanine of the clubrooms.

Every week, come rain or snow. Mary can always be found in her favorite haunt, arranging tables, placing cards and scorecards.

She is the widow of Theodore (Teddy) Koch, former life member and one of the old timers of the organization.

For what at times would seem a thankless job. Mary, the members and the ladies salute you!

The bartenders at the Germania have always been a very important part of the club. Many of them have been active members before tending bar and remained members after changing to another position. Members who attend most of the club affairs become well acquainted wich the bartenders and associate, them in their memories of the organization itself. For that reason we have listed as many bartenders, past and present, as we could recall. You may know a few we have missed:

John Heiden
Denny Scott
Mike Letmade
Bill Doxey
Charles Myers
Siccle Spears
Eddie Brown
Walter Heisler
John Woods W
William Long
Al Franz
Bud Pontius
Romain Altifilish
Robert Donahue
Glenn Kunkle
Paul Fogel
Russell Kunkle
Guy Stocks
John Downing
Bernard Wolting
Tom Labinski
John Vaupel
Earl Peters
James Hannah
Victor Duray
Jack Bolender
Bud Greier
Robert Law
Bud Jenkins
Lyle Downing
James Ryan
John Jaeger
Lynn Fritz
Dick Sullivan
George Donstad
Ghosty Voigt
John Winters


John Winters - Bartender

Halloween Masquerade

Early in the Centennial Year, the members authorized the Trustees to proceed with the construction of a new kitchen and the transformation of the card room into a dining room. Thus, a dream of many years became a reality. Chairman of the Building Committee, Arthur P. Seitz, steered the project from a rough set of plans to a finished dining room of modern decor and a shining kitchen with the last word in equipment.

Chef Dan Nichols ------- Smorgasborg - Jean Egdahl, Dan Nichols & Kate Bissell

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Queen For A Day

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