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Henney Motor Company

Freeport, IL

Transcribed By and Contributed to Illinois Genealogy Trails by Alice Horner

The Henney Packard Motor Company was a large factory located in Freeport, Illinois, employing over 300 workers in 1939.

In the early days it was a buggy factory, but it became a hearse and ambulance factory associated with Packard. Alice Horner's father, H. Reid Horner, worked at Henney from 1928 until it closed in 1954 and was head of the Personnel Department while there.

In 1939, the factory rolled the 1200th Henney Packard off of its production lines, which at the time was "The Largest Number of Funeral Cars and Ambulances Ever Produced By One Company in a Single Year." To celebrate their feat, the Company issued a commemorative booklet detailing its story.

Alice Horner has contributed that booklet and the 1940
"Program Of Progress"
booklet to Illinois Genealogy Trails.

Her note:

The transcription of these Henney publications is dedicated to my father, H. Reid Horner, and to my friend, Mildred March, and to all the other wonderful people who worked for the Henney Motor Company.

These Henney publications provide much of the history of the Henney Motor Company and its employees. Another source for Henney history is the Stephenson County Historical Society and their museum at 1440 S. Carroll Avenue, Freeport, Illinois 61032.
 They have an extensive collection of Henney publications, documents, memorabilia, and at least one Henney buggy. They can provide assistance by telephone or email to people doing Henney research.

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