These photographs are from the collection of H. Reid Horner
Contributed to Genealogy Trails by his daughter, Alice Horner
We are not sure of the identities of some of these people, noted accordingly

Cook in Henney Cafeteria

H. Reid Horner (Alice's father) // Probably Gladys (Blondie) Mackert

George P. Schmelzle // Probably R.J. "Bob" Pilaszek

Men at Freight Elevator on West Spring Street

John Henney Smithe // Maybe R.H. Boyne

Newell Steinmetz /// William C. Healey (maybe)

Probably C. Roy Clough

William J. North - Vice President

William J. North, general manager of the Henney Motor Company, has been promoted to executive vice-president by C. Russell Feldmann, president and chairman of the Henney executive board. Mr. North was engaged by Mr. Feldmann, sole owner of the Henney company, June 1 when Mr. Feldmann purchased the company from the late John W. Henney. Thoroughly familiar with the Packard nine passenger custom-built automobiles now produced in large numbers by the Henney Motor Company, Mr. North worked directly under George T. Christopher, president of Packard Motor Company, Detroit, for many years. Early next year Henney Motor Company will start producing Henney Packard hearses and ambulances on large scale production which will add approximately 300 additional men to the present payroll. Mr. North is a member of the Rotary club and Chamber of Commerce and lives in Freeport on South Benson Boulevard (This date of this clipping has been cut off, but I believe William J. North arrived at Henney's in 1946, had left by 1951.)