Western Historical Company 1880

Buckey Township - Biographical Sketches

ADDAMS, James H. farmer Sec. 35, PO Cedarville; born in Berks Co PA March 16, 1850; came to Stephenson Co in 1850 in company with Mr. Latcham; Samuel Adams his fathers family consisted of ten childen of whom John H. and James H. are the only ones now here. James H. started for himself in 1844 having cried at an auction sale at 18 years of age. In 1843 he married Livina Hinnersheetz of PA; they had 10 children - Alvin born in 1844 and killed at Vicksburg; Agnes born 1845 now at home; Austin born in 1847, traveling agent; Elizabeth born in 1849, deceased, Gustinus, 1851 now in Cedarville; Samuel in 1853 on the farm; Nathan 1855 deceased; William 1857 deceased; Charles H. 1859 now studying for a teacher at the Normal Schoo; Lizzie 1861 now at home; John H. born in 1862 at home. Mr. Addams farmed in 1844 then went into the grain and coal business, sold out, and came West to his present home; this house is the first brick that was built in the county; he now owns 167 acres; has held both township and school offices.. Is a Repuglican.

ADDAMS, J. Weber - stock farm, Sec. 32; PO Cedarville; born in Cedarville and spent his youth in attending school in the village; he then went to Beloit, preparatory to entering Ann Arbor, where he remained until he entered the freshman class, when his health failed andhe returned home, and wento into the flouring mills owned by his father, John H. Addams; then, in 1871 took a farm of 512 acres, which he now has stocked with fine cattle; he gives attention to some 25 head of Jersey thoroughbreds which he introduced here. In 1876 he married Laura Shoemaker of Lena Il, they have one child named Sarah.

ANGLE, J.B. - Farmer Sec. 33 PO Cedarville; born in Franklin Co PA in 1820. Mr. Angle came to Stephenson in 1844; first located on Richland Creek, and then came here on to Sec. 33, buying his claim of Mr. Wingard, lived in a log cabin, and afterward built his residence; wons 280 acres in Sec. 31, 32, 33. In 1843 married Miss Bell - they have six children - Sarah, Luther, James, deceased; William, Newton, Nathan. Mr. Angle has been school officeer, and was here when Mr. Epley kept the Cedarville Post Office.

BARBER, Samuel & George W. - Farmers, Sec 32 PO Cedarville; were born in Union Co PA; came to Stephenson IL in 1843. John Barber bought this claim of Barton Jones; the old Barber estate comrises 463 acres, of which the family holds 273, now on Secs 31 and 32; old Mrs. Barber now lives, enjoying full health and faculties, at the advanced age of 81; the original family was Mary B., born May 21, 1822; Samuel B., born Dec. 29, 1824; Sarah F. Feb. 27, 1828; now Mrs. Jackson; Thomas, born Jan. 6, 1831; George W. March 5, 1835; W. Henry born June 17, 1839, died in 1878; Ellen S., born Feb. 28, 1840. On coming here they lived in a log cabin, and in 1854 built the residence in which they now live; the family circle now beingm ade of two brothers, three sisters and their mother. Samuel and George have now established a fine stock-farm, and are breeding thoroughbred Jerseys, with which they have been very successful, and are now looking to the introduction of these fine animals into all the farms. The boys have belonged to the M.E. Church and are of Republican principles.

BARBER, Thomas - farmer Sec 31 PO Cedarville, came out with the rest of the family in 1843; there were about 54 people in this party, the Barber family having three of the wagons; his father, John Barber, drove one wagon, brother Samuel one and a hired man the other. They landed in Rock Grove Twp. and moved down to Sec. 31; Thomas has lived here since. In 1854 Oct. 4, he married Miss Patton; they have a family of 4 - Samuel, George, Nellie and Sallie. Mr. Barber now farms most of the Barber estate, while his brothers carry on the stockfarm. he is Republican.

BATES, Andrew J. - Cedarville; born in Greene Co OH Jan. 1 1838; came to Stephenson in 1845 with his fathers family, to Buckeye Center in 1851, went to learn the carpenter trade of Washington Epley, near Davis, in Rock Run Twp; he went West with Mr. Epley, but came back and worked at his trade till Sept. 1861 when he enlisted in the 46th Co AA; in the battle of Shiloh had two fingers carried away; was discharged in 1862, July 9, re-enlisted in 1863 and at Jackson MS was struck by a spent ball; came home and was married in 1867 to Anna DeLong, after staying in Davis five years, he moved to his present home in Cedarville. Mr. Bates is a Democrat. They have one child - Levi Gilbert, deceased.

BENDER, John F. farmer, Sec. 26; PO Cedarville; born in Baden, Germany, March 14, 1822; came to United States in 1847; went to work in Buffalo, N.Y. and in 1855 came to Stephenson Co.; he then bought this place in 1855, and in 1856 moved on to it; the old log house which he built at that time is now incorporated with the large frame one that he lives in at present; he owns now a farm of 102 acres. In 1847 he married Miss Frederica Rude and has a family of 8 children - Charles F., Anna E., in Sterling; Mary, now Mrs. Wofesberger; John, William, Aaron, Ida and Edward - Mr. Bender is a Democrat.

BOALS, John - Farmer Sec. 16 PO Fountain Creek; born in Donegal Co. Ireland, 1817; April 16, 1842 arrived in America; he was 25 years old on leaving NY; there were two sisters with him - Mary, now deceased, and Catherine, now Mrs. Jenkins; their passage over the lake resulted very nearly in a shipwreck; from Chicago, they came to Freeport, and went out to stay at John Wilson's on Sec. 28; took on 80 on Sec. 30 and when his father came West, entered it in 1843 and an additional 160 acres in 1844; the old family consisted of Jane, Sarah, now deceased; Nancy, Latitia and Thomas, In 1853, married Miss Beattie and located on the farm where they live now; owns 170 acres in Secs. 16 and 21. Mr. Boals' family consists of Agnes, deceased; Margaret, deceased; Robert, deceased; Josephine, deceased; M. Ida, now Mrs. Jaeger; Sarah, Elizabeth, William, Samuel, Latitia, Thomas and James deceased. He is a Democrat and belongs to the Presbyterian Church.

BOBB, Reuben, farmer Sec. 3; PO Orangeville ;born in Union Co. PA Aug. 25, 1841, came West with his fathers family in 1845, went to Orangeville first, then here on to the homestead in 1846; now owns 93 acres; was engaged at farming till 1864, when he enlisted in the 32d I.V.I.; he was taken risoner at Tunnel Hill, and nearly starved to death in Florence, S.C. and saw Gov.Dick Oglesby at Camp Butler reporve the commissary for issuing bones for teh boys rations; came home and in Sept. 24, 1865, married Miss Amanda Reager of PA; his children are Melly E., Ida M. and Boyd W.; was held school office; belongs to the M.E. Church.

BOLENDER, Frederick - farmer Sec. 14; P O Buena Vista; born in Union Co., Penn., Dec. 29, 1914; came to Stephenson Co in company with Mr. Haas and Mr. Templeton; stayed in Rock Grove till June 13, and last of July entered his claim, which he had purchased of Jacob Brown, consisting of 240 acres; now, however, increased to 300 acres; he built his present residence in 1850. Has been married three times; in 1836 to Miss Ritzman of PA who died in 1852; in 1853 to Miss Caroline Edwards of PA who died in 1878; in Nov. 1879 to Miss Diana Bogar of Union Co PA; they have six children - Harriet E., now Mrs. Fry; George, Hannah now Mrs. Kimball; Jane, now Mrs. Yagle; Ada now Mrs. Etzler and Wilson now dead. Mr. Bolender has held most of the township offices; belongs to the Reform Church, and is a Democrat.

BRUCE, John - farmer Sec. 24; PO Cedarville; born in 1855, in New Jersey; came West when 3 years old, and with his father lived on Robert Schofields place, then moved to Mr. Wilson's on Sec. 21; they lived with Mr. Hixon and then with Adrian Lucas; this was in 1858, and they hae stayed ever since, and with his father own this property. He married Miss Lucas in December 1879; she was born in PA; his father, William Bruce, was married in 1863, now visiting his old home in PA.

BRUNDAGE, Boyd H. Farmer Sec. 13 PO Buckeye Center; came to the county in 1866 and settled in Buena Vista with his father, wellknown as Dr. Brundage; he left home, and went to farming at Milledgeville; but returned home, and then came here and settled on Sec. 12 & 13, where he now has a 40 acre farm. On Feb. 4, 1879 he married Miss Frederick. He is a Republican, and is one of a farmily of 7 children, only two being at home -- Albert and Della.

BRUNDAGE, Dr. Charles - born in Luzerne Co PA April 10, 1825; studied medicine in Castleton VT; graduated in 1847; practiced in his native county, then in Union and finally came West to Stephenson Co., and established himself in Buena Vista, 1866 where he remained till 1880; in the spring, he moved on his farm, on Sec. 11 of 80 acres. In 1851 married Miss Andrews of PA and has a family of 7 - F.M. a physician in Luzerne Co PA; Boyd H. , Duke A., Moses S., DOra E., now Mrs. Radler; Della and Albert at home. Republican in politics.

CLINGMAN, J.B. - Cedarville; born in PA May 12, 1803; in his youth he was disabled by hip discease, and his future life was one in which scholarly acquirements enabled him to secure a competency; in 1804, his father's family moved to Scioto Co Ohio; at the age of 18 he went into the Recorder's office, but on accounty of his health, in 1825, he was Tax Collector of Scioto Co., and then engaged in real estate speculation where he made money and came into Illinois, a healthy climate; in 1836 entered land in LaSalle Co., and in 1840 came to Stephenson Co and settled on Sec. 25, Buckeye Twp.; owns 120 acres and property in Cedarville. Mr. Clingman first married in 1828 to Miss Sarah P. Turner of Ohio; had a family ofnine; his first wife was killed by the falling of an old shed April 22, 1863; he married again on June 14, 1866 to Sarah Boyer and had two children; his last wife died May 28, 1877. His sons served in the army and at one time there were fourten by the name of Clingman enlisted. J.B. is a Rebullican and belongs to the M.E. Church.

CLINGMAN, Mrs. Josiah - Cedarville; came to the State of Illinois in 1835, with her husband and family; settled first at Peoria, Putnam Co., where they stayed till 1836, then moved into LaSalle Co., and from there to this county in 1837; their first stopping place was Troy Grove; afterward, Mr. Clingman bought a farm of 320 acres of Mr. Demmick, where he lived until the year of his death, March 30, 1865; his widow moving into the village of Cedarville, where, together with her daughter, she now keeps house. Now 25, 1830, Josiah Clingman married Maria Simpson, in Scioto Co. Ohio, the ceremony performed by the Rev. Asa Bolinger; their family numbered 10 - George W., deceased; Mary now Mrs. W.G. Leitts; Chester,deceased; Ann Eliza, living with her mother; Thomas S., was wounded at Shiloh, and died two weeks after getting home; Jason, living north of Dakota; William M., now lives on the homestead farm; Edwin, deceased; Sophia, now Mrs. L. Angle; Ethel B., lives on Thomas Bell's farm. Josiah's brother, John B. Clingman lives in Cedarville also. The widow of Josiah, the subject of this sketch was born in Sioto Co Ohio, Nov. 1809 and is at present writing in her 71st year.

DOERFLINGER, Jacob F. - Tailor, Cedarville; born in Baden Germany, Oct. 1819; came to America in 1853, landed in NY and went to Buffalo then came her and is engaged at his trade, which he learned in the Old Buffalo then came to here and is engaged at his trade, which he learned in the Old COuntry; in summertime gives his attention to raising tobacco; owns house and lots on which he lives. In 1856, married Miss Anna Rosche, of Switzerland; has a family of four - Anna, now Mrs. Boldenberg; Louisa now Mrs. Workinger; Amelia now Mrs. Ilgen; and one boy named Christian.

DONMEYER, Rev. George J. - Farmer Sec. 13 PO Buckeye Center; born in Centre Co PA, June 17, 1814; he was sent out by the Lutheran Church, in 1850, to Stephenson Co, as missionary; he was educated for the ministry in Pennsylvania College, going through a theological and literary course, taking charge of his first mission in 1842, in Center Co; when coming West, he experienced the many difficulties common to pioneeer travel, arriving, May 8, some three miles north of Lena; preached his first sermon May 12, 1850, in the old schoolhouse where Fair's Church now stands; organized a Sabbath school here also, June 2, same year; at this time the total membership of the Lutheran Church as 181, in Stephenson Co.; the Rev. George J. Donmeyer is now giving his attention to horticulture; owns 85 acres. His family consists of Melinda, now Mrs. Cameron; Addison G., who during the war belonged to Co H, now at home; Mary; Lizzie, deceased; during life a talented musician; George, Cyrus, Luther, Laura, deceased and Jacob U. Republican and Luthran.

EPLEY, John - farmer Sec. 27 PO Cedarville; born in Berks Co PA, Aug. 14, 1825, was raised in Center Co. on a farm; came to Stephenson in 1841, June 6; went into the Cedar Creek flouring mills which then belonged to his brother Conrad, where he stayed till Nov. of 1851, and on account of poor health in spring of 1852, went to CA; came back in 1860 and lived with wife's father on Sec. 24 till 1865 when he bought his present home on Sec. 27, consisting of 87 acres. In 1847 he married Miss Anna Brown of PA and had a family of five - Kate, nor Mrs. Jackson; Alice, Cora, Anna L., and John. He married a second time to Mrs. Deppen, formerly Miss Snydeer, her child being named Mabel Deppen. Mr. Epley served as Justice of the Peace in 1850 and 1861; belongs to teh Evangelical Church of Cedarville. He has three brothers - Benjamin, living at Davis, in this county; James, now in Kansas; Adam now in this township on Sec. 23.

ERMOND, Samuel - farmer Sec. 13 PO Buckeye Center; born in Center Co PA, January 1827; he came to Stephenson in 1840; in the spring of 1840, his father George Ermold, bought land in the old Parriott claim, and then of Kretzer and some of Folgate, having about 440 acres in 1843; the old family were Hannah, deceased; Samuel, subject of this sketch; Solomon, John G. and Rueben, deceased; father died in the fall of 1844, and mother in the spring of 1857; Samuel was 13 years when they came to the county and stayed with his father until beginning for himself. In 1856 he married Miss Fager, and in 1858 now owns a large farm on different adjoining section of 235 acres, valued at $50 an acre; the farmer has been greatly improved; in 1858 he built the residence and large barn the following year; his family consists of two children - Oscar J. and Florentine M. Mr. Ermold has been Road Commissioner; Collector in 1862 and also School Trustee.

FOLGATE, Jacob - Farmer Sec 13 PO Buckey Center. Born in 1840 in Center Co PA - when a year old, came to Stephenson Co. with his parents; owns 100 acres of land; was Postmaster from 1874 50 1876; he opned a store in 1874; sold out this business in 1876. He married Miss DeLong in 1865 - five children - Margaret C., Carrie, Mary A., Laura L. and Levi D. Democrat in politics; attends Evangelical Church.

FOLGATE, James - farmer, Sec. 17. P O Fountain Creek; born June 22, 1830; came to Stephenson Co in 1841 with mother, father and family of ten children, seven boys and three girls; settled at Buckeye Center, and in 1851 located on Sec. 8 then to Brush Creek, Sec. 7; bought a farm of 185 acres and in 1875 built a fine brick dwelling, costing $2,000. In 1851 married Miss Matten, and now has four children - Jonathan, Isaac, Uriah and Wiliam. Mr. Folgate is a Democrat, he is now giving some attention to Chester White and Berkshire.

FOX, John - Miller, Cedarville; born in York Co PA in 1836 and began milling in 1856, at 20 years of age, and while at his vocation has been working for Keystone Creek Mill; then for John Sloat; on Kritz Creek for Liphart & Rudy; in 1859 he went to the old stand again and then to a mill on Canoe Run, owned by George Crumlinger, and in 1862, left for the West, but returned to PA and at different times worked for these same men; he visited Cedarville first in 1871, and has now run the Cedar Creek Mills four years. In 1865 married Amanda Liphart, has a family of six - James, Williams, Elizabeth S., John D., Charles and Adeline. Mr. Fox belonged to the 195th PA V.A.

GINGRICH, John T. - Farmer, Sec. 6 P O Orangeville; born in Lebanon Co., June 13, 1823 came to Stephenson Co in 1846; bought a claim of George Charter, entered it in the same year; owns 172 acres. In 1852, Sept. 28, he married W. Viola Wick of PA an din 1858 July 1, to Livinia C. Lattig of PA; has a family of two, John B. born Sept. 16, 1860 and Anna M. born Sept 25, 1862. Mr. Gringrich is fond of preserving the records of the farm; has a Bible over 100 years os age; he has held townshi and school offices; attends the Reform Church, Republican in politics.

GRIM, Daniel, farmer, Sec. 1 PO Orangeville; born in Center Co PA in 1821; came to Stephenson in 1845 in company with Benjamin Rousch; worked in the harvest fields of Ohio and for Joshua Fowler, near Lena in Waddams Township; in 1845 Mr. Grim learned blacksmithing in Mifflin Co., and worked on the White Hall Mills for Philip Reitzel; he went back to PA in 1849 and married Amelia Rousch; came back to Buena Vista, stayed till coming on to this farm of 143 acres; their children are Amanda, now Mrs. Smith; Mary A., now Mrs. H ockman; Salina, now Mrs. Kramer; Sirus, Rosette, now Mrs. Shauk; Daniel and John. Mr. Grim is a Republican and a Lutheran.

HARTMAN, William D. farm, Sec. 11 P.O. Orangeville; born in Union Co PA Oct. 22, 1836; came to Stephenson in 1857; father's family wer Magdalena, deceased; Mary A., now Mrs. Robendoll; Elizabeth, now Mrs. Young; Franklin and Rebecca, now Mrs. Beair; he owns 170 acres. In 1869 March 7, married Caroline Ebley; their children are Madrona S., deceased; Frank W. Perry O., Beatta E., William W., Anna C. William D's brother Franklin was shot through the leg at Ft. Donelson, and bled to death; Rebuliican in politics.

HARTSOUGH, George, farmer, Sec. 30 PO Cedarville; born in Seneca Co NY in 1821; when a young man, he clerked and taught school in Union Co. PA; taught the Deisbach School for four years, from 1840 to 1844; he spent one year in NY before coming West; arrived in Stephenson Co in 1845; however, before leaving PA he married Miss Scheckler, and on locating selected Rock Grove; his wife has three brothers in the county - Levi, who lives in Rock Grove; Peter, who lives in Orangeville, is a gunsmith and Benjamin wh lives in Waddams. Mr. Hartsough then went to teaching school, and continued through 1846-48; then seeing a chance bought a woolen mill near Oneco, which he ran for 6 years; but in 1856 sold out the concern to Samuel Runkle, then going into the mercantile business; he also was Postmaster till 1860; disposed of these interests. Went to recruiting Co. G. 93rd and served a few months in this company as First LT; but, his health failing, was compelle dto return home; then going into a woolen mill in LaFayette Co Wisc. which he ran until he moved on to this farm, Sec. 30 in 1869. In public life, he has served as Commissioner, Justice of the Peace, Coroner and in school offices. As Justice he hwas elected Nov. 23, 1852; he held this office for 21 years; his papers bear the signature of William Preston, County Clerk and Hon. A.C. French, Governor of the State of Illinos. Among the marriages he made, the first was Mr. Davidson to Miss Van Winkle and Solomon Kleckner to Eliza Ransom; he is now serving the third term of Road Commissioner; his farm consists of 40 acres, where he now lives. His politics are Democratic; he has had a family of four children - Sarah now rs. Hurlburt; Mary now Mrs. Clingman; Addie now Mrs. Briggs and Susan now Mrs. Hmphrey.

HARTZELL, John - farmer, Sec. 6 P.O. Orangeville; born in Northampton Co. PA May 27, 1801; was engaged in farming during his life in PA; after his fathers death he cared for the family and came to Stephenson Co April 10, 1855. On July 4, 1824 married Maria Andrews who died on March 30, 1874, leaving a family of five - John, Henry, Mary E., now Mrs Sechler; Sarah A., neow Mrs. Sheffer; Hannah S. now Mrs. barnd. In 1856 he settled on Sep. 6 and owns 262 acres valued at $50 an acre. He belongs to the Reform Church of Orangeville.

HERMAN, William, Cedarville; born in Adams Co PA, March 23, 1800, moved to Lycoming Co., and stayed till 1828, when he moved to Tioga Co. and in 1846 came West to Stephenson Co., and located in Rock Run; then he moved to Florence Twp. in 1877, sold out and came to Cedarville, settled on their present home. In 1828 married Miss Stieffer; their family consisted of five childen - John, Elizabeth, Wesley, William and Judson M.

HESER, John, blacksmith, Sec. 13; P.O. Buena Vista; born in Bavaria Germany April 11, 1819; he learned his trade in his native country and in 1848 came to America; stopped in New Jersey; was some time on Long Island; the first place he lived in Stephenson Co. was Silver Creek Twp; he settled here in 1857; built his shop in 1863 and his present dwelling in 1865. Mr. Heser has held school offices and belongs to the Lutheran Church. Besides his house and shop, he owns 23 acres valued at $50 an acree. His family consists of two children, John P. and Mary.

HIXSON, Solomon, cooper, Cedarville; born in Union Co PA, Nov. 18, 1824; learned his trace at an early age, and worked with his father until his death in 1845; he supported the family then, and in 1853 married Margaret Snyder and agin in 1866 to Mary Snyder; his family consiste dof six children - Luther, Willie, Eddie, Maggie, Charles, Emma. Mr. Hixsons' motehr died in 1876 aged 83 years. He was engaged from 1855 to 1867 in making barrels for the Cedar Creek Mills; now farms some, and owns the property where he lives. He belongs to the Evangelical Church of Cearville.

HOFF, William, merchant, Buena Vista; born in Union Co. PA April 19, 1833. In 1853 he married Rachel Cline of PA and in 1856 came West to Stephenson Co, going to Buena Vista in 1870; established a mercantile trade which carried between $6,000 and $7,000 worth of stock. Mr. Hoff has now retired from business; he now owns a house and nine lots in the village, having sold his business March 18, 1880 to J.G. Ermold. Wm. Hoff held the office of Postmasater from 1877 to May 1880 and his family are John, William H., Charles M., Bertha A. and Lewis J. deceased. Democrate in politics; Lutheran in religion.

HUMPHREY, Milton B. Farmer Sec. 20 PO Buckeye Center; was born in Stephenson Co. and is now carrying on the old estate, which he has managed since 1877; it is situated on Sec. 20 consisting of 160 acres, valued at $50 an acre; he now has it stocked, and is giving his attention to pork. In Dec. 1875 he married Miss Hartzough and had one child named Francis. Mr. Humphyry has held township and school offices, being Collector in 1875-76. His two brothers, John H. and Charles enlisted in the 3rd, his brother Edward joined the Regulars; 12th Reg.; served his time out and is now in Kansas.

HUTCHINSON, Thomas, farmer, Sec. 33; P.O. Cedarville; born in Union Co PA, Sept. 27, 1798; he was engaged in the woolen factory with his brother, who died in January 1880; manufactured in Union Co., then Lycoming Co. and then came West; he setled first near Cedarville, then bought this claim of John Rockey - then about 445 acres - of which he now holds 240, on Sec. 33; building a log cabin, went to farming and at times worked at the factory; and one season he spent in Beloit, manufacturing woolen cloths. Mr. Hutchinson, in 1824, married Miss Wallace and for 54 years they lived together without a cloud to darken their happiness on June 11, 1878 she passed away; their family is M. Jane, now at home, Wallace, Stephenson Co. Treasurer; Margaret, deceased; Samuel on the adjoining farm, Sarh now Mrs. Miller; Mary now Mrs. Rutherford; Martha, living at home; Robert at home; Isabella in the office with her brother Wallace in Freeport; Samuel enlisted in the 146th and served one year on provost duty in the State of IL.

ILGEN, D.G., Cedarville; born in Clinton Co PA in 1840; he spent his youth in Cedarville where his father, in co-operation with others, succeeded in laying out the village, and as it stands, occupies George Iglen's Addition; the pioneer family came to the West directed solely by map and compass, stopped first in Dakota, and then in 1849 came here; the ground donated for public buildings was donated by Mr. Ilgen's family, the founder of the village; George Ilgen died in 1864 and in 1870 the mother was followed to the grave by her twelve children. D.G. Ilgen finished his education in Springfield, IL and in 1862 enlisted in the 93rd Co. G and was mustered out at Louisville KY in June 1865; during the service he was in every rebel state, Texas and Florida; on arriving home, went to teaching school, and after nine terms at this, went into the employ of L.H. Everts & Co. publishers, and in their interests, traveled through Ohio, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and in 1877 came to Cedarville, became the successor of James Benson, now carrying on an extensive and growing trade in general merchandise; this meercantile enterprise was started and established by Mr. Benson in 1850, being now the oldest in the village and Mr. Ilgen is now doing a good business in Cedarville and surrounding country. On Dec. 28, 1875 married Miss Benson of Cedarville; their son James was born on Oct. 9, 1877.

JACKSON, Joseph F., proprietor and operator of the Cedar Creek Woolen Fractory, about two and a half miles northeast of Cedarville, on Sec. 32; the mill was built in 1856 and run as a flaxseed oil-will, J.F. Jackson, Richard Glenan and John H. Addams, proprietors; in 1859 the woolen factory was established by Joseph F. Jackson and has been run by him since; in the different cloths manufactured, there are 18,000 pounds of wool used per annum; teh building is 35 x 40 feet, three stories high, was formerly run by an over-shot waterwheel, but, in 1872, a Lefiel turbine was placed in the mill of 20 in. diameter; near the mill stand the h ouses occupied by the families who gain a substence by working there. Mr. Jackson was born in Clinton Co PA Jan. 1, 1821; learned the tanning trade, and worked at it a number of years; on coming West, he taught school, then went to famring. In 1847, married Miss Sarah Barber and they have seven children - Sarah E., now Mrs. Dienur; Emily, John, Clara, Effie, William and Mary. Mr. Jackson has held the office of Supervisor, and also school offices; in politics, a Republican.

JONES, Jacob, miller, Cedarville; born in MD July 18, 1822; he was engaged with his father in farming and distilling till 1840, when they sold out and came West, settled in Ogle Co. where his father died at the age of 93; his mother, now 78, still lives, hale and hearty. Mr. Jones engaged in milling on coming West, and has been employed in quite a number of mills in this and surrounding counties; is now resting, expecting to go to work soon. On Dec. 24, 1846 he married Anna R. Mitten of MD; their family is Margaret M, Mary, George, Alice, Ida, Clara, Laura, Frank and Samuel. Mr. Jones is a Democrat; his wife belongs to the Lutheran Church.

JONES, Robert, farmer, Sec. 24; P.O. Buckeye Center; born in Kent Co., England, Feb. 16, 1799; he left in the spring of 1831 for NY; lived in Utica for one year and about 1834, taking the Western fever, stuck out for Illinois where he met Levi Lucas, and came to Stephenson Co., in 1835, Dec. 24; when here, took claim of some 500 acres each; together built a cabin, which was finished in 1836 or 1837; he lived here but one year; in 1845 put up part of his present house, and finished it in 1860; owns 154 acres of land, valued at $50. Mr. Jones married Miss Horlacher Aug. 9, 1838, who died in 1859; in 1867 married again, a Miss Burgess; by the first marriage had seven children - Daniel W., twin to Thomas B.; David, Sarah, deceased; Elizabeth , now Mrs. Lied; Anna M., now Mrs. Fry; Robert H. Mr. Jones is a Republican and now gives attention to cultivating grapes and bee keeping.

JONES, Thomas B. , farmer, sec. 24; P.O. Buckeye Center; born Feb. 3, 1841 in Stephenson Co.; his father came to this county in 1835, Dec. 24; he owns 90 acres of land. Enlisted in 1861 in Co. B 46th; served to the end of the war; he was promoted to Corporal, then 2nd Lt., and mustered out 1st Lt./ was wounded at the battle of Shiloh; was Township Collector during 1874 and 1875; is Justice of the Peace; is Trustee and Stewart of the M.E. Church at Cedarville. Married Susan D. Snyder in 1868; they have one child, Ralph D., born May 28, 1874; Republican in politics; steends M.E. church.

KECK, Daniel, farmer, sec. 9 ; P.O. Fountain Creek, born in Lehigh Co. PA in 1809, and his wife in 1816; he came out for health in 1851, to Stephenson Co; while in PA followed mercantile busienss; before coming West, had sent money to a friend who bought 80 acres for him on Sec. 9, where he has since lived. In 1835, he married Miss Sager, and their family are Henry S., who belonged to Co A 46th; Joseph S., Mary N., Amelia N. (now Mrs. Longenstein), Ellen L. and Hiram F. Mr. Keck belongs to teh Evangelical Church, and was a class leder for 30 years.

KOSTENBADER, Daniel, farmer and carpenter, Cedarville; a native of PA came here in 1847; landed in Savannah and started with his brother Aaron for David Neidigh's farm, where their brother Andrew was working; when they arrived at their destination, they had trouble to find work. In 1848 he and Aaron built a shop, and Aaron married and moved into it; one-half was used as a carpenter shop; in 1855, went back East, and with his sister, commenced keeping house; in 1857, he sold out that property and since 1860 has lived in this house; Daniel is single, and in 1861 enlisted in the 46th Co K; mustered out in 1862. The old family was Joseph, in PA; Henry and Betsy also; Aaron is on the farm; Andrew is in KS; Louisianna, now a widow; Margaret, keeping house for Daniel; John, now deceased; Moses and Jake in PA; Samuel Soloman, in Richland; Elias in IA; Elias and Soloman were in the 92nd I.V.I. and through the war; Daniel is a Republican.

KRYDER, William H. farmer Sec. 32; P.O. Cedarville; born Pennsylvanie Valley, Center Co PA 1835; came West with a part of about 17 persons; it took over three weeks to make the trip; on the way, his life was saved by Hannah Mese, who caught him as he was about to fall into the river; they came by boat to Savannah, and with four teams; from there up to where Neidigh lived, in an old cabin; they arrived in the county in 1842, May 18, soon built a cabin in Lancaster Twp. where they lived until moving over to the factory, where he stayed from 1862 to 1864; he then moved to Cedarville, and enlisted Sept. 3, 1864 in the 146th Co E and escorted President Lincoln's body to the grave; he came back to Cedarville in July 25, 1865. In 1859 he married Miss Williams, and in 1869 moved on to the farm on Sec. 32; owns 171 acres belonging at one time to the old Dr. Van Valzee claim. Mr. Kryder has a family of seven children - Mary J., now Mrs. Grayham; Ida B., deceased; George W.J. Frank, Hiram D., deceased; Eva M. and Cyrus.

LIED, Edwin, farmer sec. 24; P.O. Buckeye Centre; born in 1841 in Lancaster Co PA in 1854 came to Stephenson, owns 160 acres of land. Enlisted in 1861 in Co E 11th, was mustered out June 1865, was taken prisoner at Florence GA in 1864, released March 3, 1865. Has held township and school offices. Married Miss Jones Sept. 21, 1865; they have seven children - Harry R., Regina, John, Mary L., Lizzie E., Edwin M. and Robert R. He owns 80 acres of land, Republican in politices and Lutheran in religion.

LIED, William, merchant and Postmasater, Buckeye Center; born in Lancaster Co., PA, Dec. 22, 1838; commenced keeping store with Jacob Folgate but bought him out in 1878, and has sole possession of the business, which is increasing; he owns the store and a fine dwelling-house next, besides the land on which they are built. In 1858, Feb. 12, married Miss Melinda Folgate. Belongs to the Lutheran Church, Rebublican in politics.

McHOES, William, farmer Sec. 1; P.O. orangeville; born in Northampton Co PA 1815; came to Stephenson in1 849, with Charles Woodring's Thomas and Jacob Bumis' and Mr. Applebauch's families; stayed on John Miller's farm that winter ; in spring, moved to prairie north of Piles Grove; then moved here on to his present home; he owns 160 acres, the southwest quarter of Sec. 1. In 1839 married Miss Woodring, who died in 1868. In 1871, he was married to Miss Lattig of PA; has had 13 children, but there are only two at home - Eben and George; Oliver belonged to the 92nd Co G. Mr. McHoes has been Township Commissioner and Justice of the Peace. Lutheran in religion.

MOCK, William K., confectioner, Cedarville; born in York Co PA, Aug. 15, 1811; he moved to Lebanon Co. in 1818 and was engaged in mercantile business until coming West; in 1852 he went to Peru, LaSalle Co., and then moved to Cedarville, where he kept theCedarville House, but sold out and went into confectionery in 1854, and has been in it since; he owns a farm in Iowa, and also town property. In 1847 he married Catherine Shull, they have one son, Van Buren, a carriage-painter. Mr. Mock is a Republican and belongs to teh Lutheran Church since 1827.

MUNHART, Michael, farmer, Sec 10; P.O. Buena Vista; born in Germany May 5, 1815 emigrated to America June 20, 1840; stopped in Lancasater Co. three years; in Richland Co two years and came to Stephenson Co in September 1845; owns 40 acres of land. In 1851 married Elizabeth Addams of Pennsylvania, Union Co. He and his wife have belonged to the Lutheran Church since childhood.

MUSSER, Daniel, farmer sec. 2; P.O. Orangeville; born Oct. 26, 1836 in Centre Co. PA; came to Stephenson in 1856 in company with his brothers; settled here where his mother kept house for him till he was married in 1864 to Rebecca Dreiblebis, of PA; their children are William L., Mary E., Carrie M. and Burchard C. Mr. Musser owns 180 acres and has been Supervisor of Buckeye since 1874; his brother John was elected Capt. of Co A 46th was wounded at Shiloh and died in the hospital at Quincy; was buried in the cemetery at Orangeville.

PARRIOTT, Mrs. Manly, widow, sec. 13; P.O. Buena Vista; born in 1827 and married Manly Parriott in June 1849; then moved to the old homestead in a log house, until 1860; when they built the one in which George now lives; she has two other children - Deborah, now Mrs. Clingman and William now tending the farm, which she owns, 250 acres. Her husband has been dead ten years, having died Marcy 28, 1870 and his mother, Nov. 12, 1849. Both belonged to the M.E. Church of Orangeville. Mrs. Manly Parriott's maiden name was Betsey J. Carroll.

PIFER, Jacob - carpenter and farmer, Cedarville; born in Lebanon, Lebanon Co. PA Sept. 1826; he learned his trade of William Layme when 18 years old and May 3, 1862 came to Stephenson and lived in Samuel Rosenberger's house in Cedarville; and in 1868 having bought this place, built a house on it, still working at his trade. In 1852 married Miss Rosenberger and has a family of four boys - W. Latten, Cyrus A., and Samuel L. all carpenters now; Edward L., working at painting. Mr. Pifer belongs to the German Reform Church at Cedarville, of which he is an Elder, now under Rev. F. Stump of the Orangeville Circuit.

POLLOCK, John, farmer Sec. 5; P.O. Orangeville; born in Scioto Co., Ohio; on April 8, 1844, he came to Stephenson Co., having lost his wife just before coming out; settled on Sec. 5 and bought 170 acres; used to be the old Fey claim; built part of the dwelling he now lives in 1878, and finished it in 1865. In 1847, he marrid Miss Morton of NY and has a family of 8 children - Quincy, killed at Pittsburg Landing; Sarah J., now Mrs. Rockey; Anne E., David, Mary, John, Emma (deceased) and Jennie. Mr. Pollock has held school offices. Politics, Democrat and belongs to the M.E. Church of Pleasant Hill.

POLLOCK, Thomas, farmer Sec. 5, P.O. Orangeville; born in Scioto Co., Ohio, May 6, 1815; he first visited this county in 1840, afterward, together with his brother John, settled here in 1844; in 1845, their father came out and they bought 320 acres for $450. Thomas married Miss Wilson in 1842, she died in 1859. In Feb. 1860 he married Miss Van Meter and has a family of 10 children - Calvin (deceased); Angemima, now Mrs. Meser; Samuel and next family - Janette, James, Lewella, William, Quincy, George, Flora; Janette is now Mrs. Fair. Mr. Pollock has been Commissioner of Highways and held school offices. Politices, Democrat; religion, Presbyterian.

REEDY, Peter C., carpenter and farmer Sec. 23; P.O. Buena Vista; born in Berks Co. PA in 1814; learned his trade when 17 years of age, in Berks Co., and moved to Lebanon Co.; from there to Ohio in 1839, then came to Stephenson in 1844, in company with James Taylor and Andrew Streetmaker and family, Jacob Ploutz and family, Peter C. Reedy and John Emmes; after one year in Waddams, he bought his farm where he now lives of 40 acres. Mr. Reedy is a bachelor and at present has his brother and wife living on the homestead, he is a Democrat.

REITZELL, Charles, farmer P.O. Buena Vista; his father, Philip Reitzell, and family came to Stephenson in Sept. 1840; George was here in March, John and Jonathan in June of the same year; his father died in 1850; his mother died in 1879; the old family were Franklin, Henry, Charles, Cyrus, Elizabeth, now the widow of E.B. Strohecker, and Mary; Franklin and Henry first managed the estate and then Charles and Cyrus; they run the White Hall Mills from 1850 to 1874; Mrs. E.B. Strohecker was married to Dr. E.B. Stroheckeer in 1850; family - Eugene R., Mary E., and Jennie G., Charles was born in Centre Co. PA in 1837 and is now holding a township office.

RITZMAN, William, farmer Sec. 1, P.O. Orangeville; born in Union Co. PA, Dec. 25, 1804; followed mililng and stilling till coming West. In 1829, he married Mary Gailwigs, who died in 1849. In 1851 June 10, he married Miss Mary Midderling of PA and came to Stephenson in November 1846; settled on his homestead April 10, 1847, which he bought of Daniel Hawley consisting of about 300 acres; there have been twenty-two children in teh family, but only thirteen are now living - William, Henry, Jackson, John, George, Aaron, Charles, Robert (deceased), Martin, Lewis, Catherine, uriah, Calvin and Quincy. Lutheran in religion.

SCHADLE, Eusebius, farmer sec 29; P.O. Cedarville; born in Wurtemburg Germany Dec. 13, 1817; in his native country he learned weaving, and worked at it till coming to the US, in the month of March 1852; he stayed in NY awhile, and then came Westin in May of the same yer to Stephenson., and settled in Silver Creek Twp. on a farm, but afterward moved to Buckeye, where he now owns 79 acres on sec. 29. In 1854 he mrried Miss Haberly of Germany; they have five children - Hannah, now Mrs. Frouz; Lizzie, living in Freeport; John, Mary and Willie. Mr. Schadle is a democrat, and belongs to the Catholic Church.

STEWART, William, farmer sec. 28; P.O. Cedarville; born in Donegal Co Ireland March 17, 1833; came to Stephenson in 1839 with about 22 persons in the party; came by water to Chicago IL and from there by land, in wagons to Freeport where his father, Robert Stewart took up his claim on Sec. 28, whre William now lives, and owns 200 acres. in 1861 Nov. 7 he enlisted in the 46th I.V.I. Co K; was promoted to First Lt. in 1862 Oct. 11, for meritorious service; promoted to captaincy, and in 1866 May 15, to Brevet Major. In 1866 May 27, he married Miss Grandsdan and has managed the farm ever since his father father died Jan. 21, 1872; they have seven children - Anna B., Amelia M., Robert J., Elsie S., Henry G., Sadie E. and Willie C.; the old family, thirteen; Robert now in California; Thomas, deceased; Lucinda, now Mrs. Whitmore; Margaret, now Mrs. Paul; Mary A., now Mrs. heckle; William, subject of this sketch; Catherine, now Mrs. Johnson; Sarah, now Mrs. Nelson; Elizabeth, now Mrs. Wier; James C., Charles, Clara J. now Mrs. Graham and James C. deceased; their mother died April 14, 1878.

THOMPSON, Dr. S.C. - Cedarville; born in 1850; studied medicine when 19 years of age; read with Dr. Barrett, and went to Chicago and attended lectures at the Rush Medical College, graduating in the spring of 1872, and entered the competitive examination and was assigned to St. Luke's Hospital, and took general practice for one year; he was then laid on his back by contracting the measles, and lost two good offers for Regular Army Physician; this was in the spring of 1873; in 1874 he came to Cedarville and took Dr. S.R. Bucher's practice, the Doctor having died in 1874. He was one of the earliest pioneer settlers and left a well established business, which Dr. Thompson most ably retains. He has quite a large laboratory connected with his office and has accumulated suppicient to build a beautiful residence on the corner of Mill and Cedar Streets. In 1879 he married Ida M. Bucher.

TROTTER, George, farmer Sec. 2 PO Orangeville; born in Bourbon Co KY, June 13, 1809 in 1826 emigrated to Sangamon Co IL; while a young man passed back and forth through Stephenson Co. mining and during the Black Hawk war; serving in that campaign under Gen. Henry; in 1836, took this claim; now owns 135 acres. In March 24, 1833 married Sarah Chilton of Madison Co IL, their children are Thomas, Elizabeth, now Mrs. Van Matre; James, William, George (deceased); Urania, now Mrs. Scott; Mary A. (deceased); Mildred F. Shara J (deceased); Lucy C. now Mrs. Robey; John C. Mr. Trotter has held school offices; and his wife belongs to the United Brethren Church of Orangeville.

WILSON, Andrew - farmer Sec 21 PO Fountain Creek; born in 1823 Donegal Co Ireland; came to America in 1839 with his father, John Wilson; the rest of the family were John, Mary, Eli, Samuel, James and Moses; Andrew in early times, corked for Dr. Van Valzel; mowed hay for Joseph Green, and was at McGee's mowing bee. He now lives on and owns 132 acres of the farm his father had originally claimed, which at one time embraced 640 acres. The house built on the old claim still stands. Andrew stayed on the old homestead until 853 when he got his farm, lying on Secs 21 and 28. In 1867 he married Mrs. Woods formerly Miss Pyle; they have had one child named Mary Jane. He is a Democrat, and belongs to the Presbyterian Church of Cedarville.

WILSON, John - farmer Sec. 21, P.O. Fountain Creek; born in 1827 in Donegal Co, Ireland;came to America with his father's family in 1839; among his early experiences, helped to build the bridge across teh river at Freeport; and when they first got their claim there was but 10 acres broken. In 1858 he married Miss Devins of PA and settled on his present home where he has a farm of 80 acres, valued at $50 an acree. He is a Democrat, and has a fin family of five boys and five girls. John Wilson, his father was quite an early settler in Stephenson Co and is well and favorably known.

WINDECKER, Philip - deceased; born 1826 in Germany; came to New York in 1849, where he worked as a cooper for 11 years, then coming West, arrived in Stephenson Co. in 1850, erected a cooper shop and besides making barrels for the surrounding country, farmed his land, using in those days, a yoke of oxen. Mr. Windecker died in 1876; married in 1843 and his widow now hold the farm of 87 acres; their family are John, Lucy, now Mrs. Swartz; William, Amelia, now Mrs. Augenstien; Ellen, now Mrs. Hofmeister, Sarah, now Mrs. Cochran; Hiram, Albert, Clara and Joseph. Mrs. Windecker belongs to teh Evangelical Church; John and William belonged to the 46th I.V.I. Co A; they reside on Sec 9 PO Fountain Creek.

WOLFORD, Jerit - miller, Buena Vista; proprietor of the WhiteHall flouring-mills; he bought the will property in 1876, January; the dimensions are 50 x 60 feet, 3 1/2 stories high and runs three pairs of stone, with the finest water-power in the county, using the Leffle turbine wheel, one 30", the other 36"; Jared's father settled on Sec. 12, in this county in 1842; he has three brothers, John Thomas and Webster; he now owns the mill and 360 acres of land. In 1867 married Melinda Shank, of WI and has six children - Ida, Emma, John, Eddie, Mary and Melinda, twins. Mr. Wohlford has held office, and is a Republican.