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Cemetery Records

Antioch Cemetery - Tremont

Apostolic Christian Cemetery - Tremont

Apostolic Christian Cemetery - Washington

Apostolic Christian Cemetery - Morton  

Bacon Cemetery  

Baker Cemetery - Washington

Bever Cemetery

Bequaith Cemetery 

Bergen Cemetery [Aka Tazewell, Aka Mt. Pleasant]

Briggs Cemetery - Minier

Broadway Cemetery - Minier

Buckeye Cemetery - Morton

Craft Cemetery

Danforth Cemetery

Deacon Street Cemetery - Morton

Deer Creek Cemetery - Deer Creek

Delavan Cemetery

Dillon Cemetery - Tremont

Elm Grove Cemetery - Miars

Farmdale Cemetery - Morton [aka Oesterley Cemetery]

Ficht Cemetery

Fon Du Lac  

Freeman Cemetery

Gaines Cemetery - Minier

Glendale Cemetery - Washington

Glendale Memorial Cemetery  - Pekin

Glenwood Cemetery - Minier

Green Valley Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery

Griesemer Cemetery - Hopedale

Groveland Evangelical Mennonite Cemetery - Groveland

Guth Cemetery - Sunnyland

Hardscrabble Cemetery - Deer Creek

Hawkins Cemetery

Hawley Cemetery

Haynes/Haines Cemetery
aka Rankin Cemetery

Hieronymus Cemetery - Armington

Higgins Cemetery

Hill Cemetery

Hillcrest Memorial Cemetery  - Morton

Hirstein Cemetery - Morton

Hittle Grove Cemetery - Armington

Hollands Grove Cemetery - Sunnyland

Hopedale Mennonite Cemetery  

King Cemetery

Kraft Cemetery

Lakeview Cemetery - Pekin

Lilly Cemetery

Lindsey Cemetery

Mackinaw Dells Cemetery - Slabtown

Mackinaw Twp Cemetery

Mennonite Cemetery

Mennonite Church Cemetery

Miars Cemetery (aka Elm Grove)

Minier Cemetery

Mooberry Cemetery

Mount Hope Cemetery

Mount Hope Cemetery - Tremont

Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Mount Zion Cemetery - Deer Creek

New Castle Cemetery - Mackinaw

Oak Grove Cemetery - Pekin

Oak Grove Evangelical Cemetery - E Peoria

Oakview Cemetery - Armington

O'Brien Cemetery

Old City Cemetery - Washington

Old City Cemetery - Pekin

Old Lancaster Cemetery

Old Minier Cemetery

Old Sand Prairie Cemetery - S Pekin

Old Settlement Cemetery

Old Washington Cemetery

Old Weyhrich Cemetery

Orendorff Cemetery

Paisley Cemetery

Patterson Cemetery
- Emden

Pleasant Grove Mennonite Church Cemetery

Pleasant Valley Cemetery
Aka Bratt Cemetery
Aka Sand Hill Cemetery

Poor Farm Cemetery

Prairie Rest Cemetery - Delavan

Prettyman Cemetery

Railroad Cemetery

Rankin Cemetery
Aka Haines/Haynes Cemetery

Rinkenberger Cemetery - Robein

Roberson Cemetery

Roberts Cemetery - Morton

Sacred Heart Cemetery - Pekin

Sand Prairie Cemetery - Green Valley

Schlipp Cemetery
aka Sparrow Cemetery

Shannon Cemetery - Groveland

Shiloh Cemetery - Hopedale

Sparrow Cemetery - Hopedale

Spring Lake Cemetery - Pekin

Spring Valle - Tremonty Cemetery

St Joseph Cemetery - Pekin

St Marys Cemetery - Delavan

Tennessee Point Cemetery

Union Cemetery - Germantown Hills

Union Cemetery  - Washington

United Methodist Cemetery

Vaughter Cemetery

Veterans Cemetery - Pekin 

VFW Post 2078 [Part Of Fondulac Cemetery] - East Peoria

Victorious Life Cemetery - East Peoria

Walnut Cemetery - Tremont

Wars Memorial Park Cemetery

West Side Cemetery

Winzeler  Cemetery- Tremont

Woodrow Cemetery - S Pekin

Wrenn Cemetery - Washington

Zion Cemetery - Washington

Zion Evangelical Cemetery - Pekin

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