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Groveland Grade School 1960
submitted by Phyllis Johnson
Groveland Grade School 1959
submitted by Phyllis Johnson
Alexander Nelan and Nettie Nelan

Groveland Grade School, 1960, grade 3
1st Row:
Julie, Sue Ann Staker, ?, Gale, Phyllis Miller, Holly Pfantz, Bobby Barth, ?.  2nd Row: Charles Cherry, Chester Lung, Thomas Reed, Danny, Katheryn, Linda Strickfadden, Ricky, Pamela, Patsy Newman.  3rd Row: Julie Gingrich, Marsha Burkey, Marita Mayberry, Debbie Ingram, Laura Mobley, Bruce, Teresa Mayberry, Edward King.  Teacher is Mrs. Ruth Bell. 
Marita & Teresa Mayberry are twins.

Groveland Grade School, 1959, grade 2
1st Row: Francine G, Larry K, Ricky F, (Frederick, I think), Linda Strictfadden, Phyllis Miller, Holly Pfantz, Bobby Barth, Julie K  2nd Row: Julie Gingerich, Charles Cherry, Patsy Newman, Kathleen K, Danny W, Gail M, Thomas Reed.  3rd Row: Teresa Mayberry, Bruce S, Linda Richardson (died 1960), Laura Mobley, Debbie Ingram, Edward King, Marsha Berkey.  Teacher was Mrs Benton.

In this photo to left, the woman has her name written, with maiden name.  The man is possibly Alexander Nelan or John William Edwards.  Nettie was married to Mr. Edwards in 1901.
If you have any information, please contact Linda Norvel.

Jefferson School, 1905
Pekin Post Office, original location
Washington School, 1890

Paul Massey
Robert Bryan
W.E. Schurman
William Beardsley
William Reardon
Harry Abel
Fred Soldwedel

Henry Koch
Irving Weimer
James Crosby
James M Rahn
Karl Stoll
Leslie Jones
Oscar Grob

Elmore Heisel
E.M. Marshall
Oscar Winkel
Eugene Mauer
Franklin L Velde
Geo. Holiman
George Stolley

Remmer Dieckmann
John Schade
A.B. Foster
Albert LaFrenz
Arthur Severe
Chas. Frings
Dr. D.W. Turner

Pekin Police Department 1905-06
Pekin Council Chamber 1905-6
Pekin Fair 1898

Henry Behrends, Geo. Pfeiffer, Jack Soldwedel, Ben F Smith, Henry Taulbert, James McCoy, Squire Jake Rapp, Louis Reutler, John Oldman/Oltman, One Arm Howard MacKee, Charles Fleming, Chief Jerome Fisher, John Beetler.
Mayor Dan Sapp, Chief of Police Chas. Fleming, Fire Chief Julius Jaeckel, City Engineer, Ben F Smith, City Clerk Jack Soldwedel, Alderman Oscar Fogelmark, Henry Reuling, Creno Jansen, Heilo Rust, Dede Velde, Chas. Gehrig, Henry Schwartz, Jacob TerVeen, Ben H Smith, John Amsburg, Fritz Schaefer, George Taubert
Reporters: Chas Skaggs, W.G. Fair, R.E. Rawlings 

Washington Jr High School 1930
Pekin Tazewell Club
Pekin Jail built in 1880s

Nedderman Brothers
Garfield & McKinley Schools 1978
Pekin Fire Department

submitted by Carole Martin
submitted by Carole Martin
submitted by DBurrell Rodcay

Matthews Family
Burrell Anniversary
Contributed by DBurrellRodcay
Jefferson First Graders
Desiree Burrell, David Harms, Brian Williams,

Sonja Black, Shari Hyatt, Debbie Cunningham

Emery Whisler

Joseph M Whisler &
John R Whisler

Giacomo & Cosima Sansome Piro
Three oldest children:
Jennie, Roney and Clara

contributor: Randall McClallen
contributor: Randall McClallen
contributor: Al & Carole Martin

Cora Michael
John L. Hinners

contributor: Shannan Hinners
contributor: Shannan Hinners contributor: Shannan Hinners

Alfred Frederick Dieckman
Grace Allen Everwein Dieckman

Old Pekin Post Office

Old Pekin Public Library

contributor: Desiree Burrell Rodcay
contributor: Desiree Burrell Rodcay
contributor: Desiree Burrell Rodcay

Mary Anna Stover
died March 16 1889
The Kernel - Corn Products Union Magazine
First Electric Car
Illinois River, Pekin IL

contributor: Al & Carole Martin
contributor: Al & Carole Martin contributor: R & M Johnson

First Methodist Church, Pekin IL
Pekin High School - 1907
Depot, Pekin Illinois, 1957

contributor: R & M Johnson contributor: R & M Johnson contributor: R & M Johnson

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