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Court House

government building
Government Building

Empire Ice Cream

Empire Ice Cream & Candy Shop
was owned by Joachim "Jack" Piro.  Jack was the son of Onioffio & Lorenza Catalana Piro and the brother of Giacomo, James, John, Clara and Carmella (Pamson) all residents of Pekin, IL.  The Ice Cream Parlor was probably located in the 300 block of Court Street in Pekin, IL. Standing in the doorway Hazel Bolby and Jennie Piro Bluejacket.

Jennie was the daughter of Giacomo & Cosima Piro and was born in 1895, making the date of this picture around 1911/12. Joachim drowned in a boating accident in Nov. 1911. I do not know how long the business remained open after her death.
[Contributed by: Carole Martin]

Charley Pamson
Charley Pamson Fruit Store
Around turn of the century, the above fruit store was located on Court Street in Pekin, IL, near the "5 points" area.

That would be in the area of the 600 block of Court St., today.

Standing in the door way is the owner, Charley Pamson & his eldest child, Sylvia. The bananas hanging near the door were carved by Charley. Charley's Italian name was Mariano Palmisano. Co-workers called him Charley and perhaps his last name was difficult to pronounce so he changed his name to Charley Pamson. Charley married Carmella Piro in Italy. Sylvia Pamson was born in Italy before the family moved to America. Four of Carmella's brothers, Giacomo, Joachim, James & John and 1 sister, Clara Piro also lived in Pekin.[Contributed by: Carole Martin]

Babar Hotel
Babar Hotel - Mackinaw - 1880
[Submitted by Steve Slaughter]

1898 mill
 California Mill - Mackinaw - 1884

Pekin Bridge over Illinois River

Piro Store

wagon works
Pekin Water Works

 RUHAAK and LACKMAN Plumbers
This picture was found in the Piro home at 910 Caroline Street. It appears to be an outdoor exhibit on Court Street around the turn of the century. A sticker on the back indicated the photo was taken by Cole's Photo Studio. There was no identification on the photo. However, there is an advertisement in an old book which lists Ruhaak and Lackman Plumbing as being located at 122 Court Street, Pekin, IL. The phone number was 45.
[Contributed by Carole Martin]

Roney Block
Stephen Roney's block - Pekin - 1878
[Submitted by Steve Slaughter]

SMith Company
Smith Hippen & Co.
[Submitted by Steve Slaughter]

Sparks business
Sparks Drug Store - Mackinaw - 1880
Richard Sparks behind Counter

G.W. Ingalls Store

Public Library
Public Library

central hall
Central Hall in 1878

Pekin Police 1905
Pekin Police, 1905

1972 group photo
(Corn Products Union Magazine)
Pictured above are newly elected officers of the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers International Union Local 7-662, Pekin Ill, who will serve the bargaining unit employees at CPC International Pekin Plant, for the years of 1972 and 1973. Left to right front row are: Howard Lisanby, Chaplain; Robert Hacker, Vice President; Oran Miller, Business Representative; Elmer B Oertle, President' Robert Meskimen, Secretary Treasurer; Marvin Webb, Chief Steward; and Harry Staub, Guard. Back Row same order: William Long, Trustee; Nelson Schmick, Process Committeeman; Harlan Wilkinson, Mantenance Committeeman; Jerry Hoyle, Process Committeeman; Melvin Schoonover, Maintenance Committeeman; and Thomas Martin, Trustee. George Wubben, Trustee; and Robert Collins, Recording Secretary are absent from the picture.

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