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Mackinaw Township
T.24 N.R.2W

(The following is a small excerpt of the history of  Tazewell County townships from the book
“Souvenir of Early and Notable Events in the History of the North West Territory, Illinois and Tazewell County.”)
Submitted by: Linda T - 2008

Mackinaw township remains the same as to original boundary lines.
In 1827, A. Smith made first settlement on section 23, and built the first log house. Among the early settlers were Samuel Judy, Mordecai Mobley, Elijah Sargent, Michael and Jonas Hittle. William Hittle was the first white child born in 1828. The first death was that of Abner Smith, which occurred in 1828.

The village of Mackinaw was laid off by George Hittle and E. Stout, May 26th 1828. In 1830, Conway Rhodes and Miss Harmon were the first couple to be joined in holy wedlock. Jonas Hittle was made the first Justice of the Peace in 1830. During this year Silas B. Curtis opened the first school. Mackinaw was the first county seat, and the commissioners who located the same, were Job Fletcher. Wm. Lee D. Ewing and Tom M. Neale.

The name was derived from an Indian name of a river that flows through Tazewell county.
The first court house was built in 1827. It was 18 feet wide and 24 feet long; one story and a half high, nine feet to the story; joint shingles roof; black walnut batton doors, well cased, two 8x10 inch twelve light windows in the lower story, and one four-light window in the front end of the half story; the lower floor was made of puncheons hewn and jointed, and the upper floor, which also became the ceiling, was of sawed plank; the body of the house was of hewn logs, chinked and daubed, and protruding ends of logs sawed off; the lower windows were protected with wooden shutters;  a seven foot fire-place four logs high afforded heat from the rear-end of the court room. Amasa Stout received the munificent sum (then) of $125 for building, he being the lowest bidder. This was one of the first buildings in Tazewell to have glass windows. It stood on lot 1 block 11. In the early part of 1831, a 14-light window took the place of the fire-place and a cast-iron stove graced the northwest corner of the court room, and a suitable chimney was built to carry off the smoke. A stairway was built in the north-east corner and the half-story above divided into two rooms.
Mackinaw remained the county-seat until 1831, when it was moved to Pekin.

          The village of Lilly, in this township, was laid off January 21, 1871, by Edward H. Bacon.


1916 White's Tazewell County Directory
Transcribed by: Candi Horton 2006

Supervisor ~ Walter PORTER

Town Clerk ~ O.E. HITTLE
Assessor ~ Thomas BLAIR
Collector ~ Lucy ELLIOTT
Justices ~ G.W. WARNER
                        ~ L.W. SCHNELLBACHER
Constables ~ P.J. DAVIS ~ J.E. STUBBS
Highway Commissioners
School Trustees
     Wm. SPEECE
          Geo. TYRRELL- treas


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