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Contributed by Robert O. Grondon

Daniel and Sarah Kelley moved to Union County Illinois by about 1850.  They married in Union County and had about eight children, who survived to adulthood.  Most of the children lived out their lives within Union County.  Other family names, such as Carlock, Frost, Barringer and Russell can be found in these records.  The Bible is currently in the possession of Mary June Conant Grondin.  She received it from her mother, Edith Esther Carlock, who in turn received it from her mother, Mary Edna Kelley, daughter of Daniel and Amarantha.  The Bible is in very poor condition.


Daniel M. Kelley of Union County, Illinois and Sarah A. Ferguson of Union County, Illinois
July the 8th, 1858
N. C. Ferguson's
by Mr. Moore.

Witness:  Jessee Peeler
Martha Davis


L. W. Kelley and A.? Baringer- married Dec. 30, 1885
O. D. Kelley and S. H. Frost- married Sept. 15th, 1886
J. C. Kelley and Izora Horner- married Aug. 23, 1894
Martha A. Kelley and John Frost-married Oct. 23, 1898
Edna Kelley and George Carlock-married Feb. 6, 1902
Harriet L. Kelley and L. C. Russell- married January 6, 1904


Nancy J., daughter of D. M. & S. A. Kelley was born May 4, 1859
L. W. Kelley was born April 16, 1860
O. D. Kelley was born March 17, 1861
Infant daughter was born Aug. 17, 1862
J. C. Kelley was born Aug. 11, 1863
Infant son was born July 5, 1865
W. M.? Kelley was born May 31, 1867
H. L. Kelley was born May 9, 1868
M. A. Kelley was born January 28, 1870
M. E. Kelley was born July 5, 1874
G. D. Kelley was born Apri l13, 1878


Infant daughter died August 18, 1862
Infant son died July 9, 1865
Franklin M. died July 5, 1867
George D. died May 17, 1895
Lyman W. died Sept. 30, 1897
Daniel M. Kelley died July 31st, 1904, aged 72 years, 2 months, 6 days.
S. A. Kelley, wife of D. M. Kelley, died May 15, age 90 years, 9 mo. 16 days.
Josephine Kelley died Apr 23, 1932, aged 72 years, 11 mo. 19days.

The following articles and letters were stuffed in the Bible:
About 40 of the relatives and friends of Mrs. Dan Kelley gathered at her home here at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Edna Carlock, Sunday in commemoration of her 90th birthday, where a sumptuous dinner was spread under the shade of the trees.  The day was spent very pleasantly and a general good time was had by all present.  Those from out of town attending were:  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hess, Mrs. Desda Frost and daughter, Ursala, of Jonesboro, Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Conant and children of St. Louis, Mr. and Mrs. John Kelley, Mrs. Kate Horner, Mrs. Alice Humes, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Thompson and children, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Peeler, Mrs. Blanche Whittington and Mr. and Mrs. John Rader of Anna, Mrs. Alta Martin of Alabama, and Mrs. Loa Albert of Pittston, Pa.

This is a transcription of a letter found in the Bible.  This letter used very little punctuation and few upper case letters.  A blank marks an illegible word.  Spelling and punctuation have not been corrected.  The only place called Knob Noster that I have been able to identify is in Missouri.  It is believed that the letter was written by Daniel Kelley's brother, Franklin H. Kelley.

Knob Noster, June 5th 1867

Dear Brother and Sister

After a long delay I have set down to try to write a few lines although it has been a long time since I have written to you.  I assure you it is through no disrespect.  Ada has been sick going on four months her sickness terminated in cankered sore mouth or gangrene of the mouth there was about Eight weeks of the time we expected her to die at any time it ate all her under lip off clean down to her chin and part of her upper lip and all of the lower part of her right cheek clean back to the lock of her jaw but she is getting well but poor little babe she is ruined still I am in hopes she will out grow it a great measure I intend to have a lip put on for her (page break) Well Dan times is pretty hard here Money matters is getting very close everything high provisions is very high flour is $9.50 per ____ corn mean $1.20 per bus Bacon from 14 to 15 cts per lb and everything in proportion Milk cows is worth from $40.00 to $50.00  horse high.  The wheat crop is firstrate oats is good corn looks as fine as I ever seen I think if it continues as seasonable as it has been corn wont be worth more than 15 or twenty cts per bus we had the coldest backwardest spring I ever seen but when it did turn warm things just growed right up we are not attending any crop this season I and Frank are working on a brick yard this summer at one dollar and fifty cts. per day each.  Well Dan I have not hear from any of you for a long time I want you to write (page break) and tell me all the news.  Be cirten and tell me how Dow is and whether he is doing anything or no, we Dan they have a society called the vigilence society and they are hunting up all the Bushwhackers and thieves and hanging them, they have hanged lots of them this spring when ever they get hold of any of them and he cant prove himself clear by two good witnesses and they can prove him guilty by two they just take him to a limb and make them look up a string they verry often have two hanging on one tree they don't use the civil law they have a law of their own they caught two of the fellows that helped rob the bank of Richmond Virigina and just hanged them right up.  They are doing some good deeds, Bushwhackers and Robers has to be very cuning if they don't get them, Dan I want you to tell as near as you can how time is there and whether you think a poore fellow can mak money as easy and as fast as he could when we was there I still feal like I want to come back if it is so I ever can and ther is still a chance to make anything there I want you to give me the prises tell me what cotton is worth and whether thare any money to be made raising yet or no what is weat potatotes worth and all other kinds of vegetables, this leaves us all well and getting well may it find you all well we remain you Brother and Sister and friends

F. H. and N. J. Kelley to D. M. and S. A. Kelley and family

The following letter was also found in the Kelley Bible.  This letter used very little punctuation.  A blank marks an illegible word.  It is believed that the letter was written by Daniel and Sarah Kelley's son, John C. Kelley.

Cape Girardeau, MO March 7, 1883(?)

Dear home I have no letter from you this week but Ill write any how and write as never have written before.  I am well and hope this letter may find you all enjoying the same pleasure The remainder is as I have never written before and I hope you will not be offended.  I came her last fall in Ingertz channel, babbling ribaldy, speaking evil of things I understood not, trying to make my name great in the Devils dominion but great God I am now in rebellion to all such wilt Thou increase my faith that I may not yield to temptation and be there entangled again.  Dear parents I was brought to consideration.  I know I have a life while here on earth and how shall I spend it?  I know I have a soul, heart and tongue what will become of them?  I know there is eternity and how will I spend it?  My life on earth I'll try and to spend it in the light, that I may teach others how to live and when death comes I may teach them how to die.  My soul I cant believe it is created for the burning lake.  My heart I know was not mad to always flow with the cold blood of iniquity but praise the lord it was made to flow warm with his love and felicitate my soul and glory to God I have to a tongue and actions to express my joy.  May my heart always flow with love that my tongue may not become unbridled and led me back into the destructions(?) of souls again You understand by this time that I am trying to lay my treasures all in heaven but the end is not yet I know I have the temptations to fight and discouragement to labor against but I will read the bible for encouragement and ask the lord to deliver me safe from every temptation.  I find encouragement in the 23 chapter of Psalms and also in the first chapter of the first epistle General of John.  Read them will you?

Eternity and where shall I spend it?

From your son

J. C. Kelly

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