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ADAMS, Amanda Elizabeth

BRYANT, Charles E.


BRYANT, Clifford Dean

BRYANT, Othello J.

BRYANT, William Carl

CARLOCK, Edith Esther

CARLOCK, John Judson

CARR, Daisy

DOTSON, Halise

FROST, Mamie

GILLILAND, John Nelson


GILLILAND, Missouri Alice

KAMEGAMA, (girl)

KELLY, George D.

RIDGE, John Edward

RUSSELL, Leonard A.

SITTER, Bertha A.

SITTER, Dovie Alma


SLUTER, Anna Elizabeth

SLUTER, Lula May

TRIPP, Anna Beatrice

TRIPP, Lula Mae

TRULOVE, Cina Frances


WHALEN, Rosella


WILHELM, Floyd Edwin

ABERNATHY, Mary Ann, b. 01 Sep 1878 in Union County; d/o David Abernathy and Betty Jane Thomas.  --Illinois Births and Christenings, 1824-1940.

ADAMS, Amanda Elizabeth, b. 12 Jan 1879 in Union County; d/o George Washington Adams and Nancy Jane Rouch Adams.  --Illinois Births and Christenings, 1824-1940.

BRYANT, Charles E., b. Sep 18, 1902.  (Submitted by Suzan Stern)

BRYANT, Cieel, b. May 3, 1917 Alto Pass.  (Submitted by Suzan Stern)

BRYANT, Clifford Dean, b. Jan 16, 1939; d. Mar 4, 2003, age 64y, 1m, 16d. Alto Pass, IL.  (Submitted by Suzan Stern)

BRYANT, Othello J., b. April 25, 1921.  (Submitted by Suzan Stern)

BRYANT, William Carl, b. Oct 30, 1910.  (Submitted by Suzan Stern)

CARLOCK, Edith Esther, b. Dec 28, 1902; First child of mother; Mother: Mary Edna Carlock; Residence of mother: Township 13 S.R. I. E.; Maiden Name: Kelley; Mother's birthplace: Union Co; Mother's age: 28; Father: George Carlock; Occupation: Minister of the Gospel; Father's birthplace: Union Co; Father's age: 28.  (Contributed by Robert O. Grondin)

CARLOCK, John Judson, b. June 10, 1905, Dongola; Second child of mother; Mother: Mary Edna Carlock; Residence of mother: Dongola; Maiden name: Kelley; Mother's birthplace: Dongola; Mother's age: 31; Father: George Carlock; Occupation: Farmer; Father's Birthplace: Dongola; Father's age: 30.  (Contributed by Robert O. Grondin)

CARR, Daisy, b. August 17, 1907, Dongola; Third child of mother; Mother: Amanda M. Carr; Residence of mother: Dongola; Maiden name: Conant; Mother's birthplace: Hawkins Co, TN; Mother's age: 33; Father: Noble M. Carr; Occupation: Farmer; Father's birthplace: Sullivan Co, TN; Father's age: 34.  (Contributed by Robert O. Grondin)

DOTSON, Halise, b. Oct 29, 1908, Mt. Pleasant; Sex: boy; Fifth child of mother: Mother: Lillie Dotson; Residence of mother: Mt. Pleasant; Maiden name: Lillie Conant; Mother's birthplace: Tennessee; Mother's age: 36; Father: Isaac Dotson; Occupation: farmer; Father's birthplace: TN; Father's age: 35.  (Contributed by Robert O. Grondin)

FROST, Mamie, b. March 13, 1891 in Dongola; Fourth child of mother; Mother: Desda Frost; Maiden Name: Kelly; Mother's birthplace:  Union Co; Mother's age: 30; Father: Samuel H. Frost; Occupation: Farmer; Father's birthplace: Union Co.; Father's age: 29.  (Contributed by Robert O. Grondin)

GILLILAND, John Nelson, b. June 20, 1857; s/o Nelson Henry and Elizabeth Susan Randol Gilliland.  (Contributed by Claudia Eagan)

GILLILAND, Mary, b. Jan 25, 1859; d/o Nelson Henry and Elizabeth Susan Randol Gilliland.  (Contributed by Claudia Eagan)

GILLILAND, Missouri Alice, b. Jan 18, 1861; d/o Nelson Henry and Elizabeth Susan Randol Gilliland.  (Contributed by Claudia Eagan)

KAMEGAMA--Dr. A. J. Lyerly reports the birth of a daughter January 4 (1922) to Mr. and Mrs. James Kamegama of near Wolf Lake.  This is the first Japanese child ever born in this county.  (Transcribed and submitted by Darrel Dexter, Jonesboro Gazette, Jonesboro, Illinois, Friday, 6 Jan 1922)  (Additional information, check this link.)

KELLY, George D., b. April 14, 1879 near Dongola; Sex: boy; Tenth child of mother; Mother: Sarah A. Kelly; Maiden name: Ferguson; Mother's birthplace: North Carolina; Mother's age: 40; Father: Daniel M. Kelly; Occupation: Farmer; Father's birthplace:  Montgomery Co., IN; Father's age: 46.  (Contributed by Robert O. Grondin.)

RIDGE, John Edward, b. 1876 in Dongola; s/o M/M William J. Ridge.  (Submitted by Susan M. Ridge)

RUSSELL, Leonard A., b. Dec 25, 1906, Dongola; Sex: boy; Second child of mother; Mother: Harriet L. Russell; Maiden name: Harriet L. Kelley; Mother's birthplace: Union County; Mother's age: 38; Father: Levi A. Russell; Occupation: minister; Father's birthplace: Smith Co, IL; Father's age: 61.  (Contributed by Robert O. Grondin)

SITTER, Bertha A., b. 28 Mar 1882; d/o Abraham Leonard and Lear Lifford Sitter.  --Illinois Births & Christenings, 1824-1940.

SITTER, Dovie Alma, b. 11 Oct 1895 in Union County; d/o C. Jerome Sitter & Ferba Angeline Penninger.  --Illinois Births & Christenings, 1824-1940.

SLAUGHTER, Maud, b. 16 Feb 1891 in Union County; d/o John F. C. & Marilela J. Rendleman Slaughter.  --Illinois Births & Christenings, 1824-1940.

SLUTER, Anna Elizabeth, b. 18 Dec 1887 in Union County; d/o Fred & Josephine Feeling Sluter.  --Illinois Births & Christenings, 1824-1940.

SLUTER, Lula May, b. 16 Aug 1891 in Union County; d/o Frederic & Josephine Feeling Sluter.  --Illinois Births & Christenings, 1824-1940.

TRIPP, Anna Beatrice, b. 20 Aug 1894 in Union County; d/o Henry Tripp & Barbara Rendleman.  --Illinois Births & Christenings, 1824-1940.

TRIPP, Lula Mae, b. 27 May 1871 in Union County; d/o John K. Tripp & Helen W. Slaughter.  --Illinois Births & Christenings, 1824-1940.

TRULOVE, Cina Frances, b. 13 Nov 1882 in Union County; d/o William Thomas Trulove and Cina Brooks.  --Illinois Births & Christenings, 1824-1940.

TRUXLER, Ruth E., b. 17 Aug 1894 in Union County; d/o Peter & Mary E. Davis Truxler.  --Illinois Births & Christenings, 1824-1940.

WHALEN, Rosella, b. 20 Feb 1894 in Union County; d/o Frank & Maude Freeze Whalen.  --Illinois Births & Christenings, 1824-1940.

WHITACRE, Lula, b. 14 May 1886 in Union County; d/o Laynio D. & Eliza E. Randall Whitacre.  --Illinois Births & Christenings, 1824-1940.

WILHELM, Floyd Edwin, b. Oct 7, 1922.  (Submitted by Suzan Stern)

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