Guardian Records

Union County, Illinois Genealogy Trails 

Surnames A-E, F-H, I-O, P-Z

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Column Headings

1. name of ward(s)
2. date of birth of ward (when given)
3. estate from which ward is inheriting
4. year guardian was appointed
5. box number containing original records



                Chester, Effie May          5 Oct, 1876   Joseph Chester           1886
                   Serena J. Chester, guardian

                Lyerle, Caleb                             John Lyerle              1830
                        Daniel W.                                                  1832
                        Polly Ann
                        John Allison
                        Isaac Jefferson
                   David Miller Sr. guardian 1830 and 1836 (Bk.B pg. 136)
                   Elijah Willard, guardian 1832

                Lyerle, Christopher                                                1832
                   John Weaver, guardian

                Penrod, James D.            8 Jan. 1858   William Penrod           1868
                        William L.          5 Oct. 1859   (father and deceased
                        Sarah Jane          6 Oct. 1861    soldier)
                   Ritta Ballance, mother and guardian (Bk. A Pg. 539)

                Rhymer, Benjamin Franklin   20 Mar 1863   John Rhymer              1875
                        Dolly Puralee        9 May 1867
                   Margaret Rhymer, mother
                   Jerry Rhymer, guardian

                McGinnis, Susan B.            Oct. 1852   Jones McGinnis           1859
                   John McGinnis, grandfather
                   Calvin Stokes, guardian

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