Twenty-fifth Anniversary of
Salem Lutheran Church of Jonesboro

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Transcribed and submitted by Darrel Dexter 

Salem Lutheran Church of Jonesboro had an inspiring all day session last Sunday beginning at the Sunday School hour and closing with the evening services.  The occasion was the twenty-fifth anniversary of the church.  The program was carried out substantially as it appeared in this paper last week, and the church was filled all during the day.

At noon more than a hundred people partook of a basket dinner in the basement.

In the afternoon, in addition to the regular program, letters were read from Rev. T. Earnhart of Lucas, O., who organized the church and was its first pastor; Rev. J. G. M. Hursh, of Metropolis, Ill., and Rev. W. L. Burger, of Louisville, Ky., former pastors, also from Mrs. Annie Soergel Robert of Dallas, Texas, who sang in the choir the day the church was dedicated; and Mrs. Maggie Linn Nunhamaker, of Columbia, S.C.

Special music was rendered by the choir and there were pleasing solos by Mrs. Zimbeck and Geo. H. Grear.

Salem Luthern Church now has 75 communicant members and 120 baptized members.  When it was organized 25 years ago it was with 26 charter members as follows:
    Charles Barringer, Augusta Campbell, Mrs. Corban, Charles Cruse, Nancy Cruse, Josephine Cruse, S. E. Earnheart, E. G. Earnheart, C. W. Earnheart, J. Henry Hilboldt, Samuel Hileman, Sarah Hileman, Martha Lence, Anna Lence, Ellen Linn, Sophronia Miller, Paul Misenhimer, Sr., Anna Misenhimer, Josie Misenhimer, D. H. Rendleman, Catherine Rendleman, Nettie Rendleman, Edith Rendleman, Clara C. Rendleman, Walter Ury, Lena Ury.

The first church council was composed of Charles Barringer and Charles Cruse, elders; J. Henry Hilboldt and D. H. Rendleman, deacons; Paul Misenhimer, Walter Ury, and J. Henry Hilboldt, trustees.

(Jonesboro Gazette, Jonesboro, Illinois, Friday, 28 Sep 1917)

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