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DR. THOMAS J. RICH, West Saratoga.  Among the people who were born and raised in this county, none bear any better reputation or are more widely thought of than this rising young physician of Saratoga.  The birth of our subject took place on his father's farm in Rich Precinct about four miles northeast of Saratoga on March 20, 1845.  Thomas J. Rich, the grandfather of the doctor and his namesake, was born in North Carolina in 1781.  His boyhood was spent here, and upon reaching manhood he moved to Georgia.  From there he moved to Jonesboro, this county, reaching here about 1840.  He was one of the pioneers of this county, and died at a ripe old age only a few years ago.  Our subject's father was born in Georgia, about 1820, and lived there until he reached manhood, and it was here that he married Sarah Owen, daughter of William and Susan Owen.  From there George Rich moved to Tennessee and thence to this county, reaching here about 1840.  He settled on a farm about four miles north of Saratoga, in the Rich Precinct.  The doctor received his first education at the Pleasant Ridge School in this precinct.  He attended school here most of the time until he was twenty-one, and then taught two terms of school at the Elmore School in Rich Precinct.  While he was teaching his last term of school at this point, he began studying during his spare time at the office of Dr. F. M. Agnew of Makanda, Johnson County.  At the close of his school he still continued his studies at the office, remaining at the office until October 1870.  Dr. Rich then went to Cincinnati, where he entered the Miami Medical College.  Here he attended lectures two years, graduating from the school with honor in the class of 1873.  After leaving Cincinnati the Doctor located at Western Saratoga, and entered in partnership with Dr. J. A. Allan, now at Grand Chain, Pulaski County.  His partnership remained intact one year, when it was dissolved by mutual consent, the doctor continuing in business for himself at this point.  Here he has since resided, and at present has all that he has time to attend to, as he is the only physician in this part of the precinct.  Dr. Rich was married on November 18,1876 to Mary Cladora Miller, daughter of Moses and Mary (Miller) Miller.  By this union there were four children, two of whom are living, namely, Lela and Dennis, ages, respectively, three years and seventeen months.  Our subject was a faithful soldier in the war, enlisting in the Thirteenth Illinois Cavalry, in December 1863 and continuing in this regiment until the close of the war.  The doctor was in no regular battle, but his services and those of his regiment were spent in scouting, principally in Missouri and Arkansas.  The doctor is a member of Union Lodge, No. 627, A. F. & A. M.  In politics, the doctor is a strong Republican.


DR. FRANK E. SCARSDALE, physician, P. O. Lick Creek; born in Ashtabula, Ashtabula Co., Ohio, April 9, 1838. William Edward Scarsdale, his father, born in Stafford, Staffordshire, England, in 1807; came to this country in 1829, settling first in Maryland, then moving to Kentucky, stayed there about a year, and then moved to Ashtabula, Ohio about 1832. Here he married Amanda, daughter of Erastus and Jerusha Cook, of Ashtabula County. By this union there were two children; of these, the elder is Mrs. Lilly Pierce, living at Ellsworth, Pierce Co., Wis., and the younger, our subject. The Doctor was educated at Kingsville Academy, remaining there until he was sixteen years of age; from there he went to Minnesota, and remained there one summer and then came to Marion County, Ill., about the year 1858, where he taught in the country schools for three years; from here, he next went to Johnson County, where he again taught school for a year. It was here that he commenced the study of medicine in 1860 in the office of Dr. C. L. Whitnel; after completing here, he attended lectures in 1862 and 1863 at the Rush Medical College, Chicago. Doctor Scarsdale then came back and entered into partnership with his old percepter and remained in Johnston County for about two years. In January 1865 he came to Union County, Ill., where he located about three miles from Saratoga at what was then Bradshaw Post Office. Here he has remained all of the time since, except when he attended medical lectures at Pope's Medical College, St. Louis, in 1870-71, and also a post-graduate course in the spring of 1882. He was married April 9, 1865 in Union County to a Miss Louisa P. Hastings, daughter of Westley and Mary Ledbetter Hastings. By this union he has had nine children, six of whom are living.

J. G. TYEGET, P. O. Cobden. Among the oldest settlers in this part of the section is the man whose name heads this biography. Mr. Tyeget was born in Amherst County, VA, December 17, 1817. His father, Hugh Tyeget, came from Ireland, and landed at Philadelphia in 1801. Soon after his arrival in this country he went to Virginia, and here he married Nancy Sands, the mother of our subject. Hugh Tyeget moved from Virginia to Tennessee when our subject was about nine years old, and in this State it was that the latter received his education. Mr. Tyeget came to Illinois in 1839 and settled frist in Williamson county and in the spring of 1853 he came to this county, settling about five miles eat of Cobden, whee he has since resided. Our subject has been married twice. He was married first to Astina Gutherie, daughter of Anslom Gutherie, who lives near Cobden. She was the mother of four children, two of whom are living. His lady died November 24, 1862 and he was married a second time to Mrs. Jane Culp on January 13, 1864. She is the mother of six children, five of whom are living. The names of Mr. Tyeget's living children are: William, Hugh, Mary, Lucy, John, Ida and Cora. In politics Mr. Tyeget is a Democrat.

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