Estate of Sherrod Bradshaw

In the matter of the estate of Sherrod Bradshaw deceased on Final Settlement

Submitted by: Sharon Bradshaw-Hampton

On this day came into court Wilson Misenheimer administrator of Sherrod Bradshaw deceased and presented his account current on final settlement with said estate, which was examined and approved by this court, and it appearing to the satisfaction of the court.  And he had well and truly administrated upon all the personal estate of said decedents estate to the amount of $369.23 and paid all claims and charges proved and allowed against said estate, amounting to the sum of $180.60 which leaves a balance of $188.63 in hands for distribution among the children of said decedent. It is therefore ordered by the court that the said balance of $188.63 be distributed as follows to wit; Tempy Bradshaw, daughter of said deceased the sum of $62.87 2/3, To Sarah Bradshaw sum of $62.87 2/3, to Alfred Bradshaw sum of $62.87 2/3.

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