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Guidelines for using Illinois Genealogy Trails Online Materials

Illinois Genealogy Trails hosts expend a lot of time and effort to place material on our websites and that material is protected under copyright laws. Before attempting to use our data elsewhere, you must extend us the courtesy of emailing us and getting our permission to use our material.

If we grant permission for our data to be used elsewhere, the user must credit ILLINOIS GENEALOGY TRAILS GROUP as the source of that data. If the item is to be used in a 'FOR PROFIT' publication, you must disclose that fact to us.

As a further note, we are not able to provide further research for your topic. Basically, what you see on the websites is all we are able to provide you. Please do not ask us to do your research for you.

If you are interested in including material from our websites in your publication or on your own website, please contact Kim Torp to obtain the appropriate permissions.

Thank you.
Kim Torp
Illinois Genealogy Trails Project Supervisor