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Hello! I am your host, Dawn Daddario.  My Mother and Uncle were raised in the town of Allendale near Mt. Carmel in Wabash County, Illinois, and I try to visit every summer.  Our ancestors were pioneers of what is now Wabash County.  

We would love for you to share historical information about Wabash County and/or brief histories/biographies of your ancestors, as well.  You can contact me at dawnmrie@sbcglobal.net

Our goal is to help you track your ancestors through time by transcribing genealogical and historical data for the free use of all researchers.  Unfortunately, we are unable to do individual research for folks.  We continue, however, to add free genealogical information as we find it.

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Wabash County
County seat: Mount Carmel
Named for the Wabash River
Wabash County covers 224 square miles and was founded in 1824



Towns and Cities

Village of Allendale -- Village of Bellmont -- Village of Keensburg
-- City of Mount Carmel
Wabash County Courthouse
P.O. Box 277
Mount Carmel, IL 62863-0277
Phone: (618)262-4561

From the Illinois Historical Encyclopedia, 1901:

WABASH COUNTY - situated in the southeast corner of the state; area 220 square miles. The county was carved out from Edwards in 1824, and the first court house built at Centerville, in May , 1826. Later, Mount Carmel was made the county-seat. The Wabash River drains the county on the east; other streams are the Bon Pas, Coffee and Crawfish Creeks. The surface is undulating with a fair growth of timber. The chief industries are the raising of live-stock and the cultivation of cereals. The wool-crop is likewise valuable. The county is crossed by the Louisville, Evansville & St. Louis and the Cairo and Vincennes Division of the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railroads. Population in 1880 was 4,945. In 1890, 11,866; in 1900, 12,583.

Many of my ancestors were some of the earliest settlers in Wabash County, and several forts were built for protection against the Indians.  Barney's Fort was one of the first - built by William Barney and his son-in-laws. In 1819  they and other associated families started the first Christian Church in Illinois, which was named

Barney's Prairie Church.

Armstrong, Adams, Baird, Baker, Bell, Brines (several), Buchanan, Bratton, Cissel, Clark, Cline, Compton, Couch, Courter, Deicher, Fox, Fuller, Gard, Gilliatt, Gray, Groff, Hallack, Higgins, Jackman, Jordan, Keen, Keneipp, King, Litherland, McIntosh, McNair, Miller, Moore, Mullinax, Mundy, Newkirk, Parmenter, Pickering, Pool, Price, Putnam, Ramsey, Elizabeth "Aunt Betsey" Rigg, Runion, Simonds,Smith,Stein, Stewart, Stillwell, Stolts/Stoltz, Taylor, Utter, Wood
Wabash County Deaths, 1915-1950
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Web-site Updates:

September 26, 2018:  Bio of Taylors from Pat Taylor, bio of Elizabeth "Aunt Betsey" Rigg, May 26, 1896, obituaries of Edward J. Moyer, and Emma S. Moyer, 1903 and 1901, respectively.  September 27-30, 2018:  Obits of Charles Moyer, Edward Moyer, b. 1902 and died September 1963,  Florence Moyer, born September 1875 and died February 1952,  Harry Moyer, born 1890 and died March 1924, William Moyer, born December 1852, and died June 20, 1932,  Charles Moore, "a terrible death" died August 1890,  Clara M. Leek Moore (of the Pioneer Leek and Preston families) born 1894 and died 1984, John Higgins  (born 1813, died 1902, of the Lancaster Pioneer Family), Harry Clinton Rigg, died August 1940,  Margaret Reel b. 1859, died 1936, and Benjamin Rigg, died November 1906 at 75 years of age.  

June 30, 2017:  Postmaster Havill Resigns [in the "Tidbits Section"] Daily Alta California 17 Aug 1889.  Obituary of Carl L. (Lester) Courter, (my gr. Uncle) in Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska, USA;  Henry Wenzell, of Wabash county, was bit by a 'coon when opening his door; Obituary of Mr. Ed Dyer, of Mt. Carmel, a young college student studying at DePauw University In Indiana, died from Typhoid fever.  

October 20, 2016:  The mother of Mr. Benj. F. Horde, of Evansville, Indiana, his sister and two children, left from Evansville, Indiana to visit friends in Illinois in the year 1840.   As the party attempted to cross the Bompas river, it overflowed.  Most of the party, sadly, perished.  

September 5, 2016:  Obituaries for the following:  James Rigg (died 17 Oct 1851), James W. Rigg, died March 1, 1900, Theodore Risley, (Statesman, historical writer of Wabash County, and editor of "Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois"  Wabash County 1911),  obituary of William Price, died September 1900, Obituary of Olive Angeline Price, died in 1942, Obituary for Mrs. Lucinda Payne, died at age 102, born in 1850, known as "Aunt Lucinda", Obituary for Isaac Parmenter, died February 1903, was born February 10, 1833 in Bald Hill Prairie, and son of prominent citizen Mr. Isaac Parmenter, Sr., who served in the Blackhawk war, obituary for Nancy J. Parmenter (nee Putnam), died May 1904, obituary of Margaret McNair in February 1901, obituary for Margaret Ann McNair, who died in August of 1900, obituary of Mr. George M. McNair, aged 15 years, son of James P. McNair, obituary of Ebeneezer Preston, son of Wm. P. and Urzilla Smith Preston, born June 1843, and died June 1, 1921, married to Nancy Ann Courter in 1868, obituary of Mrs. Mary (nee Mullinax) Price, and obituary for Mr. Francis Pixley, who died in 1904 in West Salem, Illinois, Obituary for Elmira (nee Deischer) Stoltz, died February 1902, obituary for Ezra Stoltz, died May 1906, Wabash County boy who drowned at age 19 years old, obituary for Elizabeth (Leipold) Stoltz, died Mar 1907, and obituary for Maria Pauline Stoltz, old resident of Wabash County in Sugar Creek, daughter of Dr. Jacob Lescher.

April 2, 2016 Obituary for Mrs. Flora Emma Payne.  April 3 Obituary for George Bedell - "Cousin George" January 17, 1902, and Camilla Iva (Chapman) Baird, circa, August 7, 1905.  James H. Bell Died January 1899.  April 4 Obituary for John Smith February 19, 1909.  He was married to Lucy Ann "Louisiana" Hanks Smith.  Obituary for Fannie Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Simeon Couch in a horrible death by burning oil. Obituary for William Seitz/William Seitz, Sr.  Two obituaries for the same person in newspaper, with 5 year time difference. Obituary for Mrs. Mary Ann Wilson, daughter of Joshua Beall, an early settler of Mt. Carmel.  

March 30, 2016:  Obituaries for Silas Jacob Andrus, Thursday, 9-6-1945, George T. BeDell, Collins S. Bell, Earnest G. Bell,  Donald "Donnie" Beauchamp, Dr. A. Q. Baird, and William T. Ballard.  Posted under "Tidbits" on this site was an article about Eunice (Lindsey) Bedell, who on November 18, 1905 attended the unveiling of the Fort Sackville marker in Vincennes, in honor of her Father, a Revolutionary Soldier.  

January 3, 2016:  [History of the Disciples of Christ Church] Barney's Prairie Church, and mention of the Barney, Gard, Pixley, Pool and Wood familes - all pioneers of Wabash County, Illinois.

January 2, 2016:  Obituaries:  Mary Ida (Fox) Armstrong, Victor T. Buchanan, Miss Mary Buchanan, Mrs. Mary Buchanan, Mrs. John Beauchamp, Franklin Andrus, Elizabeth Andrus, Manetta Anthis, Mrs. Sarah (nee McClain) Price (2 obits),

July 21, 2015: Obituaries:   Moses Beedell Armstrong "Uncle Mose" (2 obituaries),  Polly ("Andrews") Barney, Mr. John W. Baird, Purlin Baird,  Frances P. Beauchamp, wife of Rev. Wm. Beauchamp, Phoebe Preston.

April 1, 2015:  Biography of Edward Hammond Courter.  

March 18, 2015:  Obits of Eva Pauline Arnold, 1931, Effa Pearl Anthis, 1897, Eddie Arnold, 1949, Biography of Samuel John Stillwell, Sr., 1791-1862, Lyman Frank Brines, 1920-1983, and James Carroll Brines 1915-2005.

January 3, 2015:  Obits of Albert, and Elmer D. Anthis.  Information on Fred, and obituaries for Clay and Nora Arnold.  Obit of Obed Brines.  Also posted was an additional obituary for Thomas Newton Armstrong, of the historical early pioneer Armstrong family.  It includes information on other members of the Armstrong family.  

September/October  2014:  Wabash County Gossip News 1891.  Biography of Richard Fuller, Biography of Nile William Brines. Obituaries for Sarah (Cissel) Armstrong, Virginia Brines, Thomas Newton Armstrong, William "Billy" Arnold,  Marshall Lee Anthis, and William Anthis.  

May/June 2014 - Bios -  Note: These are the first 2 women to have biographies on the site: "The Two Mary's" Mary Stolts, Mary Seibert, Deisher and Louisana Hanks Smith! Bios:  John "Tinner" Smith, Jr., Everett Groff Brines, John Richard Brines, WW1 war hero, Newspaper Articles: Jesse Lucas of Mt. Carmel, on parole, after serving 23 years in prison for a murder, Wabash River Valley Flooded by High Water, J.O. Lawrence in Peach Deal at Mt. Carmel.

March 2014 - Obits of of Augusta M. Barva, Rev. Joseph Callard, additional information on the death (slaying) of Letha Greathouse, obits of Thomas Litherland, John Jackman, Mary Jane Greathouse, John Greathouse, Palmer Greathouse, Lemon Poole,  and Irene Mundy (nee Wood).  Bio of Mr. David Adams, whom the village known as "Adams' Corner" was named after.  Bio of John M. (McFarland) Litherland.  Obits of Matthew Simpson Ulm and Naomi V. Greathouse.  Biography of Cyrus Harvey Keneipp and William Simonds.

November 2013 - Another wonderful contribution from author, Bill Currie - Estate, Guardian & Chancery Records - 1834-1857.

October 2013 - Elder James Pool Bible - Births, Marriages and Deaths.  Biography of Samuel R. Putnam.

2013 Updates - many updates have been added to the site.

Nov.-Dec. 2012 Updates:  1810 Wabash County Census (what was then called Coffee Island) - submitted by Bill Currie.  Mr. Currie has used the printed form of that census and has used other available data from the book "The Combined History of Edwards Lawrence and Wabash County Illinois" published in 1883, as well as other census records to identify who these folks were.  Please read the note at the top of the census.  ALSO - obituaries have been added for the following persons:  John Hallock, Gervase Hazleton, Libbie T. BeDell, Charles (Uncle Charley) Lovellette, George Allen Ramsey, and Mary J. Rigg.  Also posted in November were Robert Ramsey, and Jane Adams.  

Many Updates have been added to our site from February 2010 through May 2012.

May 2012: We are particularly fortunate to have the new Marrage Collection donated by Bill Currie, who has penned several genealogy books.  There is no other marriage collection for Wabash County of it's kind.  The marriage records are set up by year,  starting with  year 1824.  Mr. Currie has also included valuable source information for these marriages. The collection covers several decades of marriage information that were not previously available, as many of the marriage records housed by the Wabash County Courthouse were lost in a  fire.  Thank you, Bill Currie!

January 2010:  1830 Census - Work in Progress
Summer -  End of 2009:  New Obituaries, Biographies, Early Marriages of Edwards/Wabash County
Apr 2009: History of Orio
Feb 2009: List of Churches; History of St. John Baptist Evangelical Church; Burials in many of the county's Cemeteries, Mt. Carmel Postcards
Sep 2008: Biography of HIGGINS; 1883 Pensioners; 1850/1860/1870 Mortality Schedules
Aug 2008: 1915-1950 Deaths
MOUNT CARMEL - a city and the county-seat of Wabash County; is the point of junction of the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis and the Southern Railroads, 132 miles northeast of Cairo, and 24 miles southwest of Vincennes, Ind; situated on the Wabash River, which supplies good water-power for saw mills, flouring mills, and some other manufactures. The town has railroad shops and two daily newspapers. Agriculture and lumbering are the principal pursuits of the people of the surrounding district. Population (1890), 3,376; (1900), 4,311.
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