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Datafile Input . : Mount Carmel Library / Shannon Swain In Apr-2000
Submitted to Genealogy Trails By Paul M. Kankula
Transcription .. : Jerry Brown In Dec-1999

Transcription Notes:
A. = Age At Death
B. = Date Of Birth
D. = Date Of Death
H. = Husband
P. = Parents
W. = Wife

?, Ann Maria
B. 16-May-1819, D. 21-Jul-1819

Alka, Henry
B. 9-Oct-1856

Alka, Mary Sandlin
B. 28-Dec-1858, D. 30-May-1930

Alka, Minnie Oma
B. 3-Aug-1892, D. 26-Mar-1910

Alka, Nora
B. 18-Aug-1883, D. 13-Dec-1919, H. J.W. Ray

Barnett, Enos
D. 9-Dec-1888, A. 16y 6m 11d

Beauchamp, Anna M.
B. 2-Nov-1861, D. 21-Dec-1916, H. John H. Beauchamp

Beauchamp, Charles A.
B. 3-Feb-1879, D. 5-May-1880, A. 1y 3m 2d, P. J.N. & M. Beauchamp

Beauchamp, Charles Manlove
B. 23-July-1835, D. 24-Aug-1851, P. William & Mary Beauchamp

Beauchamp, David
D. 17-Aug-1847, A. 33y 11m 26d

Beauchamp, Infant Son
D. 15-Feb-1889, A. 1d, P. J.N. & A.M. Beauchamp

Beauchamp, Jessie E.
B. 19-Mar-1880, D. 28-Jul-1896, P. J.N. & A.M. Beauchamp

Beauchamp, John H.
D. 27-Oct-1927, A. 84y 2m 24d

Beauchamp, John N.
B. 3-Aug-1843, D. 27-Oct-1927

Beauchamp, Manlove
B. 15-Dec-1773 In Wilmington, Del, D. 12-Apr-1846, Emigrated To Ill In 1817

Beauchamp, Mary Ann
B. 23-Sep-1807, D. 28-Feb-1846, H. William Beauchamp

Beauchamp, Mary
D. 12-Mar-1884, A. 39y 6m 11d, H. John N. Beauchamp

Beauchamp, Rebecca
B. 27-Jan-1777, D. 24-Mar-1847, H. M. Beauchamp

Beauchamp, William
D. 30-June-1886, A. 40y 4m 16d

Beck, Frederick
B. 24-Jan-1835, D. 5-Apr-1905

Brown, Elizabeth
B. 7-Mar-1819, D. 31-Aug-1902

Calverly, Charlotte
B. 3-Sep-1829 In Beverly England, D. 11-Sep-1853, A. 24y 8d, H. T.T. Jones,
P. J. & M. Calverly

Calverly, Charlotte
B. 3-Sep-1829 In England, D. 11-Sep-1953, Emigrated To U.S. Apr-1843, H. Thomas Jones

Calverly, Infant Daughter
B. 12-Feb-1874, D. 15-Mar-1874, P. James & Barbara Calverly

Calverly, Infant Daughter
D. 26-Oct-1872, P. W.H. & Annie Calverly

Calverly, James D.
B. 1-May-1805 In Yorkshire England, D. 3-Jan-1900, A. 94y 8m

Calverly, Martha
B. 1805, D. 9-May-1873, A. 68y, H. James D. Calverley

Calverly, Mary Ann
B. 5-Feb-1837 In Beverley Parkes England, D. 14-Apr-1850, A. 13y 2m 9d,
P. James & Martha Calverly

Calverly, Sarah Jane
A. 1y 2m 5d, P. James & Martha Calverly

Cash, Dessie P.
B. 16-Feb-1900, D. 30-Oct-1910, P. S.M. & M.C. Cash

Cash, Mammie A.
B. 21-Jan-1895, D. 6-Nov-1897, P. S.M. & M.C. Cash

Coale, Ann E.
D. 21-Jan-1868, A. 3d, P. J.G. & M. Coale

Coale, Harriet E.
D. 22-Apr-1869, A. 3y 9m, P. J.G. & M. Coale

Coale, Infant Son
B. ??-Mar-1868, D. ??-Mar-1868, P. J.G. & M. Coale

Coale, John G.
B. 20-July-1830, D. 15-July-1905

Coale, John N.
D. 8-Jan-1888, A. 20y 1m 10d, P. J.G. & M. Coale

Coale, Mary
B. 20-Sep-1832, D. 3-Sep-1905, H. John G. Coale

Coale, Minnie B.
D. 5-Sep-1889, A. 14y 7m 3d, P. J.G. & M. Coale

Coale, Reuben G.
D. 17-Apr-1881, A. 4y 1m 10d, P. J.G. & M. Coale

Craig, Benjamin F.
B. 5-Mar-1827, D. 27-Nov-1899

Craig, Elizabeth
B. 6-Mar-1833, D. 5-Apr-1906, H. Benjamin Craig

Craig, Mary
B. 27-Feb-1822, D. 31-Jan-1900

Dramer, Infant Daughter
B. 4-Dec-1864, D. 14-Dec-1864, P. H. & Martha Dramer

Harms, Infant
D. 2-Mar-1904, P. J. & G. Harms

Harper, Ann E.
B. 3-Feb-1850, D. 8-Aug-1851

Harper, Charles F.
D. 9-Feb-1865, A. 21y 2m 14d, P. W.H. & R. Harper

Harper, James T.
B. 9-Nov-1815, D. 18-July-1851

Harper, Lewis A.
D. 9-Aug-1854, A. 3m 15d, P. W.H. & R. Harper

Harper, Mary F.
B. 18-Feb-1848, D. 30-July-1851

Harper, Rebecca
D. 26-July-1878, A. 57y 10m, H. W.H. Harper

Harper, W.H.
D. 7-Dec-1876, A. 63y 9m 6d

Jones, Charlotte
B. 31-Sep-1829, D. 11-Sep-1853, A. 24y 8d, P. J. & M. Calverley, H. Thomas Jones

Jones, Thomas T.
B. 1824 In South Wales England, D. 10-Apr-1884, A. 60y, 130th Illinois Infantry

Kramer, Caroline
B. 9-July-1899, D. 14-Feb-1900, P. J.H. & E.P. Kramer

Kramer, Clara Rose
B. 1866, D. 1867, P. H. & Martha Kramer

Kramer, Crisey(?) D.
D. 8-May-1879?, A. 5y 11m 18d, P. L.W. & M.E. Kramer

Kramer, Infant Daughter
B. 4-Dec-1864, D. 14-Dec-1864, P. H. & Martha Kramer

Kramer, Jessie E.
B. 19-Mar-1880, D. 28-July-1896, P. L.W. & M.E. Kramer

Kramer, L.
B. 31-July-1889, D. 14-Oct-1889, P. L.W. & F. Kramer

Kramer, Lewis W.
Company H 130th Illinois Infantry U.S. Marker

Kramer, Mary E.
D. 10-Nov-1880, A. 31y 9m 10d, H. Lewis W. Kramer

Kramer, W.H.
B. 14-May-1868, D. 27-July-1889, P. L.W. & M.E. Kramer

Kurst, J.W.
Father Was Member Of Street Car Men's Local #878

Kurst, James W.
D. 16-Feb-1926?, A. 40y 11m 8d?

Loyd, Julia Ann
B. ??-Dec-1860, D. ??-???-1886, P. W.M. & M.E. Smith, H. Thomas Loyd

Mcrigg, James
D. 7-Sep-1850, A. 24y 11m 17d

Middleton, Fannie R.
D. 14-Feb-1879, A. 17y 5m 20d

Middleton, Mariah J.
D. 17-Nov-1862, A. 24y 9m 16d, H. M.W. Middleton, P. W.H. & S. Harper

Naylor, Ann Maria
B. 26-June-1849, D. 21-July-1849, P. H. & N.B. Naylor

Naylor, Charles H.
D. 25-Dec-1879, A. 25y 10m 1d, P. H. & N.B. Naylor

Naylor, Emma D.
D. 18-Nov-1879, A. 18y 3d, P. H. & N.B. Naylor

Naylor, Henry
B. 3-May-1817, D. 19-Nov-1900

Naylor, Mary J.
D. 22-Sep-1871, A. 15y 7m 25d, P. H. & N.B. Naylor

Naylor, Melissa
B. 4-Mar-1844, D. 18-Sep-1852, P. H. & Lucy Naylor

Naylor, Nancy B.
B. 1-May-1817, D. 29-Dec-1895, H. Henry Naylor

Naylor, William A.
B. 19-Aug-1851, D. 6-Aug-1852, P. H. & N.B. Naylor

Pfeiffer, Albert
B. 1897, D. 1919, P. George & Hannah Pfeiffer

Pfeiffer, George
B. 1858, D. 1918

Pfeiffer, George
D. 25-June-??, A. 60y 2m?

Pfeiffer, Hannah
1857, H. George Pfeiffer

Pfeiffer, Hannah
D. 21-Sep-1931, A. 74y 4m 13d

Ray, Ezra E.
B. 26-May-1903, D. 1-Jan-1904, A. 7m 5d

Ray, Florence M.
B. 7-Apr-1907, D. 30-Nov-1907, A. 7m 23d

Rigg, Christiana
B. 10-Feb-1828, D. 10-Sep-1850, H. R. Rigg

Rigg, Francis K.
B. 17-Sep-1832, D. 6-Jan-1897

Rigg, James M.
D. 7-Sep-1850, A. 24y 11m 12d

Rigg, Malinda
B. 23-Jan-1836, D. 14-Apr-1925

Rigg, Mary Jane
B. 7-Mar-1831, D. 7-Apr-1881, H. Thomas Rigg

Rigg, Rachel
B. 27-Nov-1794, D. 31-July-1874, A. 79y 8m 27d

Rigg, Samuel
B. 14-Aug-1791, D. 1-Apr-1858, A. 66y 10m 18d

Rigg, Thomas
B. 7-Aug-1821, D. 18-Aug-1898

Rigg, William B.
B. 27-Jan-1824, D. 8-Jan-1886, A. 21y 11m 11d, P. Samuel & Rachel Rigg

Smith, Julia Ann
B. 7-Dec-1860, D. 13-Feb-1885, H. Thomas Lloyd, P. W.M. & M.E. Smith

Smith, Riley
B. 20-Nov-1858, D. 17-Apr-1881, P. W.M. & M.E. Smith

Tanquary, Charles W.
B. 1-July-1829, D. 17-Aug-1848, P. F. & E. Tanquary

Tanquary, Elizabeth
D. 12-Dec-1857, A. 52y 21d, Consort Of Fielden Tanquary

Tanquary, Fielden
B. 13-Sep-1800, D. 15-Mar-1856

Tanquary, Harriet
D. 17-Jan-1865, A. 19y 5m 13d, P. F. & E. Tanquary

Tanquary, James G.
D. 29-Nov-1860, A. 29y 6m 24d, P. F. & E. Tanquary

Tanquary, John N.
B. 5-Dec-1838, D. 10-July-1868, Co. I 40th Illinois Infantry

Tanquary, William M.
B. 2-Jan-1826, D. 13-July-1828, P. F. & E. Tanquary

Walker, John H.
B. 5-June-1915, D. 26-Jan-1919, P. T. & P. Walker

Walker, Thomas
D. 14-Feb-1922, A. 46y 6m 17d


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