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Wabash County, IL

TRANSCRIPTION .. : Charles Koenig in Apr-1988
DATAFILE INPUT . : Mount Carmel Library / Shannon Swain in Sep-1999
Submitted to Genealogy Trails By Paul M. Kankula

Transcription Notes:
A. = Age At Death
B. = Date Of Birth
D. = Date Of Death
H. = Husband
P. = Parents
W. = Wife

Adamson, F.A.
D. 15-Apr-1869, A. 28y 5m 7d

Baird, William B.
D. 21-Jan-186?, A. 1y 9m 11d, P. F.A. & L.A. Baird

Baird, Mattie B.
D. 6-Sep-1861, A. 10y, P. F.A. & G.A. Baird

Bratton, Amos
B. 1-June-1832, D. 7-Mar-1873

Bratton, Ellen P.
D. 5-June-1871, A. 16y 9m 2d, P. A. & S. Bratton

Bratton, Herman K.
D. 21-Dec-1885, A. 6y 13d, P. R.H. & F.M. Bratton

Bratton, J.M.
D. 14-Feb-1864, A. 26y 4m, Member Of Co. G. 6th Ill. Cav. D. In Memphis Tenn.

Bratton, Jersey M.
D. 8-Mar-1868, A. 2y 7m 2d, P. A. & S. Bratton

Bratton, O.H.
D. 10-Mar-1883, A. 22y 1m 5d

Bratton, Priscilla
B. 25-Oct-1811, D. 6-July-1842

Bratton, Riley
B. 14-Oct-1831, D. 14-Oct-1835

Bratton, Sarelda
B. 21-June-1834, D. 16-Sep-1904, H. Amos Bratton

Bratton, Walter A.
D. 15-Feb-1901, A. 15y 16d, P. R.H. & F.M. Bratton

Bratton, William
B. 22-May-1810, D. 6-Mar-1844

Bratton, William H.
D. 17-Aug-184?, A. 17m

Copeland, Iran
B. 20-Oct-1857, D. 8-Apr-1864, A. 6y 3m 18d, P. C.C. & E.H. Copeland

Doss, Eliza J.
B. 14-May-1842, D. 11-June-1868, P. J.A. M.I.V. Doss

Doss, George W.
B. 12-Apr-1836, D. 21-Nov-1857

Doss, John M.
D. 1-June-1872,

Doss, Thomas J.
B. 1856, D. 1891

Fisher, ?
B. 1837, D. 1-June-1838

Fisher, Anna
D. 3-May-1909, A. 74y 1m 9d, H. D.H. Fisher

Fisher, Bonner R.
D. 30-Sep-1900, A. 32y 8m 10d

Fisher, Edwin S.
D. 11-Nov-1879, A. 2m 18d, P. J.W. & M.A. Fisher

Fisher, Harry Ulysses
D. 29-Dec-1888, A. 10y 5m 17d, P. P.M. & M.F. Fisher

Fisher, Infant Daughter
D. 15-Aug-1873, P. J.W. & M.A. Fisher

Fisher, Infant Son
D. 22-Aug-1868, A. 1d, P. J.W. & M.A. Fisher

Fisher, John
B. 15-Apr-1809, D. 24-Mar-1898

Fisher, Mary
B. 1-July-1841, D. 27-Dec-1899, A. 58y 5m 26d, H. J. Fisher

Fisher, Mary E.
B. 5-Sep-1839, D. 24-Nov-1920

Fisher, Peter M.
B. 14-Aug-1840, D. 16-May, 1914

Fisher, Ursula
D. 1-Oct-1875, A. 55y 7d, H. J. Fisher

Freeman, Edna L.
B. 1884, D. 1892

Freeman, Elizabeth
B. 29-Dec-1842, D. 2-Jan-1896, P. S. & M. Freeman

Freeman, Ella L.
B. 2-Dec-1854, D. 15-Jan-1913

Freeman, Paul M.
D. 5-Dec-1898, A. 2y 3m 28d, P. B.A. & M.B. Freeman

Freeman, Wallace A.
B. 12-Jan-1839, D. 4-Feb-1904

Friederich, Mary L.
B. 3-Dec-1864

Friederich, Rachel
B. 17-Mar-1813, D. 10-July-1865, H. Nicholas Friederich

Gard, Addie
B. 12-Mar-1861, D. 24-Nov-1884, A. 23y 3m 12d

Gard, Albert H.
D. 10-Mar-1874, A. 15y 3m 27d, P. W. & E. Gard

Gard, Alice
D. 28-Mar-1860, A. 3y 6m 24d, P. W. & E. Gard

Gard, Alonzo
D. 8-Jan-1864, A. 2y 7m 23d, P. W. & E. Gard

Gard, Benjamin
Co. I 66 Ill. Inf.

Gard, Benjamin F.
B. 2-Apr-1805, D. 17-Aug-1860

Gard, Boyde
B. 19-Oct-1882, D. 30-Sep-1888, A. 5y 11m 11d, P. B. & F.H. Gard

Gard, Edward
B. 8-Aug-1870, D. (Unreadable), P. G. & E. Gard

Gard, Electa
B. 1844, D. 1924, H. Green Gard

Gard, Ellen
B. 1835, D. 1928, Mother

Gard, Francis H.
B. 9-Jan-1850, D. 24-May-1899, A. 49y 4m 15d, H. Benjamin Gard

Gard, Franklin
B. 10-Oct-1840, D. 18-Feb-1847, P. B.F. Gard

Gard, Green
B. 1838, D. 1922

Gard, Infant Son
D. 22-Aug-1855, A. 1d, P. W. & E. Gard

Gard, Jairus
B. 4-June-1825, D. 6-July-1837, P. B.F. Gard

Gard, Mary
H. B.F. Gard, D. 3-Jan-1855, A. 48y 5m 17d, H. B.F. Gard

Gard, Oscar T.
D. 12-Dec-1878, A. 2y 4m 10d, P. B. & F.H. Gard

Gard, Rachel
D. 5-Aug-1872, A. 31y 1m , H. Benjamin Gard

Gard, W.
B. 1833, D. 1918, Father

Gard, Welrose
D. 16-Sep-1872, A. 10m 16d, P. B. & R. Gard

Greathouse, Carroll
B. 19-Aug-1833, D. 28-Sep-1858

Greathouse, Dorothy
D. 3-Apr-1871, A. 72y 5m 21d, H. Elias Greathouse

Greathouse, Elias
B. 26-June-1801, D. 15-May-1852

Greathouse, George
B. 16-Feb-1865, D. 11-Nov-1886

Greathouse, James
B. 10-Dec-1825, D. 21-Nov-1848

Greathouse, Louisa J.
B. 8-Aug-1826, D. 22-Nov-1847

Greathouse, Mary H.
B. 7-Sep-1833, D. 9-May-1881, A. 50y 6m 2d, H. P.G. Greathouse

Greathouse, P.G.
B. 16-Feb-1828, D. 11-Sep-1899, A. 71y 7m 25d

Greathouse, Stella M.
D. 23-Jan-1902, A. 22y 5m 12d, H. Clement Greathouse

Greathouse, William B.
B. 5-Apr-1823, D. 13-Feb-1899, A. 75y 10m 8d

Hill, Cordilia
D. 21-Apr-1873, A. 39y 9m 5d, H. E.M. Hill

Hill, E.M.
Unreadable-May Be A Military Marker

Kennard, Amanda Ellen
D. 26-May-1876, A. 18y 2m, P. R. & S.J. Kennard

Kennard, Amos
D. 21-Feb-1879, A. 23y 5m 29d

Lockwood, L.D.
D. 2-Aug-1858, A. 31y M 9d

Lockwood, Guy C.
D. 23-Dec-1844, A. 48y

Mc Gregor, Eliza
B. 25-July-1855, D. 11-Feb-1902, H. George Mc Gregor

Mc Gregor, George H.
B. 5-May-1842, D. 26-Nov-1912

Mc Gregor, Opal
B. 31-May-1900, D. 16-Nov-1900, P. C.H. & S.E. Mc Gregor

Miller, Fredrick
D. 9-Apr-1855, A. 54y 4m 12d

Miller, Horace S.
Co I 66 Ill. Inf.

Miller, James E.
D. 10-June-1853, A. 27y 5m 17d

Miller, Sidney
Co. F. 91st Ind. Inf. (In Row 16 Also)

Newman, Elizabeth Orhilla
B. ?-Nov-1820, D. 28-Sep-1858, H. J.T. Newman

Newman, Victor
D. 22-July-1862, A. 3m 6d, P. J.T. & M.M. Newman

Rigg, Rosa M.
B. 10-June-1884, D. 17-Aug-1885, P. J.G. & M.A. Rigg

Risley, Henry E.
B. 16-Dec-1858, D. 1-Nov-1894, A. 35y 10m 15d

Risley, Pina R.
B. 22-May-1862, D. 9-Oct-1894, A. 32y 6m 12d

Roff, Virgil A.
B. 14-May-1889, D. 29-Nov-1895, P. P.A. & F.G. Roff

Sapp, Edwin C.
D. 28-Aug-1860, A. 11y 6m 2d, P. J.J. & S.J. Sapp

Sapp, James J.
B. 22-June-1835, D. 15-Sep-1906

Sapp, Samatha J.
B. 10-Apr-1836, D. 28-June-1912

Sloan, Francis Ethie
D. 24-Sep-1862, A. 7m 4d, P. F.M. & A.C. Sloan

Stewart, Eva R.
B. 7-Jan-1881, D. 2-Mar-1908, A. 22y 2ma2d, H. E.E. Srewart

Stum, John J.
D. 28-Feb-1891, A. 18y 13d, P. B.B. & M. Stum

Thrall, Aaron O.
B. 18-Feb-1846, D. 12-Aug-1858, P. J.P. & M.J. Thrall

Thrall, Charlotte M.
B. 14-Nov-1842, D. 12-Aug-1858, P. J.P. & M.J. Thrall

Thrall, Eliphas R.
B. 12-June-1835, D. 6-Sep-1857 In Memphis Tn

Thrall, Infant Son
P. J.P. & M.J. Thrall

Thrall, Infant Son
P. J.P. & M.J. Thrall

Thrall, Joel P.
D. 24-Nov-1872, A. 50y 4m 13d

Thrall, Lewis J.
B. 5-Aug-1849, D. 14-Jan-1858, P. J.P. & M.J. Thrall

Thrall, Margaret
B. 8-Feb-1799, D. 26-Apr-1845, H. Oliver Thrall

Thrall, Mary J.
B. 21-Feb-1824, D. 19-Sep-1858, H. J.P. Thrall

Thrall, Oliver A.
B. 29-July-1796, D. 15-Aug-1858

Tuel, Susan A.
Unreadable Dates

White, ?
Franklin L. Co. C 115 Il. Inf.

Whyde, Edith
B. 1894, D. 1899

Whyde, Elbert C.
D. 20-Sep-1876, A. 1y 6m 11d, P. J.J. & M.E. Whyde

Whyde, Henry
B. 1891, D. 1892

Whyde, Infant Son
D. 25-Aug-1871, P. J.J. & M.E. Whyde

Whyde, John H.
D. 1-May-1878, A. 64y 1m 26d

Whyde, John J.
D. 25-Mar-1881

Whyde, Logan G.
D. 17-Oct-1876, A. 4y 10m 28d, P. S.P. & S.J. Whyde

Whyde, Margaret
D. 22-Dec-1882, H. Nicholas Whyde

Whyde, Mary
B. 18-Dec-1827, D. 1-July-1863, H. J.M. Whyde

Whyde, Mary E.
D. 21-Oct-1875, A. 3y 2m 1d, P. S.P. & S.J. Whyde

Whyde, Matilda J.
D. 5-Sep-1852, A. 4m 16d, P. J.H. & R.S. Whyde

Whyde, Nicholas
B. 1-Jan-1807, D. 5-May-1894, A. 87y 1m 5d

Whyde, Rachel S.
D. 23-Aug-1852, A. 28y 5m 16d, H. John Whyde

Wood, Livonia
D. 31-Mar-1873, A. 46y 8m 28d, P. J. & C. Wood, H. Sidney Miller

ROW 1 East end, South to North
F.A.A. (Footstone for grave otherwise unmarked)

(Unreadable "temporary" iron marker)
P.B. (foot marker)
W.H.B. (foot marker-childs grave)

W.B. (foot marker)

ROW 10
4 unidentified graves

Henry Bratton told Charles Koenig of a hanging that once took place under the large oak tree that stands on the east end of the cemetery. It seems one luckless young man raped a local women and was found by vigilantes who strung him up to a limb on the north side of that old oak. After leaving him hang for a couple of days, they returned and reportedly buried him where he fell when they cut him down. Henry learned of this story from Roy Craig, who lives nearby.


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