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Wabash County, Illinois Cemeteries

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Ref. # Cemetery GPS   Other Information
W-001 Adams Corner Memorial n38 30.017 , w87 44.750    
W-002 Allendale Settlement Cemetery n38 32.100 , w87 42.350   aka Fort Compton Memorial
W-003 Antioch Union Chapel n38 19.067 , w87 54.583   For: Baptist & Methodist
W-004 Armstrong Family Cemetery n38 30.983 , w87 41.533   aka Thomas Farm
W-005 Baker Family      
W-006 Banks-Bliss-Corrie Family     On Thomas Banks farm, later owned by James Kelsey & John Corrie, located in clump of trees, 10+ graves
W-007 Barney Prairie Christian Church n38 28.733 , w87 48.167   See Wood Family, church members used this cemetery while the land was still deeded to the church
W-008 Beauchamp-Harper Family n38 26.533 , w87 46.717    
W-009 Bell Family      
W-010 Bell-Litherland Family     On main road leading to Wood's Fort, allegedly cemetery once existed
Charles Miller Farm
W-011 Bethel Chapel Methodist (new) n38 22.750 , w87 53.850   On 1100N & .25m W of 490E, est GPS
W-012 Bethel Chapel Methodist (old) n38 22.750 , w87 53.850    
W-013 Brewer's Hill Memorial n38 20.850 , w87 50.767   aka Saint Rose Catholic Church
W-014 Bump Family     aka Compton farm, Sect 9, near Keensburg
W-015 Bucholz Family, E.A.      
W-016 Burway-Pichirant Family     aka Coffee Bottoms Memorial
W-017 Carroll Family     aka Hite Fox Farm, cemetery allegedly existed & planted over with crops
[no transcription]
W-018 Centerville Memorial     Near 1350N & 1560E, at Old Centerville, Enoch Greathoused buried here
W-019 Chapman Family, Ulm n38 26.167 , w87 48.900   On property of Ernest Chapman
W-020 Clark Family n38 33.283 , w87 48.900   aka Clark-Crum farm or Jordan farms
W-021 Clark-Tuttle Family     aka Lee Jordan farm, S of Allendale
W-022 Coffee Creek Christian Church n38 20.850 , w87 51.500   aka Rochester Church
W-023 Corrie Family, John R.     Small cemetery in woods, E of Corrie Family farmhouse
W-024 Couch Family, John     aka Compton farm or Mattingly farm, on SW side of Antioch Church, near Keensburg
[no transcription]
W-025 Couch-Higgins Family     1m N of Friendship, on SW corner of Sect 14, Twp 1N, Range 13W (2030Nx810E),Friendsville
W-026 Courter Family     1m N of Friendsville
W-027 Cowling Family n38 18.683 , w87 56.350   aka William Dunn farm,
Allegedly 50 graves existed in new construction area
W-028 Craig Family 383317N 874630W   In Friendship Twp
W-029 Cunningham Family n38 32.634 , w87 53.934    
W-030 Dardeen Family     On Dardeen farm, later called Sammy Stillwell farm
W-031 Degan Family     aka Todd Family, allegedly 30 graves existed & planted over with crops
W-032 Deischer Family, William     On Deischer farm, 2 graves
W-033 Deputy Family     In Bellmont Twp
W-034 Dixon-White-William Family     aka John White or W.L. Litherand farms, 15 graves, near Friendsville
W-035 Donahue Family, William     aka Henry Pfieffer farm, allegedly 1 grave existed
W-055 Evangelical Lutheran Jordan Creek Church Cemetery n38 31.717 , w87 52.867   aka Old Little Brick Memorial or Beck-Jordan Family
W-036 Evangelischen Friends Church n38 20.800 , w87 56.517   aka Friends Church
W-037 Fox Family     In Wabash Twp
W-038 Frear Family     aka Gilkinson farm or Keepas farm, 5 graves
W-039 Freeman Family     aka Holste farm or Perrott farm, N of 2300N & E of 650E (2350N x 670E), Lancaster
W-040 Freeman Family, Martin     aka Griesmier farm or Newkirk farm, on Griesmier farm near Lancaster, 1 grave
W-041 Friends Family     In Wabash Twp
W-042 Friendsville Cemetery n38 30.233 , w87 49.067    
W-043 Greathouse Family     aka Centerville farm or Kieffer farm, near Old Centerville, Sect 35 in Friendship Twp, Friendsville
W-044 Groff Family     On Berberich farm, (1420N x 420E), Bellmont, at least 22 graves
W-045 Guisewite Family, Bill     aka Ballard farm or Putman farm
W-046 Gupton Family     aka Carlyle farm, SW corner of Lancaster Precint
W-047 Hallock Family n38 27.150 , w87 50.300   AKA Friend's Grove Settlement
W-048 Ham Family     aka Brines farm, allegedly cemetery existed
W-049 Harnes Family     aka George Couch farm, allegedly 8-10 unmarked graves located here, near Orioe.

It is known that Rena Harnes and her husband are buried here.
W-050 Harper Family n38 25.667 , w87 49.767    
W-146 Harrison Family     Lancaster
W-051 Hazelton Family     aka Schafer farm or Trapp farm, 3.5m N of Lancaster
W-052 Hendrick Family, Nathaniel     aka Ginther farm, later as Stoltz, Keiffer or Marx farms, allegedly 2 graves existed
  Higgins Family Cemetery     aka Kroh Farm or Couch Farm
W-053 Highland Memorial n38 25.650 , w87 46.400   aka Short Funeral Home Cemetery. (Owners) Located in Mount Carmel
W-054 Jordan Family, Becky n38 33.667 , w87 41.700   aka Raccoon Creek Memorial or Fudge farm
W-056 Keens Family     On Dr. Bucholz farm, allegedly 4 graves once existed
W-147 Keens Memorial n38 21.138 , w87 52.352   0.2m NE of Keensburg, F-a-G, 53 graves
W-057 Keepes Family     Near St Sebastian Church, in Bellmont Twp
aka J.J. Tennis Farm
W-058 Keiffer Family, Frank     Near Sugar Creek
[no transcription]
W-059 Kibbler Family, John     [no transcription]
W-060 King Family, Clyde     aka Dan Ravellette Family, near Allendale, allegedly cemetery once existed
[no transcription]
W-061 Lambert Family     aka John Lovellette Farm
W-062 Lancaster Memorial (new) n38 33.117 , w87 51.933   aka Harrison
W-063 Lancaster Memorial (old) n38 32.867 , w87 52.330    
W-064 Landes Family     aka Landis Family, allegedly cemetery once existed
W-065 LeGier-Lovellette Family n38 20.850 , w87 49.914   Aka Rochester Farm
W-066 Lick Prairie Memorial n38 29.183 , w87 54.717    
W-067 Liddle Family     aka Seybold farm, in Sect 12 of Friendsville Twp
W-068 Lingenfelter Grave     Near 1450N & 1060E, at end of Risley Ave, Sect 8 of Mt Carmel Twp
W-069 Locay Family n38 26.533 , w87 46.700   Aka George Jochaim Farm

Near Old Bethel Church
approx. 12 graves are allegedly located here
[no transcription]
W-071 McClane Family n38 24.900 , w87 57.450   aka Kenner farm
W-072 McCleary Bluff Memorial n38 18.266 , w87 53.013   Near (620Nx550E)
W-073 Milburn Family     Farm later owned by Ike Schrader, 30 graves allegedly onceexisted
W-074 Wilburn Family     aka Lewis Armstrong Family, 2 Milburn graves allegedly existed
W-075 Milton Family (grave)     1 Milton grave located on N side of Landcaster & Clark corner
W-076 Mill Seat     aka R. Grayson, on Rhom Rambel farm, near Keensburg, grandfather of Charles Grayson
W-077 Milligan Family, John     N of Lancaster
There is a single unmarked grave
W-078 Neikirk Family, Charles     N of Lancaster
There are 2-3 unknown graves.
The graves have been allegedly plowed over and the area planted with crops.
W-079 Noland Family, George     N of Lancaster, (2340Nx280E)
The graves have allegedly been plowed over and the area planted with crops.
W-080 May, Reverend (grave)     aka Banks farm, later Thompson farm
W-081 Mount Pleasant Baptist Church      
W-082 Nye Chapel Methodist Church n38 29.133 , w87 51.350   aka Gard's Point, Nisbet Chapel or United Brethern Church
W-083 Oreo Presbyterian Church n38 33.283 , w87 46.500    
W-084 Osborn Family     aka John Miller farm
The exact location of this cemetery is still unknown. However, it is know that
it once was located near the old orchard on the John Miller farm. A horse mill
and distillery was also located in the general area. Parents of Ephriam Joy are
buried there.
W-085 Painter Family     Near (680Nx210E)
W-086 Palmyra Memorial     Near 1650N & 1200E, no markers
Palmyra was settled around 22-Apr-1815. This was the first Edwards County seat, when the County was one third the size of Illinois and a part of Michigan & Wisconsin. For some unknown reason, people died here by the hundreds. Unfortunately, there are no grave markers that lasted. Many Indian graves were also located here and the area contains some twenty Indian Mounds.

A Historical Marker is located along route #1, which gives much of this information. The marker was originally located one mile south of the present site.
W-087 Paul Family n38 33.828 , w87 55.957   aka Eldon Clodfelter Family
W-088 Putnam Family     aka Ballard or Lutz Family
W-089 Rigg Family     aka Meadow Family, on Bass Seiler farm, later known as Walter Kelley
W-090 Reynolds Family, Benjamin     aka Martin Stephens farm, later as Martin Stephens farm+E28, allegedly 15 graves existed
  Ridge Cemetery Lat: 38.4569, Lon: -87.9286    
W-091 Ridgely Family n38 33.167 , w87 48.583    
W-092 Rigg Family     aka Meadow Family, on Bass Seiler farm, later known as Walter Kelley
W-093 Rose Hill & Independent Order of Odd Fellows n38 25.183 , w87 45.40   Mount Carmel
W-094 Rose Hill Memorial (old)     Between 9th & 11th, on Plum St
W-095 Saint John's Lutheran Church n38 20.300 , w87 56.417    
W-096 Saint Mary's Catholic Church n38 25.167 , w87 46.617    
W-097 Saint Rose Catholic Mission Church (1845-1856)     All graves reinterred at W-098S and Hill Memorial #1
  Saint Sebastian Church      
W-098 Sand Hill Memorial #1 n38 24.300 , w87 46.217   In City of Mount Carmel
W-099 Sand Hill Memorial #2     In City of Mount Carmel, on Rt 1, surrounded by Berry, 4th & Bellmont
W-100 Schrodt Family, Ellsworth     Said to be located near Sugar Creek,
allegedly plowed over and the area planted with crops.
W-101 Schrodt Family     2.1m N of 900N & 100 yds W of 800E
  Seibert Family     aka Griesmer farm, N of 2250N & E of 750E (2350Nx670E)
Located here are the graves of 2 children and Solomon Griesmer
W-103 Seigert Family     On Seigert farm, Sugar Orchard, small cemetery
W-104 Seiler Family, S.S.     aka C.M. Grundon Family, small cemetery on Seiler farm
W-105 Sherrel Family, Doctor     aka Renston Utter Family, near Cabbage Corners, on farm or orchard of Dr. Sherrel, allegedly 50 graves with markers existed, (1750Nx750E)
W-106 Sialome Family     aka Wier or Wirth, Sect 17 of Bellmont Twp
W-107 Simonds Family n38 26.632 , w87 46.627   Near Simond School, near 1540N & (100E or 1110E), F-a-G map
W-108 Sloan Family     In Bellmont Twp
W-109 Smith Family, Billy     There is speculation that this cemetery was probably called Westfall Cemetery,
because there is mention of one in the general area, that currently can't be
located. There was also a Congregational Church that was located near the
cemetery. Another source reported that there were approximately 20 graves that
were allegedly plowed over and the area planted with crops.
W-110 Smith, Family (grave)     Child's grave located on Henry Smith farm
W-111 Snider Family, Peter     Farm, later owned by John Cissel of Allendale
W-112 Spidle Family n38 30.650 , w87 44.550    
W-113 Stillwell Family, James     aka Collison Family, allegedly 25 graves existed
W-114 Stillwell, John (grave)     Grave near Friend Grove schoolhouse, marker allegedly removed to an unknown location by family members, grave allegedly planter over with crops
W-115 Stillwell Family, James n38 30.017 , w87 44.750   aka Valley Ripple Memorial, near Adams Corner & Allendale
W-117 Stillwell, John (grave)     aka Frank Piety farm, on bank of Wabash River
W-118 Tanquary Family n38 24.517 , w87 54.167   Bellmont
W-070 Unknown Name (070)     On Dr. Lovellette farm in back of barn, 2 graves of Indian massacred Frenchmen
W-119 Unknown Name (119)     aka Edwald or McCabe, alledegly graves existed & planted over with crops
W-120 Unknown Name (120) n38 24.767 , w87 51.133   NE of Rt 15 & CR700E
W-121 Unknown Name (121) n38 25.210 , w87 47.080   W of Oak on Poplar
W-122 Unknown Name (122) n38 26.233 , w87 51.350   On 700E & S of 1540N
W-123 Unknown Name (123) n38 25.800 , w87 47.117   On Beasley W of Rt 1
W-124 Unknown Name (124) n38 22.217 , w87 57.833   NW of 10 & 1000N
W-125 Unknown Name (125) n38 24.367 , w87 51.317   On 5 S of 15 & 700E
W-126 Unknown Name (126) n38 24.833 , w87 53.133   NE of 15 & 700E
W-127 Unknown Name (127)     aka Thompson Blackford or Matthias Stern farm, allegedly 8 graves exist
W-128 Unknown Name (128)     aka Ravenstrin Family or Alonzo Cochran Family, along Southern Railway, 1m W of Maud, allegedly existing graves were planted over
W-129 Unknown Name (129)     aka William Mahon farm, later as William Lacer, single grave of unknown Revolutionary War Soldier, marker exist
W-130 Unknown Name (130)     aka C.C. Strasser farm, allegedly 8 graves planted over with crops
W-131 Unknown Name (131)     aka Levi Thompson or Ben Shuh farm, allegedly small cemetery existed and now planted over with crops
W-132 Unknown Name (132)     On Thomas Armstrong farm, cemetery for unknown church name
W-133 Unknown Name (133) (Af-Amer.)     For Slaves?
W-134 Unknown Name (Af-Amer.)     aka Mitchel farm, (1500Nx700E), Slaves(?)
W-135 Wabash County Poor Farm - Potter's Field n38 26.783 , w87 46.683   N of 1560N & E of 1100E
W-136 Wabash Presbyterian Church n38 33.283 , w87 46.500   Near Orio
W-137 West Family     aka Kent Wright farm, on the left side of Maud Rd on a knoll, 4 West Family graves, bushes cover graves
W-138 Wheeler Family n38 19.183 , w87 57.133   aka Huffner farm, near Cowling
W-139 Wilcox Family, Dan     aka Beard Family, 20 graves exist
W-140 Williams Family     In Lick Praire Twp?
W-141 Williams Family     aka Litherland or White farms, on 1820N
W-142 Wood Family n38 28.733 , w87 48.167   aka Barney's Prairie Christian Church, Magedeline Burkhart or Phillip Shuh farms
W-143 Wood Family, Jeremiah     aka C.C. Craig farm, several grave markers were found resting against a tree in a briar patch
W-144 Wood Family, Washington     Woods, Potts & McClures buried here, historical distillery & grist mill once in Occa Creek area
W-145 Wright Family, George     Allegedly a small cemetery existed on farm
W-148 Unknown      

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