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Wabash County

Contributed by Bill Currie, Author - Copywritten work¬©  

This work may not be copied  or reproduced in anyway.  These records are for personal use only.



Admin. Notices- January Term, 1835 (1st Monday in Jan.)

    John White, deceased.   Anson White, Admr.- 15 Nov. 1834

    John Grayson, deceased.   Sarah & James Grayson, Admrs.- 15 Nov. 1834

              Mt. Carmel Sentinel & Wabash Advocate- Nov. 19, 1834


Admin Notice- February Term, 1836 (1st Monday in Feb.)     

     John D. Roney, deceased.   Thomas Glick, Admr. & Lydia Roney, Admx.- 24 Nov. 1835

              Mt.Carmel Sentinel & Wabash Advocate- Nov. 25, 1835


Admin. Notice- July Term, 1836 (1st Monday in July)     John Henniken, deceased.   Thomas Henniken, Admr.- 23 Apr. 1836

              Mt. Carmel Sentinel & Wabash Advocate- May 25, 1836


Admin. Notice- October Term, 1836 (1st Monday in Oct.)

    Isaac Pixley, deceased.   Sarah Pixley, Admx.- 1 Aug. 1836

              Mt. Carmel Sentinel & Wabash Advocate- Aug. 3, 1836


Admin. Notices- January Term, 1842 (1st Monday in Jan.)

    Richard Baird, deceased.   Eliphalet N. Phar & James Baird, Admrs.- 30 Oct. 1841

    Powhatan H. Bagwell, deceased. James H. Beall, Admr.- 30 Oct. 1841

    Joseph Preston, deceased.   Anthony Albeits, Admr.- 30 Oct. 1841

    Thomas Middleton, deceased.   James H. Beall, Admr.- 30 Oct. 1841

              Mt. Carmel Register- Dec. 4, 1841

Admin. Notice- May Term, 1842 (1st Monday in May)

    Jonathan B. Chaffee, deceased.   Ira Keen, Admr.- 15 Jan. 1842

Admin. Sale- September Term, 1841

    J. O. Buchanan, deceased.   Andrew Correll, Admr.- 22 Jan. 1842

         Sale Date: 3 Mar. 1842 (subject to encumbrance of widow's dower)

              Mt. Carmel Register- Feb. 19, 1842


Admin. Notices- Next Term or September Term, 1842 (1st Monday in Sep.)

    P. H. Bagwell, deceased.    James H. Beall, Admr.- 23 Jul. 1842

         (Louisia M. Bagwell- sole heir & legal rep.)

    Richard Wheeler, deceased.   Oliver A. Thrall, Admr.- 23 Jul. 1842

    Hays Taylor, deceased.   Aaron Thrall, Admr.- 23 Jul. 1842

    James Black, deceased. Wm. Milburn, Admr.- 28 Jul. 1842

              Mt. Carmel Register- Jul. 30, 1842


Admin. Notice- September Term, 1842 (Sep. 15)

    Levi Couch, deceased.   A. Armstrong, Admr.- 4 Aug. 1842

Admin. Sale- April Term, 1842

    Anna Rigg, deceased. C. O. B. Gofoth, Admr.- 23 Jul. 1842

         Sale Date: 8 Sep. 1842

Exec. Notice- October Term, 1842 (1st Monday in Oct.)

    Joseph Wright, deceased.   John Andrew & Robert E. Wright, Exrs.- 28 Jul. 1842

              Wabash Republican- Aug. 4, 1842


Admin. Notice- April Term, 1843 (1st Monday in Apr.)

    Aaron Ramsey, deceased.   Lorenzo Ramsey, Admr.- 21 Jan. 1843

Exec. Notice:

    Moses Bedell, deceased.   Elizabeth Bedell, Ex'rx.- 21 Jan. 1843

Chancery Notice- November Term, 1842 & April Term, 1843-(Thurs. after 2nd  Monday)

    John Wood, Sr., deceased.   Heirs listed- 7 Jan. 1843:

         Benjamin F. Guard, John Wood, John Shadle, Sr., Priscilla & Rachel Wood,    vs.

         Joshua & Susan Buchanan-(affidavit of non-residence), Lewis & Martha Armstrong,

        Almyra Wood,  Jeremiah Wood, William, Stewart, Scott, John G., George, Mary Ann &

         Jerusha Barney-(heirs at law of Polly Barney, formerly Polly Wood) and Richard &

        Agness Hick.

              Mt. Carmel Register- Jan. 28, 1843


Admin. Notice- August Term, 1843 (1st Monday in Aug.)

    Isabella Carlton, deceased.   John McClary & Robert Carlton, Admrs.- 3 June 1843

Exec. Notice- September Term, 1843 (1st Monday in Sep.)

    Andrew Correll, deceased.   Anthony Albertz, Exr.- June 1843

Chancery Notice- September Term, 1843 (Thurs. after 2nd Monday.)

    Benjamin Reynolds, deceased (of Jasper Co., IL.)   Heirs listed- 8 Jul. 1843:

         John Reynolds    vs.

         Lewis W. & Elizabeth Jourdan, John & Sally Key, Samuel & Nancy Fisher,

         Joseph & Ellen Glenn, Wallace H. & Polly Price, Felix & Martha Brown and

         Benjamin, Mary & Richard Reynolds-(infant heirs of Richard Reynolds, decd.)

Admin. Notices- September Term, 1843 (Thurs. after 2nd Monday.)

    Henry Fox, deceased.   Thomas Glick, Admr.- 15 Jul. 1843

    Joseph Preston, deceased.   Anthony Albeitz, Admr.- 15 Jul. 1843

         (Sarah Preston, widow. Mary Eliza, Margaret & Joseph W. Preston, infant heirs.)  

               Mt. Carmel Register- Aug. 5, 1843

Exec. Notice- April Term, 1844 (Apr. 11)

    Andrew Correll, deceased.   Anthony Albeitz, Exr.- 17 Feb. 1844

         (Sarah Correll, widow.)

Admin. Notices- April Term, 1844 (Apr. 11)

    Aaron Ramsey, deceased. Alonzo (Lorenzo) Ramsey, Admr.- 3 Feb. 1844

         Heirs listed: Elizabeth Ramsey, widow. Henry & Susannah (Ramsey) King, Eliphalet,

                              Mary, Sarah Jane & John Ramsey, heirs at law.

    John Stewart, deceased.   John M. Stewart, Admr.- 10 Feb. 1844

         Heirs listed: Rachel Stewart, widow. John W. & Rebecca Baird, M. C. & Mary Foster,

                              Samuel & Lucinda Baird, Thomas R. & Phebe Hill, Wm. L. & Mahala

                               Eastwood, James A. Stewart, William & Susan Baird and Jane, Wm. B. &

                               Rachel Stewart, heirs at law.

Chancery Notice- April Term, 1844 (Apr. 11)

    George Oman, deceased.   State Of Illinois   vs. Heirs listed- 3 Feb. 1844:

         Jacob, George, John & Henry Oman, Minerva & Daniel Snider, Ann & Justus Gord,

         Mary & Godlief Goodhart & Eliza Oman. (Along with Orlando B. Ficklin, Admr.-

         affidavit of non-residence of O. B. Ficklin.)

              Mt. Carmel Register- Feb. 17, 1844


Admin. Notice- June Term, 1844 (1st day in June)

    Elvan Stewart, deceased.   Joseph Stewart, Admr.- 20 Apr. 1844

              Mt. Carmel Register- Apr. 20, 1844

Admin. Notices- 1st Monday in July & August Term, 1844 (1st Monday in Aug.)

    George Bowers, deceased.   F. K. & C.- (Cyrus) Bowers, Admrs.- 25 May 1844

    William Bratton, deceased.   B. F. Gard, Admr.- 10 June 1844

              Mt. Carmel Register- Jul. 17, 1844

Admin. Notice- August Term, 1844 (1st Monday in Aug.)

    Sarah Curry, deceased.   John Proctor, Admr.- 14 June 1844

              Plough Boy- Aug. 17, 1844


Admin. Notice- October Term, 1844 (1st Monday in Oct.)

    Jacob Courter, deceased.   James C. Ramsey, Admr.- 24 Jul. 1844

Admin. Notices- November Term, 1844 (1st Monday in Nov.)

    Levi Compton, deceased.   Joseph A. Compton, Admr.- 11 Sep. 1844

    David S. Preston, deceased.   James McMellen, Admr.- 11 Sep. 1844

Admr. Notices- December Term, 1844 (1st Monday in Dec.)

    William Lavulette, deceased.  William T. Lavulette, Admr.- 9 Oct. 1844

    James Baird, deceased.   Ralph Baird, Surviving Admr.- 9 Oct. 1844

Admr. Notices- January Term, 1845 (1st Monday in Jan.)

    Francis Valley, deceased.   Charles Valley, Admr.- 13 Nov. 1844

    John Lutz, deceased.   George & Margaret Lutz, Admrs.- 13 Nov. 1844

    Simeon Maxfield, deceased.   Charles J. Knight, Admr.- 20 Nov. 1844

              Mt. Carmel Register- Dec. 11, 1844


Admr. Notice- December Term, 1844 (1st. Monday in Dec.)

    Thomas A. Baird, deceased.   Alexander Compton, Admr.- 9 Oct. 1844

Admr. Notice- March Term, 1845 (1st Monday in Mar.)

    Guy C. Lockwood, deceased.   Oliver A. Thrall, Admr. &

                                                         Hannah Lockwood, Admrx.- 15 Jan. 1845

Admr. Notices- April Term, 1845 (1st Thurs. after 2nd Monday.)

    John Franz, deceased.   John Brifogle, Admr.- 22 Jan. 1845

         Heirs listed: Margaret Franz, widow. Nicholas & John Franz, heirs & legal reps.

    David S. Preston, deceased.   James McMillan, Admr.- 22 Jan. 1845

         Heirs listed: Susan Preston, widow. George, Sarah L., Susan, Martha Ann &

                               David Preston, heirs & legal reps.

    Silas W. Rigg, deceased.   Oliver A. Thrall, Admr.- 22 Jan. 1845

    Abner Armstrong, deceased.   E. D. & T. J. Armstrong, Admrs.- 22 Jan. 1845

         Heirs listed: Euratta Armstrong, widow. Attalas Y., Euratta & Newton Armstrong,

                              heirs & legal reps.

Chancery Notice- April Term, 1845 (1st Thurs. after 2nd Monday.)

    James Baird, deceased.   James E. Baird (Heir & legal rep.)- 22 Jan. 1845

         Heirs listed: Thomas A. Baird (or Alexander Compton, his guard.) &

                               Elizabeth Bruce (or James Bruce, her guard.)

              Mt. Carmel Register- Jan. 22, 1845


Admin. Notice- April Term, 1845 (1st Mon. in Apr.)

    Samuel Baird, deceased.   Daniel Keen & Ralph Baird, Admrs.- 12 Feb. 1845

              Mt. Carmel Register- Feb. 26, 1845


Chancery Notice- April Term, 1845 (1st Thurs. after 2nd Monday.)

    Hannah Stilwell, deceased.   Richard Stilwell (Heir & Legal Rep.)- 5 Mar. 1845

         Heirs listed: James & Samuel Stilwell and George & Martha Bell.

Admin. Notice- April Term, 1845 (1st Thurs. after 2nd Monday.)

    Eli Compton, deceased.   Perry C. Compton, Admr.- 5 Mar. 1845

         Heirs listed: Mary Compton, widow. Nancy, Rossanna, Noah, Levi, Green &

                               Elizabeth Compton, heirs & legal reps.

              Mt. Carmel Register- Mar. 12, 1845


Chancery Notice- April Term, 1845 (1st Thurs. after 2nd Monday.)

    George Liddle, deceased.   Lewis W. & Ann White- 13 Mar. 1845

         Heirs listed: Mary Elizabeth Liddle (or James Pool, her guard.) &

                              Simeon S. Liddle (or William Brown, his guard.)

              Plough Boy- Mar. 22, 1845


Admin. Notices- September Term, 1845 (Sep. 11)

    Joseph Thompson, deceased.   Elizabeth Thompson, Adrx. &

                                                        John A. Dodds, Admr.- 9 Jul. 1845

         Heirs listed: James B., Eli M., William, Andrew, Joseph E., Louisa Jane,

                              Jackson C., Francis M., Alexander & Harriet C. Thompson and

                              Isaac B. & Mary Harness, heirs at law.

    Levi Couch, deceased.   Henry Stees, Admr.- 9 Jul. 1845

         Heirs listed: Ebenezer, Hiram & Levi Couch, Mathew & Diantha Litherland,

                               Henry & Samantha Thompson, Henry & Unis Garish, John &

                                Sarah Prout, Joshua & Elizabeth Wood and Lora, Patience,

                                LaFayette, Margaret Jane, Malinda, Minerva & Marietta Couch,

                                heirs at law and Mary Couch, widow.

    Elisha Brown, deceased. Thomas Glick, Admr.- 23 Jul. 1845

         Heirs listed: Sarah Brown, widow. Mary Ann & Saloma Brown, heirs at law &

                              Charles W. Eldridge.

Chancery Notices- September Term, 1845 (Thurs. after 2nd Monday.)

    (-----) Jessup, deceased.   Benjamin Guard   vs. Heirs listed- 9 Jul. 1845

         John Jessup, Jr., Admr. and Smith Jessup, Catharine Jessup, Ruth (Jessup)

         Wolverton, Stephen, Andrew J., Aaron, Jacob & Lydia Jessup.

          (affidavit of non-residence of defendants.)

    Alexander & Alexander Valle, Jr., deceased.   Heirs listed- 23 Jul. 1845

         George F. & Rebecca Bigelow (and George F., Catharine E. & Sarah J. Bigelow,

          minors, who sue by George F. Bigelow)   vs.

          Charles Russell Valle, Alexander Valle, Michael & Caroline Greemere, Charles &

         Martha Longdeau, the unknown heirs of Mary Ann (Valle) Jenera, Frances Valle &

         HannahValle. The petitioners already having purchased the dower lands of Francoise Valle,

         widow of Alexander Valle, Jr. and the alloted share of Alexis & Malinda Frete, heirs.

              Mt. Carmel Register- Jul. 23, 1845


Admin. Notice- September Term, 1845 (Sep. 11)

    Guy C. Lockwood, deceased.   Oliver A. Thrall, Admr. &

                                                         Hannah Lockwood (Thrall), Admrx.- 30 Jul. 1845

         Heirs listed: Oliver T., Lorenzo D., Margaret & Wm. H. Lockwood, heirs at law.

              Mt. Carmel Register- Jul. 30, 1845


Nuncupative Will- Dec. 1, 1845

    Jacob Lingenfelter, deceased.   James McDowell, Probate J. P.- 20 Sep. 1845

         Heirs listed: Philip & George Lingenfelter, Polly Ann Rigg and Alexander,

                              Catharine, Valentine, Caleb, Samuel, Maria & Sarah Lingenfelter,

                              heirs & reps.

Admin. Notices- December Term, 1845 (1st Monday in Dec.)

    Jacob Lingenfelter, deceased.   James H. Beall, Admr.- 15 Oct. 1845

    Michael Blessing, deceased.   Ebenezer Couch, Admr.- 15 Oct. 1845

              Mt. Carmel Register- Dec. 17, 1845


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