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Generously Contributed to Genealogy Trails by  Kee Rodgers, a James Pool Descendant
Elder James Pool's Bible is an important contribution to Wabash County Genealogy Trails, not only for folks that are related to this family, but also for Wabash County historians. The Rev. James Pool had the distinction of being one of the very first settlers in Wabash County, Illinois.  He also was one of the very first  ministers of the gospel in Wabash County [Edwards County at the time].
The book  'History of the Disciples In Illinois' states:  "James Pool - Came to the Barney's Prairie settlement in what is now Wabash County from Hamilton County, O., in 1815.  He was the first minister of the Barney's Prairie Church and continued in that relation until his death in 1854.  He was a godly man and very considerate of the feelings of others.  On one occasion he entertained a brother overnight.  Early next morning he built a rousing fire in the open fireplace in the room where his guest was sleeping.  He thought to further please him by playing on his violin.  The guest arose and said:  "Bro. Pool, you have offended me."  Whereupon, Mr. Pool, laying his violin on the fire, said:  "I will never offend you again."  Such condescension to the Christian weakness and prejudice indicates the spirit of this good minister of Jesus Christ, who, through thirty three years of pioneer toil, laid deep and strong the foundations of this great church."
According to "The Combined History of Edwards, Lawrence and Wabash Counties, Illinois", "William and James Pool, brothers, were from Hamilton county, Ohio.  They settled on the S. E. quarter of section 14, in 1815.  The former had been to the country before, and had entered land in 1814.  He remained only five or six years, and returned to Ohio.  James settled permanently.  He was one of the earliest ministers in the county, and the first in the precinct."  The county history books also tells us that the famous Barney's Prairie Church, the first Christian Church in Illinois, was "effected under the direction of Elder James Poole and William Kinkade. [My note:  we really don't know much about Kinkade - but he seems to fade from the picture and doesn't seem to be a dominant presence in the Church].  In reference to the Church, the charter members are mentioned by name, and the very first names are James and Angelina Pool.  James Pool's name is also mentioned as as one of the first teachers at the Coffee Creek Church.  
 Kee Rodgers, of Lima, Peru, is a descendant of many of the early Wabash County pioneer families.  He is the gr. gr. grandson of Ninian Pierpont Pool, one of James Pool's sons.  

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