Wabash County, Illinois



James Pool Son
of Wm. and Lois Pool Born
June 12th 1791
Lorenzo J. Pool
Born December 25th 1823
Let childhood pray & youth improve
You live to purpose while God is love
To him you live
Angelina Pool da
of Peter & Jemima Keen
was born Decr 29th 1791
They view the scenes of Heaven before
Where Saints do meet
when time's no more
Elhanan Pool
Born August 7th 1826
Win & conquer never cease
Reign those with the prince of
peace.  He never lost a victory.
Lemon P Pool son
of James & Angelina
was born Decr 17th 1815
Like Peter & John & Paul
& James
Like Jesus your Lord & other
good names - To flourish
Ninian P Pool
Born Nov 7th 1829
Like Franklin & like Washington
Faith & good works Alast well done
From him that sits upon the Throne
Mary S. Pool was
Born Nov 11th 1817
A Modest kind & virtuous youth
Servers her God & loves the truth
A virtuous kind and modest wife
She proves a treasure free from strife
William H Pool was
Born August 11th 1833
Solon wise and Solomon
And Jesus dies for you my son
Saviour & Parents in love obey
With him to live & reign always
Juliann Pool was born
January 14h 1820
Lo there she Lies beneath
the tomb
She's gone to her eternal home
We trust the saviour holds her blest
The bosom of Redeeming rest
                               in heaven
Chester D Pool was
born January 14th 1836
Your youth well spent
With good intent
Faithful boy & honest friend
Your parents joy who may depend
       on your fidelity
        and integrity as
        as Wisdom guides in the pathway
of virtue to glory in the prayer
        of a friend in the Lord.
Orange W. Pool was
born March 4th 1822
Behold the race the crown
before you
Behold the Lamb of God
adore him.  The crown secure
Charles Pool
was born June 23
may honesty
be your motto
let truth be your


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