Wabash County, Illinois



Angelina Pool departed this life
April 30, 1859 age 67 years
4 months 1 day
Peter Keen  1843
departed this life July 22
Blessed are the dead that die
in the Lord
They share in Heaven their
great reward
James Pool  departed this life March
31, 1855 age 63 years 9 months
& 19 days.
Jemima Gard Keen  Departed
this life January 26 - 1855
aged. 86 years
Elhanan Pool departed this life
May 23rd. 1854 aged 27 years
9 months  16 days
Lorenzo J Pool departed this life
Sept 16, 1848 aged 24 years
8 months & 21 days
Juliann Pool departed this life
Sept 30th, 1840 aged 20
years 8 months & 14 days

Peter Keen and his wife Jemima Gard Keen (sister of the famous Seth Gard) were the parents of Angelina Keen Pool.

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