Population in 1850, 4,690, supposed to be now 6,000. Population of Mt. Carmel , in 1850, 935, supposed to be now 1,200. Whole amount of taxable property, as per Assessor's returns, $7,781.

           The following are the merchants:

           DRY GOODS AND GROCERIES.--M. H. Biddle, R. & J. Tilton, A. & J. Mauck, Eldridge & Hablerton, A. C. Edgar, C. B. Goforth, T. J. Shannon, Jaquess & Turner, James McDowell, R. Parkinson & Co., Lyman Kingsbury.

           GROCERS.--Philip Rosignoll, George Copp, C. Seitz, J. B. Dunning, John Bumgardner.

           PATENT MEDICINES AND NIC NACKS.--Henry Stees.

           DRUG STORE AND PRACTISING PHYSICIANS.--Lesher & Miller, Paul Seass, W. B. & D. Ridgway.

           TOBACCO AND SEGARS.--Jesse Mayer.

           TAILORS.--R. H. Hudson, David McClintock.

           FOUNDRY AND BLACKSMITH SHOP.--John Hartman.

           BLACKSMITHS.--Adam Stein, Silas Keneipp, Samuel Shaw, Lewis Shafer, Sen.

           SADDLE AND HARNESS MAKERS.--William Ashburthnot, (Post Master), James Clark, Wm. Reinsmith.

           TINSMITHS, & C.--Johnson & Rees, C. Cuqua & Brother.

           ATTORNEYS.--V. B. & R. Bell, Wm. M. Hasmon, James McDowell.

           There is one Court House and Jail, one Methodist Church , a fine building, one Catholic Church, one Lutheran Church , one Albright Church , and one Presbyterian Church. There are two large School Houses and one High School to be established this Spring, in the basement of the Methodist Church .

           MOUNT CARMEL.--Three Cabinet Shops, five Cooper Shops, three Steam Saw Mills, one Steam Turning and Lath Cutting Machine, two Shingle Machines, three large Store or Warehouses, and four Pork Houses.

           ROCHESTER.--Baker & Lozier, and A. T. Lawllett, Merchants; two Stores, one Grist and one Saw Mill.

           FRIENDVILLE.--W. R. Wilkinson, Merchant.

           LANCASTER.--G. S. Goldsburg, H. Gume & Son, Isaac Hershey and Bowdoin Bailey, Merchants.

           TIMBERVILLE.--Anthony Albeitz, Merchant. Two Flouring Mills, Daniel Biehl and Joseph Hershey, Proprietors. There is also an Agent for an Insurance Office.

           James S. Johnson, Esq., Clerk County Court , Mt. Carmel .

[Source:   The Southern Business Directory and General Commercial Advertiser. Vol 1 Publ. 1854. Transcribed by Linda Kingery]