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Destructive Tornado

A special to the Associate Press from Mt. Carmel, Illinois says that a terrible storm struck that city, today, by which sixteen men lost their lives, and half a million dollars worth of property was destroyed.  A large number were wounded, several of whom will undoubtedly die.  The bodies of four killed were buried.  There are at least twenty-five still missing.  Later information says that four more bodies have been found, and two of the wounded have since died.  The ruins of the buildings are burning, threatening the total destruction of the town.

-Later.--Twelve persons are known to be killed, thirty to fifty wounded, and about twenty missing.  Among the buildings destroyed are the Presbyterian and Methodist churches, two school houses, the court house, and several stores and residences.  [Paris Gazette, Wednesday A.M. June 6, 1877 Pg. 4]

                                          WABASH RIVER VALLEY FLOODED BY HIGH WATER

Mt. Carmel, Jan. 23, 1933

Several thousand acres of farming land in the Wabash river valley were flooded tonight as the stream continued to rise.  In other section of southern Illinois, where smaller rivers and streams went of their banks, the waters were receding tonight, and it was believed the greatest flood danger was past.

[From the Daily Illinois, January 24, 1933, via Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections]


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