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Washington County Residents as Patients at Anna State Mental Hospital

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Nashville Journal,
Nashville, Illinois
January 22, 1914


52 Co. Patients at Anna
Dr. Goodner Reports Condition of County's Insane - Four Died in Past Six Months

The semi-annual report of the condition of Washington county patients at the State Hospital in Anna was received this week by County Clerk H.F. Heckert. This is the first report since Dr. R.A. Goodner has been superintendent of the institution and shows, first, the patient's physical health, while the second condition mentioned concerns the mental state.

[ Note: I omitted the conditions since the point of this list for
genealogical purposes is to locate a relative or ancestor
who might have been "missing" from the Washington County
records because they were at Anna. M.J. ]

Margaret McCord
Henry Harris
Harvey McLean
Louis Muller
Antonina Najewski
Margaret Tyhurst
Fred Musil
Mary Schultz
Wm. Heidsick
Wm. C. Greiman
Maggie Kruszka
Fred Neuhaus
William Koch
Maria Erb
Ernest Meyer
Charles Daum
Caroline Woker
R.J. Johnston
Bertha Halstenberg
Fred Schlechte
C. Brueckner
Frank Harris
Benj. Kroodsma
Hester P. Farmer
Annie J. McAllester
David Cox
Henry Stein
Richard Johnson
Peter Blazelis
Antonina Lapaczka
Sarah Hertel
Charles Livesay
Rosa Holeman
Steve Tiechner
Wm. A. Buhl
Henry Basse
Herman Heidsieck
Alfred Lamar
George T. Guyman
Fred Wolf
Herman Bergman
Joseph Schultz
Alfred M. Jenkins
Agnes Mathews
William Schlake
Alice Sturdivant
Annie Ehlers
Ed. Leimkuehler
Jane Keady
F. Riemenschneider
Walter Laney
Minnie Wolf

The following patients have died during the past six months:
Mrs. Christina Frecksmeyer of Nashville, Oct. 23, 1913;
Clarence Snyder of Oakdale, Nov. 17, 1913, of pulmonary trouble;
Matensz Raszka, July 5, 1913, of chronic myocarditis;
Bernard Bouas of Lively Grove, Dec. 6, 1913, of chronic myocarditis (heart disease).

Edward Sachteleben, who was improved, was dismissed on parole, expired Aug. 20, 1913.
Edward Buhl's condition is stationary. He was dropped on escaping Nov. 8, 1913, with leave to re-instate.

Fifty-two patients from this county remain in the institution.




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