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Bucky McCoy   POETRY
Wilbert "Bucky" McCoy ©

Author, Genealogist, Historian
Ashley, Illinois

Contact :    Bucky McCoy



Pancakes Galore

A ways South by the Rail Road tracks,
        Lives hobo Bill, people call him Jack,
He carries a pail to pick up coal,
        He shares it with a poor old Soul.
She burns her coal in a cooking stove,
        There Green cooked picked by the grove,
Seasoned with a piece of bacon fat,
        With a pinch of Salt, good just like that.
Makes corn cakes in a cast Iron Skillet,
        Mixes up plenty, doesn't over do it,
Meal brought in from the towns only Mill,
        It is around the bend, over the hill,.
Got her milk from the old spotted Goat,
        Always tied up to the Fishin' Boat,
The eggs are great if you didn't know,
        Laid by the nuisance, Jacks pet Crow.
With corn cakes made and on the platter,
        How she made them still don't matter,
What counts is how in the test they tasted,
        Looking at empty plates, none wasted.


Go-in Savin

I learned great lessons from my Mother,
        Many things from her and none other
Through all the Rantins and her Ravins
        The words rings in my ears Go-Savin.
I kept a big roll of knotty twine string
        I am asked, "Where did you get that thing?"
I could only answer between Moms Ravins,
        I kept it, I was told to go savin.
I was born in the early ninteen hundreds,
        Was taught many rules that were numbered,
I learned from mother things I can remember
        Go Savin, who comes in December.
December came and Santa came too,
        What did he bring to me and you?
Go-Savin He had heard what Mom said
        We didn't get much and back to bed.
All my life I remember Moms teaching,
        I look back and I called it Preaching,
Some times I called it Rantin and Ravin,
        Words I will always hear, "Go-Savin."


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