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Remembering Ashley
Ashley Illinois received the name of Ashley, Illinois
during the time the I.C. R. R. was being built in 1855.
A construction Engineer on the Rail Road project was named Ashley.
He gave it the name.
As far as I know it carried the name of Woodrome Settlement until that time.
Woodrome is spelled many ways in History books.
courtesy of : Bucky McCoy

East Railroad Street
Ashley, Illinois; East Railroad Street
Jackson Street
Ashley, Illinois; Jackson Street
Photos furnished by : Bucky McCoy

L and N Depot
 L & N Depot in Ashley
Photo furnished by : Bucky McCoy
      The L & N Depot was built in the early 1870s.
      The railroad was first named the St. Louis and South Eastern.
      The depot was demolished in 1985 by a crew from Salem, Illinois. The building to the right is a residence owned by W. J. McCoy. The building to the rear was a grain elevator, and it was demolished in 1995. The property was owned by David Whipple. W. J. "Bucky" McCoy tried to purchase the Depot, but could not raise the five thousand to get ti moved to the Ashley Park.
Louisville and Nashville Railroad
Section Crew - 1929 - Ashley, Illinois
1929 L & N Section Crew
Photo furnished by : Bucky McCoy
standing, left to right
Alva Flanagan - Winfield McClain - Sam McClain - Bill Kane - Henry Parker - A. M. Stephens, Forman
kneeling, left to right
John McCoy - Frank Esmond

Ashley Women
Circa ? 1920s ?
photo of Ashley Women
Photo furnished by : Bucky McCoy
1.Mary Spear  18.Minnie Gilbert  35. 
2.   19.   36. 
3.   20.Alice Spear  37._?_ Foster
4.Mary Gyles Thon  21.   38. 
5.   22.   39.Mrs. Bill O'Bryant
6.Mrs. Harry Keen  23.Lillian Fry  40. 
7.Doris Berry Watson  24.Helen Mitchell O'Bryant  41. 
8.Estella Foehr  25.   42. 
9.   26.   43. 
10.   27.Francis _?_  44. 
11.   28.   45.Perle Barret Martin
12.Dorothy Hoover  29.   46. 
13.Sarah A. Holton  30.   47. 
14.   31.   48. 
15.   32.   49.Ella Weir Ather
16.   33.   50. 
17.   34.   51.Stella Dahnke

Benton Grocery Store
Before 1925
Ashley, Illinois
Benton Grocery Store
Tom And Carlos Benton
Benton Grocery Store Interior
Photographs courtesy of Bucky McCoy

Geiger Bros. Furniture Store
Before The Fire
Ashley, Illinois
Geiger Bros. Furniture Store
Postcard photo courtesy of Frank Absher

Ashley, Illinois
S. T. Gudgel, Prop.
Photo courtesy of Bucky McCoy

Many remember the man who ran a gasoline station in Ashley, Illinois.
Mr. Harold Seibert weighing just a few pounds less than 600.
The year was 2003 when the building became the by product of the wrecking ball.
Gone forever except in the minds of a few citizens,.
courtesy of : Bucky McCoy
photo of  Harold Seibert
Photo furnished by : Bucky McCoy
Harold "Fat" Seibert, weighing in at 550 pounds,
stands in front of his service station during th 1940's.
Harold had also been a salesman for the "Big John Tobacco Company".
At the age of 48, Harold Seibert passed away, from a stroke, in 1947.

The mid thirties found Ashley hosting the Washington County Fair in the spacious Ashley's City Park.
It lived a few short years before it was moved to Nashville to better serve the County.
The year is 2006 and it's still serving its intended use in Nashville., Illinois.
courtesy of : Bucky McCoy

The year was 1936 when three civic minded people in Ashley determined a need
for a Candy Manufacturing facility. Mr. D. W. Dawkins was in charge.
A building was erected, small it was, but it was a candy factory.
Soon we hope to have a History of the operation.
We still have people in the area Today who "remember When".
The year being 2006 provides a ghost like appearance with partial rooms standing.
Idea born( 1938 ).Manufacturing met its decease in (1972)
At Closing time W. J. "Bucky" McCoy was Plant manager with nearly 400 employees.
courtesy of : Bucky McCoy
- - - - -      - - - - -      - - - - -
Ashley Candy Factory
Ashley Candy Factory
Ashley Candy Factory employees
Ashley Candy Factory employees before plant closing
Left to right :
Clara Franks, Wilma Undarholt, Irene Szaikowski, Mel Morse, Joseph Pryzgoda, Josephine Kula

Harrl Beatty Photograph Collection
Courtesy of Larry & Jo House
Ashley, Illinois Homecoming
Ashley, Illinois Homecoming
Homecoming at Ashley, Illinois


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