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Ashley Township School
Ashley Township School
This Building was in use from 1916 to 1972
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By :Wilbert "Bucky" McCoy
  Bucky McCoy
November 27, 2007
updated       June 17, 2009
&       October 25, 2009
      The first School of mention was built in around 1890 or close to. The first part was four rooms with outside toilets and it had two rooms added on top later, but it burned about noon time in the mid-1913 (nineteen thirteen). No sooner than it fire stopped smoking the debris was being removed and later in the year the first car load of four inch by eight inch bricks were brought to town Via the L & N Rail Road from Albion Illinois Brick Yard. Two days later Brick Masons were at work on the new building. It took more than two years to get these four inch bricks in place.
Ashley Township High School
Certificate Of Recognition
A Recognized Four Year High School
September 1, 1915
1915 certificate

The year was 1916 (Nineteen Sixteen)and was the date of its' official opening.
Ashley School photo2

      The facility was kept cool by opening windows. Heat was furnished by coal fired furnaces, two of them, but most of the time one furnace could force enough steam into the schools rooms radiators to heat the building. This left one to idle and they were hand fired. Later the furnaces were stoker fired and made for more consistent heat.
      I, Bucky McCoy pretty well remembers the lay out of the inside class rooms. The second floor was used by students 9 through 12. This was High School. The first floor was laid claim by students one through eight.
      High School and Grade school shared the basement rooms. There was a time when the Home Economics class was held in the south east corner of the basement, How-ever the west send of the top floor was called the Auditorium. We called it the study hall.
      The north end of this room had an elaborate stage. This was needed because it seemed some classes were practicing something and the school band used it on which to practice instrument playing. It had an heavy Velvet like curtain that was pulled open and closed between scenes and acts of plays. The only seating were pupils desks. Town people paid to see these plays, but seating was at a premium. The cost of a ticket was ten cents for students and under twelve children and twenty five cents for adult tickets. To enter this room was by double doors on the east side. Later on the west side on the outside a fire escape was installed. I believe this was 1936. By nineteen thirty one the stage and other extra curricular activities had been moved to the new Gymnasium. The same building stands today. The year is 2007 and it appears it will be used for several years to come. Let me get back to the Auditorium. It was about fifty feet square. Once with oiled floors, but later changed to varnished floors. Around three sides were large windows, with pull down curtains and two pieces of iron over each window. This was to keep students out of the windows. The only detractions were storms. The lightning was frightening. The room was filled with desks. By this time electric lights were installed.
      Class rooms, two of them was entered directly from the auditorium namely the Typing room and the History room which also exited into the hall-way. The other rooms classes changed each year due to students enrolled in a class. The Superintendents office was on the east end of the floor. One room was called a music room. Most time it was used to store instruments. I remember several band directors, but Paul (Pops) Daniels had more going on all of the time. He always had several projects in the making. He was a work-a-holic. Seems like he had little time for himself. Ask an old student what teacher is remembered. Most of them will answer, "Pop Daniels." An old, old student will probably say, "Miss Addie Woodrome." She ruled with a strap, a paddle, a pointer, a ruler and if nothing more to slap faces. She could make you learn with tears in the eyes. There was always punishment by standing in the hall, in the cloak room, the supply closet, the corner of the room, a chair by her desk You could always expect a paddling for good measure. We boys thought for no reasons. Females were not excluded.


Three in Graduating Class This Year - Prof. Shryock of Carbondale Delivers Address
        The annual commencement exercises of the Ashley high school were held in the M. E. Church last Monday evening. A large and appreciative audience was present and enjoyed the evening's exercises. There were three members in the graduating class this year, they being Misses Nellie N. Woodrome and Gail Coleman and W. Lyle Benton. In accordance with the custom prevailing the address of the evening was delivered by Prof. H. W. Shryock of the Southern Illinois Normal at Carbondale. County School Superintendent Robert Pence of Nashville was also in attendance. The program in detail was as follows:
Music ........................................Orchestra
Invocation .................................Rev. F. W. Grupe
Vocal Solo..................................Arthur Lee
Vocal Solo .................................Mrs. W. C. O'Bryant
Violin Solo .................................Charles Kerstine
Address ......................................Prof. H. W. Shryock
Presentation of Diplomas ..........Dr. H. A. Walker
--Appearing on Page 3, Nashville (IL) Democrat, May 7, 1908
Article furnished by : Jo House

Class Photos

Ashley School Class
unkown year
Ashley School Class unkown year
Postcard Furnished by W. J. "Bucky" McCoy
Written on th back is : "Donald Moss, third from right in front row, white shirt."
From the building, a guess would be that this is before the new school was built in 1916.

Ashley School Class
unkown year
Ashley School Class unkown year
Photograph Furnished by W. J. "Bucky" McCoy
Front Row :
1. Evelyn Schubach
2. Mary Kay Ray
3. Patty Miller
4. Nancy Vaughn
5. Dorothy Vaughn
Middle (at ends) :
6. Miriam Hartegan
7. Jane Peeck
Back Row :
  8. Jacob Scherer
  9. Larry Jones
10. Charles Robbins
11. Tommy Woodrome
12. Bobby Gill
13. Jack Aldridge
14. Darrell McCoy

1906 Ashley Grade School, Room 4
Ashley School 1906 Room 4
Photograph Furnished by W. J. "Bucky" McCoy
Teacher, Laura Guyman
Names on Back by Fern E. McCoy nee McKinzie 1900-1988

Left to right Back Row

1. Orland McNail
4. Charley Flanagan
10. Neil Peeck
2.        McCoy
5. Elmer Poppy
8. John Branumm
3. Bill Brehm
6. Lee Guyman
9. Bert Martin
Row Two
14. Ruth Holzapple
17. Jim Hudson
20. Okie Hudson
23. Victor White
26. Evylyn Barrett
29. Neva Golden
33. Homer Walker
21. Ruth Mail
27. Cole Keller
30.                    31. Glen Allen
13. Sister Lucy
16. Edith Smith
19. Bill Logan
25. Ruth Woodrome
28. Ruth Coulter
32. Harold Hoover

1906 Ashley Grade School, Room 6
Ashley Schoo 1906 Room 6
Photograph Furnished by Larry House
The teacher in the photo is Harold Henry House
He and his family lived in Ashley from 1906-1908. He taught school in Ashley and worked part-time as a freight clerk for the Illinois Central Railroad before moving to Nashville and establishing a law practice.

Circa 1925 Ashley Grade School
1925 Ashley School grade 1
Photograph Furnished by W. J. "Bucky" McCoy
First Grade
Teacher is Sidney Moore

Circa 1926 Ashley Grade School
1925 Ashley School grade 2
Photograph Furnished by W. J. "Bucky" McCoy
Second Grade
Teacher is Bessie Gilpin

Circa 1927 Ashley Grade School
1927 Ashley School
Photograph Furnished by W. J. "Bucky" McCoy

Circa 1932 Ashley Grade School
1925 Ashley School grade 8
Photograph Furnished by W. J. "Bucky" McCoy
Eighth Grade
Girl on left in second row (marked with "X") is Dorothy Hoover

Ashley Grade School Seventh Grade Class

1950 Ashley School
Photograph Furnished by W. J. "Bucky" McCoy
  Back Row
  1. James L. McCoy
  2. Sharon Oliver
  3. Eileen Resch
  4. Robert Hamil
  5. Janice Kirgan
  6. Robert Lamar
  7. Earl Jeffers
  8. Jon Zeman
  9. Donna Severs
10. Mrs. Phillips
Front Row
11. Unknown
12. Sharon Pratt
13. Clarence "Sonny" Howard
14. Randy Newcomb
15. Jim Whittaker
16. Mike Hogan
17. James Johnson
18. Donald Hawkins
19. Linda Shopinski

Ashley Grade School Second Grade Class
1956 - 1957

1956-1957 Ashley School
Photograph Furnished by Susan P. S. Burke
  Back Row
  Rosemary Morange (teacher)
  Albert Langa
  Paul Smalley
  Beth Ann Smith
  Rich Arment
  Karen Miller
  Bob Kolkmeyer
  Geraldine Newcomb
Front Row
  John Quale
  Jim Hoppe
  Larry Rosanck
  Ann Stelzriede
  Chris Stepheni
  Harold Wetzel
  Pat Smith
  Gloria Shopinski
  Jane Berger
  Leatha Kramer
  Dean Birdsing
  David Birdsing

Ashley Grade School Class
Unknown Year
undated Ashley School Class
Photograph Furnished by W. J. "Bucky" McCoy
  Back Row
Dianne Sensel
Sharon Walker
James Jeffers
Ronald Ellermeyer
Garry Lane
Patsy Setzekorn
Shelby Kramer
Marilyn Schleifer
Mrs. Phillips
Front Row
Wanda Lane
Bobbie Jones
Johny Vaughn
_?_ Plassman
Delvin Hartnell
George Setzekorn
_?_ Zee
John Spear
Paul Jeffers

Ashley Grade School Seventh Grade Class
1962 - 1963

1962 - 1963 Ashley School grade 5
Photograph Furnished by W. J. "Bucky" McCoy
  Back Row
Pat Smith
_?_ Wetzel
Bernard Strain
Linda Johnson
Dannie Hogan
Pam Trenary
Dickie Peeck
Mrs. Phillips
Front Row
Gene Buretta
Dale Hartnell
Mike Organ
Susan Smalley
Jim Coultas
David Setzekorn

Ashley Grade School Second Grade Class
1963 - 1964

1963-1964 Ashley School
Photograph Furnished by Susan P. S. Burke
  Back Row
  Leslie Mill
  Mary Plassman
  Peggy Schleifer
  Rosemary Morange (teacher)
  Leslie Boldt
  Sallie Boswell
  Glen Johannes
Front Row
  Tom Cameron
  - Unknown -
  Debbie Bielong
  Kathy Reid
  Suzanne McElroy
  Robin Jeffers

Ashley Grade School Seventh Grade Class
1963 - 1964

1962 - 1963 Ashley School grade 5
Photograph Furnished by W. J. "Bucky" McCoy

Ashley Grade School Seventh Grade Class
1965 - 1966

1965 - 1966 Ashley School grade 5
Photograph Furnished by W. J. "Bucky" McCoy
  Back Row
Brent Arment
Joe Hayes
Eddie Page
Betty Schleifer
Louis Jeffers
Donna Ellermeyer
Mark Houser
Dennis Briesacher
Mrs. Phillips
Front Row
Artie Cameron
Kevin Miller
David Yoho
Lee Cortilyou
Barbara Smallwood
Jimmy Deering
Shirley Pioter
Gary Chesnek
Gary Barker

Ashley Grade School Fifth Grade Class
1973 - 1974

1973 - 1974 Ashley School grade 5
Photograph Furnished by W. J. "Bucky" McCoy
  Back Row
Mike Curtis
Randy Hugg
Dickie Whipple
Barbara Hayes
Robbin Tiberend
Leonard Lamzyk
Carmen Fortag
Julia Boldt
Patty Downey
Middle Row
Mrs. Phillips
Michelle Burns
David Whipple
Brenda Purkey
Tommy Berry
Judy Kallas
Kim Oliver
Kevin Rath
R. Setzekorn
Todd Evans
Front Row
Sandy Russel
Karen Kiegan
Mike Adkins
Charles Cameron
Karen Gibson
Bobby Ulery
Betty Shopkinski
Susan Strain
Patty Cameron

Ashley School Graduates
undated Ashley School Graduates
Photograph Furnished by W. J. "Bucky" McCoy
  Back Row
Bob Gill
Frankie Kasban
Larry Jones
Charlie Robbins
Jacob Scherer
Milton Cameron
Darrell McCoy
Middle Row
Matilda Nadolski
Wilma Broun
Therdsa Kujewa
Dorothy Evans
Barbara Johnson
Evelyn Draege
Evelyn Schubach
Front Row
Bob Tucker
Dorothy Vaughn
Jane Peeck
Rozella Nadolski
Ethel Groves
Rita Rynski
Ruth Tucker
Ardell Cameron

Teachers' Photos

Ashley School Teachers
unkown year
Ashley School Teachers, unkown year
Photograph Furnished by W. J. "Bucky" McCoy
Front Row :
1. Imogene Daniels
2. Evelyn Stein
3. Viola Stroube
4. Rosemary Morange
5. Mrs. Phillips
Back Row :
6. Paul Daniels
7. Wesley Jones
8. John Dodillet
9. Clifford Kahre

Ashley School Teachers
1963 - 1964
Ashley School Teachers, 1963-1964 year
Photograph Furnished by W. J. "Bucky" McCoy
Front Row :
  7. Wesley Jones
  8. Paul Daniels
  9. John dodillet
10. Clifford Kahre
Back Row :
1. Mrs. K. Phillips
2. Viola Stroube
3. Rosemary Morange
4. Mrs. Johnson
5. Pearl Thompson
6. Imogene Daniels

Ashley School Teachers
unkown year
Ashley School Teachers, unkown year
Photograph Furnished by W. J. "Bucky" McCoy


1931 School String Band
1931 School String Band
Photograph Furnished by W. J. "Bucky" McCoy

Ashley School Band
Date is Unknown
undated Ashley School Band
Photograph Furnished by W. J. "Bucky" McCoy

Chorus   -   Glee Club

1936 Ashley Township High School
Girls Glee Club

1936 Ashley HS Girls Glee Club
Photograph Furnished by W. J. "Bucky" McCoy
Front Row left to right
Alice Fae Foehr, Clara Keen, Ruth Guerney, Sidney Davis, Betty Lou Lowry, Nadine LeGendre, Elenor Lance,
Ina Abbot, Sponsor (teacher at Ashley Township High School)
Second Row left to right
Emlyn Woodrome (Pianist), June A. Howell, Charlotte, McDonald, Geraldine Wilkins, Midred Riddle, Regina Mydler
Back Row left to right
Jane Geurney, Laverne Skibinski, Yvonne Skibinski, Maxine Oglesby, Patty Hoover

School News items


Ashley News       -       January 26, 1956
Lester Kane
Lester Kane

      Lester Kane answered the start-
ing buzzer for the last time as an
Ashley Township High School
basketball player on Tuesday
night, January 10 at Breeze.
      Kane, a four year regular,
reached the age of 20 after the
Breeze game, thus becoming in-
eligible, due to the age rule of the
Illinois High School Athletic
      Coach Olson used Kane as the
"sixth man" this year because of
his eligibility status. "But he has
played as much as most regu-
lars." Olson said.
      Kane, 5-8, was Ashley's leading
scorer last year and has made 87
points in 14 games as a spot play-
er this year.
      "His spark and hustle have been
instrumental in several of our
wins to date," Olson adds.
      "I thought, perhaps, his enthui-
asm would be dimmed by not be-
ing a starter, but he responded
even better than I had hoped for."
      Lester has become almost a
legend at Ashley high, and it will
not seem like it is time for a
game without him being in uni-
      "He is the only boy I can find
records on who earned a letter
in each of his four years at A. T.
H. S," Coach Olson said.
      Lester was also Ashley's regu-
lar left fielder on the A. T. H. S.
baseball team.

Article Furnished by W. J. "Bucky" McCoy


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