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Company B, 111th Illinois Volunteers
50th Anniversary

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Excerpted article from
Nashville Journal,
Nashville, Illinois
1 August 1912

Reunion in Coulterville

Co. B, 111th Ill. Inf., Enlisted at Lively Grove,
Will Observe 50th Anniversary Aug. 13

Tuesday, Aug. 13, 1912, marks the fiftieth anniversary of the enlistment of Company B of the 111th Illinois Volunteer Infantry and the local and nearby survivors of this Company have selected Coulterville as the place for celebrating this epoch in the history of Illinois Civil War Veterans.

The Company consisting of some 110 men enlisted at Old Unity church in Lively Grove township on the 13th of August, 1862, with Samuel Coulter of Oakdale as Captain. Of the men who were present as spectators on this occasion only two remain, namely, Uncle John Lyons of Marissa and H. Leupker, of Lively Grove.

There are about 33, of the Company still living, and of these only 14 are to be found in the nearby community, namely: J. McBride, C. Kingston and A. Paul of Coulterville, Capt. Coulter, J. Piper and R.G. Ardrey, of Oakdale, Harrison Dial and J.A. Wilson of Marisssa, Geo. Mearns and J.K. McIntosh, of Tilden, Hooker Martin of Nashville, John Houston of Hoyleton, John Brown of Beaucoup, and H.T. Lessley of Mascqutah, This company was one of those which accompanied W.T. Sherman on his famous "March Through Georgia."


Excerpted article from
Nashville Journal,
Nashville, Illinois
Thursday, 15 August 1912


Veterans Meet at Coulterville to Commemorate Date of Enlistment-Fine Program-Survivors Present-Relics Exhibited-History and Names of Company B.

The fiftieth anniversary of the enlistment of Company B, 111th Illinois Volunteers, was celebrated at Coulterville Tuesday.

A most excellent program had been prepared for the occasion. Music was furnished by the Marissa band. Attorney J.F. Sanford had charge of the exercises. The scripture reading and Psalm sung were the same at the service held when Co. B left for the scene of war a half century ago.

The address of welcome was made by V. J. Adami, and the many visitors who crowded the beautiful park also enjoyed speeches by Judge L. Bernreuter of Nashville, S.C. Harwood of Carbondale, Robt. P. Hill of Marion, Raymond Smiley of Pinckneyville and Revs. J.L. Chestnut, W.S. Fulton, J.E. Nickerson and Goings. The songs and drills were appreciated and praised by all who saw and heard them. Mrs. J.F. Sanford's Entertainers made a special hit.

Alex McAllisters' war song was much appreciated.

[ speakers in attendance and those unable to attend referenced ]

A Confederate flag captured by the company, a highly prized souvenir, and other war relics were shown.

A reunion of the 111th Ill. Inf. Reg. Will be held at Salem Aug. 28 in connection with the Old Soldiers reunion.

The following veterans present registered: S.L. Coulter and R.J. Ardrey of Oakdale, John Houston of Hoyleton, J.K. McIntosh, George Mearus, J.A. Wilson, Harrison Dial of Marissa, W.L. Farmer of 4348 Ashland, St. Louis, Z. Leslie of Mascouta, J(?).E. Castle of Salem, A.W. Paul, Christy Kingston, Jessie McBride of Coulterville, Jas. Doughterty of Stockton, Kan., John Brown of Richview, Milton Pate of Sandoval, S.R. Barnes of 158 Franklin, St. Louis, John M. Myers of Sparta, all of Co. B, 111th Ill., A.F. Whitchurch of Baldwin of Co. E, 59th Ill., John Boyd of Oakdale, Robert Carrick of Nashville, Co. F, 10th Mo., James Martin of Nashville, J.M. Torrens of Oakdale, Alex McAllister of Sparta, of Co. I, 80th Ill., Henry Stokes of Coulterville, J.C. McHenry, Robert Boyd of Sparta of Co. K, 5th Ill., J. Koenigstein of Tamaroa, of Co. M, 7th Ill., Jas. R. Neal of Coulterville, of Co. I, 22nd Ill., Tilton Wilson of Gary, Ind., of Co. H, 111th Ill., J.A. Woodson of Coulterville of Co. H, 5th Ill., Wm. Osborn of Coulterville, C.W. Edgar of Sparta of Co. F, 80th Ill., Levi North of Marissa and Andrew Wilson of Coulterville, Co. A, 31 Ill., John Wallace of Coulterville, Co. B, 102nd Mich., J.F. Hoffman of Nashville, Co. C, 49th Ill., Wm. Given of Nashville, Co. D, 48th Ill., J.W. Caldwell of Sparta, Co. H, 22nd Ill., G.W. Wilson of Sparta, Co. F, 154th Ill., A. McMillan of Sparta, Co. H, 10th Mo., R.E. Wilken, J.H. Sloane, Co. B, 136th Ill., John Teel, Joseph Dickey, Co. H, 142nd Ill., Jas. Land of Marissa, Co. K, 117th Ill., Archey Stewart of Sparta, Co. G, 80th Ill., J.L. Adams, Co. C, 110th Ill., S.B. Hood of Sparta, Co. I, 22nd Ill., J.M. Temple of Sparta, Co. K, 142nd. Ill., T.J. McLean of Oakdale, Co. I, 30th Ill., N. Zimmer of Coulterville and Wm. McConnell of Swanwick, Co. C, 140th Ill., Jas. B. McNulty of Swanwick and G.B. McDonald of Sparta, Co. C, 30th Ill., Robert Luney of Oakdale, Co. G, 13th Ill., John Cascom of Coulterville, Mississippi squadron.

The following brief history of Co. B, 111th Ill. Regt., is reprinted from the JOURNAL issue of June 8, 1883. It was written by one of the survivors and the account will be of special interest to our readers, since the fiftieth anniversary of Co. B celebrated Tuesday called to mind their gallant fight to defend the Union against secession.

Company B, 111th Ill., enlisted on the 13th day of August, 1862, under Capt. Anderson Myers, and went into camp at Richview, Ill., where they remained about 2 weeks, when they went to Salem where they with other companies, were organized as the 111th Ill. Col. Jas. S. Martin commanding.


[ [The remainder of the article concerns the engagements
in which they 111th fought. For genealogical purposes, the excerpt
above focuses on those attending the reunion 50 years later.
A muster roll concludes the article. I believe that is on-line now.


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