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Washington County, Illinois
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Job H. Harryman
February 1, 1831 - October 24, 1884
      Was born in Washington County, Illinois, Feb 1st, 1831. He was the son of Charles and Winny HARRYMAN. His father was a native of Tennessee; born Sept 1st, 1793, he emigrated to and settled in what is now Okawville precinct; in 1818 he settled on Sec. 36, T. 1, R. 5. He raised a family of twelve children, and died at Okawville, March 7, 1867.
      The subject of our sketch was raised on a farm. At the age of twenty-two he was united in marriage to Miss Martha LAND; after three months she died, and he married Miss Louisa COOK in 1865. By this union they had a family of six children born to them; viz. : Joseph M., Rachel L., Charles W., Thomas J., Job L., and Carl. His second wife died January 1872. He was again married to Miss Margaret MERRICK, Sep. 22d, 1872. They have a family of three children; viz. : William E., Susan A. and Matilda M.
      Mr. HARRYMAN has always lived the life of a farmer, and now lives within one mile of where his father settled in 1818. In olitics he is a Democrat. Such is a brief sketch of one of the oldest native-born citizens in Okawvillw precinct.
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Notes :
Residing inTownship 1, Range 5, Okawville, Section 24,
      Job HARRYMAN, Farmer & Stock Raiser, born in Wash. Co., Ill, in 1831
      Mrs. Marg't. HARRYMAN, Wife of J. H., born in Germany in 1840
Residing inTownship 1, Range 5, Venedy, Section 23,
      Carl A. HARRYMAN, Farmer & Stock Raiser, born in Germany in 1837.

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Harryman Cemetery
Venedy Township, Washington County, Illinois

Job Harryman tombstone       Job Harryman tombstone close-up
Biography & Notes : 1879 History of Washington County, Illinois
      Brink, McDonough & Co.; Philadelphia; Corresponding Office, Edwardsville, ILL.; 1879
Tombstones Photographs : By Toni Kohrmann


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