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William Jefferson Wright


William Jefferson WRIGHT was born on February 2, 1829 in Kentucky,
     the son of Robert Shelton Wright and Rachel Davis
He served in the Civil War with the Union Army
     with Company I, 60th Illinois Infantry
      & possibly with   Co. D, 17th KY Inf.
     At 24 years of age and being 5' 8" tall with dark hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion.
     Enlisted as a Recruit on March 28, 1864 in Spring Garden, Jefferson County, Illinois
     Mustered in as a Private on April 17, 1864 in Centralia, Illinois
     Transferred to Veterans Reserve Corps on January 16, 1865
In 1870 he married Jane Johnson
Around 1872 in Jefferson County, Illinois, he married Mary Ann Cox
      or Mary Ann Trout as stated in son George's obituary.
      She was born on October 20, 1855 and died in 1895
In 1880 they were living in Bald Hill, Jefferson County, Illinois
In 1900 William was living with six children in Ashley, Washington County, Illinois.
William's children include :
     George W. Wright, born August 19, 1873    See: Obituary
     Martha J. Wright, born April 15, 1875
     Ida Mae Wright, born November 17, 1876; died in 1964
     Mary Etta Wright, born February 2, 1878
     Oliver W. Wright, born November 10, 1879     See: Mayoral Candidacy Advertisement
     Amanda Elizabeth Wright, born February 3, 1881
     Francis Ludella Wright, born October 27, 1882
     Clara Bell Wright, born April 6, 1885
     Cora Ethel Wright, born June 2, 1887    See: Obituary
     Nellie F. Wright, born January 30, 1889
     Addie Blanche Wright, born May 19, 1891
     Ira Earl Wright, born April 3, 1893
     Reva Pearl Wright, born April 3, 1893
William Jefferson Wright died on March 21, 1904 in Ashley, Washington County, Illinois.
He and his wife are buried in Union-Brick Cemetery, Ashley Township, Washington County, Illinois.

Photographs and photo information
furnished by :
Dr. Francis L. McKenzie,
received from Mary J. McKenzie, of Ashley.

Cora Ethel (nee WRIGHT) McKENZIE  


  Picture, right to left:
Addie (Wright) Cohlmeyer,
Ida (Wright) Thompson,
Cora Ethel (Wright) McKenzie (Myrle's mother and Francis' Grandmother),
Fannie (Wright) Friley Hemmerlein,
Della (Wright) Reed,
Nell (Wright) Johnson Ingram,
Oliver W Wright, who was Postmaster and also Mayor of Centralia.

siblings not pictured George W Wright,
Lizzie (Wright) Burell,
Ettie (Wright) Hawkins,
Fannie (Wright) Keller,
Reva (Wright) Critmeyer,

Ida, Hershel, Harvey son-in-law and Edna  





Mayoral Candidacy Advertisement
possibly from the "Centralia Sentinal"

O. W. Wright Statement
      Of Candidacy For Mayor

    First. I wish all Centralians to know that running
for Mayor of our City was and is my own idea.
   I was not drafted--I am not the candidate of
any man, any group, any civic or frateranl organi-
zation or any special interest.
    I feel that I am qualified for this position and
that I know the needs of this community.
    I feel that I am capable of assisting in organiz-
ing and conducting a progressive, efficient and eco-
nomical city administration.
    If elected, I will give all of my time to the duties
of my office and the affairs of the City of Cenntralia.
    As Mayor I would establish my office at the City
Hall where the door will be open to every resident
of Centralia regardless of class, color, creed or sta-
tion in life
    I believe that only by securing a cross section of
knowledge, ideas, advice and opinions, can a public
official intelligently make decisions of vital impor-
tance affectingthe lives of all our population.
    My promise to all Centralia is, if elected, I will
do my best and will live up to my many years of
training in public service guided always by the prin-
ciple of honest, efficient, just and courteous treat-
ment to the public.



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