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Schuetz Families
By : Noel Schutz

The past several years I have researched the Schuetz family of Washington County
(Venedy, Plum Hill, Johannisburg, my grandfather's family)
and also have a great deal of information on the Rehbein family (my grandmother's family from Jacob Rehbein).
I am in contact with some Schuetz/Schutz and Rehbein family researchers and would
like to make the information available to others that we may pool our information.

Our Schuetz family came from Thalfroeschen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany when Peter Schuetz
and his wife Louise Burkhard and their six children (Jacob, Peter, Daniel, Christian, Conrad and Louise)
arrived on the ship Tampico from Le Havre, France in 1867.
His older brother Carl and his daughters also sailed from Le Havre later on, settling first in New York
and then in New Orleans where they are buried.
The Eblen family traces their lineage through the two Schutz daughters who both married Eblen
(Maria and then after her death her sister Cathrine). In Germany Peter and Carl were blacksmiths.

Johann Wendel Schuetz who moved to Thalfroeschen is the third son of Johann Friedrich
who with his brother Ludwig were blacksmiths in Voderweidenthal. Their lineages have been
extensively researched by the Ohio River Valley Families website and two others. Many of
their descendants immigrated to Pennsylvania and Ohio at an earlier period than our lineage.

Freidrich and Ludwig were sons of Joh. Henrich Schuetz of Lagensoultzbach, Bas-Rhin, Alsace
(France at that time, but before 1648 and during the late 19th century under German administration
and German-speaking). Heinrich's older brother, Joh. Jacob, settled in Froeschwiller, just three miles
from Langensoultzbach, and practically on the German border near Voderweidenthal.
The two brothers had large families and some of their descendants at a very early period immigrated to the US,
also in PA and OH mostly.

Heinrich and Jacob were also blacksmiths and son of a blacksmith Hans Schuetz who married in
Duntzenheim, Alsace, some 25 miles or so southwest of Langensoultzbach.
Both Heinrich and Jacob were born there. Hans seems to have apprenticed as a blacksmith with the local burgher,
blacksmith and schoolteacher, Hans Jacob Schmidt, and Hans married Jacob's daughter Maria Barbara Schmidt.
They seem to have come from Wurttemberg just across the Rhine to the east.

Hans father is said to have been Hans Schuetz, shoemaker, of Bantigen, Bern, Switzerland.
Bantigen is a lovely but tiny hamlet on the slopes of the famed The Bantiger mountain just northeast
of the city of Bern in the parish of Bollinger. Research is continuing to confirm and expand this information.

To Contact Noel by E-Mail : Noel Schutz
Associate Professor
Department of Foreign Languages and Literature
National Chi Nan University,
Puli, Nanou County

[Son of Noel Schuetz of St. Louis, who was son of Christian Michael Schuetz of Washington Country,
who was son of Christian Schuetz who immigrated to the US with his father Peter and mother Louis and
his brothers Jacob, Daniel, Peter, Conrad and his sister Louise.]

2000-2007 Wayne Hinton

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