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The Noble and German Family of Schuetz
By : Quentin Schuetz
European Lineage
Hans Schütz (???? - Abt. 1646) "The Eldest Schütz, Craftsman of Switzerland"

Hans Schütz (???? - Abt. 1649) "The Shoemaker of Switzerland"

Hanns Henrich Schütz (Abt. 1625 - Bef. 1673) "The Shoemaker of Bantigen"

Hans Heinrich Schütz (1647 - 1685) "The Burgher of Bas-Rhin"

Johann Henrich Schütz (1684 - 1752) "The Justice of Langensoultzbach"

Johann Friedrich Schütz (1720 - 1777) "The Blacksmith of Vorderweidenthal"

Johann Wendel Schütz (1751 - 1825) "The Mastersmith of Thalfröschen"

The German Root
      Johann Peter Schütz, the son of the well-known master smith Johann Wendel Schütz, was born on June 23, 1784 in Thalfröschen, Germany. He was the descendant of a prominent and well-respected line and trained under his father to become a blacksmith. He married first to Maria Elisabetha Leichel and had five children Carl Frederich, Anna Maria, Magdalena, Peter, and Georg Jacob Schütz. Sons Carl and Peter also became blacksmiths and later immigrated to the United States. Georg Jacob, the youngest son, became a carpenter and died in his early twenties. Daughters Anna and Magdalena both married and had families in Germany.

      After the death of his first wife, Johann Peter Schütz married to Philippina Louise Keller on September 29, 1839. A daughter, Elisabetha Schütz, was born to them the next year. Elisabetha married Jacob Jung in Germany and had a small family. Their son, Jacob Jung, jr., immigrated in 1883 and traveled with a relative named Wendel Jung to the port of New York. From there, Jacob traveled west and met up with the family of his Uncle Peter Schütz in Illinois. Jacob Jung died in the 1920's leaving several children.

      Reaching the age of seventy years, Johann Peter Schütz left for the better land on February 12, 1855.

New Orleans Patriarch Carl Schütz
      Carl Frederich Schütz, the eldest son, was born in Thalfröschen on June 30, 1811. By tradition, he became an apprentice to his father and became a blacksmith. He stayed in Thalfröschen, the Schütz home since his grandfather Wendel settled there in the 1780's. On September 5, 1839, he was united in marriage to Elizabeth Catharina Wolf. Six children were blessed to this union Peter, Maria, Jacob, Peter, Adam, and Catherine Schütz. Sons Peter, Jacob, and possibly Adam died in childhood. The surviving Peter Schütz immigrated with his uncle of the same name in 1867.

      It is believed that Carl's wife died in Germany and that he moved to the port city of Le Havre in France. Carl Schütz, his two daughters, and son-in-law left Le Havre in 1871 and arrived at the port of New York. They lived in Brooklyn for some time before settling in New Orleans, although Catherine remained behind in New York. Her husband, Henry Loer, was a clockmaker that died young. Maria had married John Eblen in Le Havre a year before immigrating. They had several children before Maria's health began to drastically decline. Aiding her dying sister, Catherine came down to New Orleans in Maria's last months. After her sister's death, Catherine married John Eblen in 1890 and had two children.

      Carl Schütz lived a good life and aged well into his eighties. He died in New Orleans on October 1, 1898.

Venedy Patriarch Peter Schütz
      Peter Schütz was born to Johann Peter Schütz and Maria Elisabetha Leichel in Thalfröschen on November 29, 1821, and was baptized on November 30th. He was an apprentice to his father and became the sixth generation of his family to enroll in the blacksmith trade. On June 4, 1844, Peter Schütz was united in marriage to Louise Burkhard, the daughter of Friedrich Burkhard and Philippina Louise Keller. Peter and Louise had seven children, Jacob Conrad, Peter, Christian Michael, Adam, Conrad, Daniel, and Louise Keller Schütz. Their son Adam died in infancy.

      After the birth of their youngest son, Daniel Schütz, Peter and Louise planned to have one more son in order to be eligible for a government bonus. This 'bonus' was military exemption for any family with seven males under one roof. Of course when Louise was born in 1861, their plans were ruined and their precious sons were vulnerable to being drafted. They held their situation until the spring of 1867, when the Austro-Prussian War was on the horizon, and traveled to the port of Le Havre, France.

      On May 11, 1867, Peter Schütz and his family boarded the Tampico and set sail across the Atlantic Ocean. After a relatively short journey, the Schuetz family arrived at Castle Garden, the precursor of Ellis Island, on May 29th. The Schuetz family wasted no time getting to Illinois and they 'landed' in Washington County around 1868. They came by wagon train through Mascoutah to Johannisburg, where they decided to settle. They went first to Plum Hill, then to Venedy. It is said they scattered around New Memphis, Okawville, and Venedy. When the Schütz wagon train passed the school in Venedy, all the children ran to the door and watched it go by. Peter and Louise took up residence in Venedy, as did their daughter Louise. Sons Jacob, Peter, and Christian resided in Okawville. Son Conrad or "Cooney" as they called him settled in Mascoutah. Their youngest son, Daniel, decided to live in Plum Hill.
The Steamer Ship 'Tampico'
Immigrant vessel of the Schuetz family

Peter Schuetz
"Grandfather Schuetz"
"Mr. Peter Schuetz"

Louise Schuetz
"Grandmother Schuetz"
"Mrs. Peter Schuetz"

      In the United States, Peter Schütz gave up the ancestral craft of smithing and took up farming. Peter was a well-known and prominent gentleman of Venedy; and with several children and countless grandchildren, the Schuetz name became very popular in the community. Peter was known as a farmer and laborer in the 1870's; he had brown hair and sky blue eyes. According to the 1870 Census, Peter Schütz had never attended school, although he strongly believed in sending his children to pursue an education. Around 1876, Peter went to St. Louis and was photographed by the studio of Joseph W. Fischer.

      The winter of 1879 was a bitterly cold one and Peter developed pneumonia on January 9th. He died five days later on the 14th from a severe fever at the age of fifty-seven. The funeral was held the next day at the family home and Peter was buried in the cemetery at St. John's United Church of Christ of Johannisburg on the 16th.

      The widowed Louise Schütz, unable to support herself, moved in with her children. Although Louise learned how to read and write, she never gave up her native German tongue. In 1880, Louise was living in Venedy with her daughter and son-in-law, Louise and Henry Meyer. She may have also stayed with her other children over the two decades before 1900, but it is unknown. Louise Schütz appears twice in the 1900 Census, once in the home of her son Jacob, and once in the home of her son Christian. She celebrated her seventy-ninth birthday on March 12, 1904. Shortly afterwards, Louise developed a kidney disease and died a few months later on May 20, 1904. The funeral was May 22nd at the family residence and she was buried at the cemetery of St. Paul's United Church of Christ of Okawville.

From "The Nashville Democrat" May 26, 1904
      Grandmother Schuetz died at the home of her son, Jacob, last Friday evening, at the age of 79 years. The funeral occurred Sunday at one o'clock from the family residence to the White church cemetery, Rev. Schuessler officiating.

The Descendants of Peter and Louise Schütz
Jacob Conrad Schütz
      Jacob Schütz, sr., was born on April 17, 1845 in Thalfröschen to Peter and Louise Schütz. He worked in Germany as a farmer until 1867, when he immigrated with his parents and siblings. In America, Jacob worked as a laborer, likely on his father's farm, until the 1880's. He was united in marriage to Louise K. S. Barkau, the daughter of Heinrich and Henriette Barkau, on July 23, 1874. Six children were born to this couple, Louise, Herman, Jacob, August, Henry, and Amanda Schuetz. Jacob was a member of St. Paul's United Church of Christ of Okawville. In the 1900's, Jacob Schütz worked at Christ Eckert & Son saw mill and, despite cutting his foot with an axe, was a reliable worker. Jacob suffered from a kidney disease in the 1910's towards the end of his life and in his last month, was taken to the Deaconess Hospital of St. Louis. He met his demise on September 5, 1914.
From "The Nashville Journal" September 17, 1914
Jacob Schuetz, sr., whose death was reported in last week's issue, was born April 17, 1845, at Dahlfroeschen, Germany. In 1866 he emigrated to America in company with his parents, settling near Venedy. Departed was united in marriage with Miss Louise Barkau of Plum Hill in Plum Hill in 1873; to which union six children, Herman, Jacob, Hy., Aug. and Mrs. Wolf and Miss Amanda Schuetz, were born. Mr. Schuetz's health began to fall several years ago and suffered with kidney disease and other complications. About a month ago Mr. Schuetz was taken to the Deaconess Hospital in St. Louis for treatment, but his condition grew more serious until his demise Sept. 5.

Rev. Schuessler officiated at the funeral service. Deceased is survived by his wife, four sons, four daughters-in-law, two daughters, a son-in-law, one brother, Christ Schuetz of St. Louis, one sister, Mrs. Louise Fuhrman of St. Louis, sixteen grandchildren. Mr. Schuetz was a loving husband, kind friend and a faithful member of the Evangelical congregation south of Okawville. The following from a distance attended: Emelie Reinhardt of Granite City, Christ Schuetz, sr., and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fuhrman, Mrs. Peter Schuetz, sr., Mrs. Peter Schuetz, jr., Miss Lena Schuetz of St. Louis, Fred, Wm. jr., Henry, Louis Barkau and families, Mrs. Wm. Barkau, sr., Frank Finke and wife of Plum Hill, Henry Barkau, jr., and wife, Louis Finke and wife, Emil Schwiering and family of Addieville, August Schwiering and wife of Stone Church, Chas. Barkau and wife of Johannisburg, Louis Schuetz and wife, Mrs. Conrad Schuetz, sr. and son Conrad, Mrs. Wm. Frickenschmidt, Jacob Jung and wife, daughter Marie, Ed., John, Wm., August Schuetz and families, Dietrich Ruehl and family of Venedy, Dan Schuetz and wife and others of Okawville. We extend sympathy to the family.

      The widowed Louise K. S. Schütz was born in Drohne, Germany, on January 13, 1850. She immigrated in 1859 with her parents and siblings and settled in Plum Hill, Washington County, Illinois. Her father, Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Barkau, was a wealthy pioneer citizen of Plum Hill. She married Jacob in 1874 and had four sons and two daughters. Louise lived an extraordinarily long life, attaining the title of Washington County's oldest citizen. Louise celebrated her 100th birthday on January 13, 1950 and received a congratulatory letter from the governor. She was only weeks away from advancing one more year when she was summoned from her home in Okawville to the great rest on December 30, 1950

Louise Schuetz
"Mrs. Jacob Schuetz, sr."
"Mrs. Louise Schuetz"


      Louise Schuetz was born around 1875 in Illinois and married to Henry Wulf on November 28, 1897.

      Herman Henry Peter Schuetz was born in Okawville on September 30, 1878. He worked as a farmer and married Emilie Henrietta J eke around 1900. To them was born four children: Edna Louise Emma Schuetz (1902 - 1983), Elmer William Schuetz (1905 - 1936), Stella Caroline Louise Schuetz (1910 - 1994), and Dolores Minna Emma Schuetz (1922 - 2002). Herman H. P. Schuetz died in Okawville on December 18, 1960.

      Jacob Peter W. Schuetz was born in Okawville on March 1, 1881. He was a farmer and married Mary Anna Ruehl in St. Louis on December 21, 1902. Nine children were blessed to this union: Gilbert Jacob F. Schuetz (1903 - 1970), Rose Anna L. Schuetz (1905 - 1992), Olga Wilhelmine Louise Schuetz (1907 - 2006), Alfred Dietrich Hermann Schuetz (1909 - 1971), Alma Amanda Margaret Schuetz (1911 - 2005), Esther Anna Emma Schuetz (1913 - 1998), Manda Karoline Emilie Schuetz (1914 - ????), Jacob August Louis Schuetz (1916 - 2010), and Paul Henry Schuetz (1918 - 1981). Jacob P. W. Schuetz was very proud of his German heritage and fought against his son Gilbert over whether or not to abandon their German ways during World War II. Eventually, Gilbert prevailed and Jacob P. W. Schuetz was the last of his family that could fluently speak German. Jacob died on December 8, 1961.

      August C. F. Schuetz was born in Okawville on June 2, 1885. August was a very prominent farmer and married Emma C. Lemgo on October 24, 1909. To them, five children were born: Bertha Louise Chrislena Schuetz (1910 - ????), Lulu Louise Schuetz (1916 - ????), Emma Amanda Schuetz (1919 - ????), August Herman Fred Schuetz (1923 - 1977), and Violet Elenora Amelia Schuetz (1930 - ????). August Schuetz, sr., lived a long life that spanned ninety-two years and died on November 23, 1977.

      Henry Christ Schuetz was born in Okawville on January 27, 1888. He was a farmer in Washington County and on September 24, 1911, he was united in marriage to Emma M. Blumhorst. Henry and Emma had three children: Edgar Jacob Herman Schuetz (1912 - 1984), Clarence Herman Johan Schuetz (1919 -- 2006), and Leo Jacob Edward Schuetz (1920 - 1993). Henry C. Schuetz died on June 27, 1968.

      Amanda Engeline Lissette S. Schuetz was born in Okawville on September 2, 1892. She helped around the household of her brother Jacob Schuetz after Jacob's wife died. Amanda was engaged to Elmer Quernheim of Kirkwood before her untimely death in Venedy on June 11, 1921.


Peter Schütz
      Peter Schütz, sr., was born on August 21, 1847 in Thalfröschen to Peter and Louise Schütz. His grandfather, Johann Peter Schütz, died in 1855 when Peter was seven. He was confirmed at the age of thirteen on March 31, 1861. Peter worked with his younger brother, Christian, as a garden grower.

      In the May of 1867, he immigrated with his parents and siblings to the United States. After reaching Washington County in southern Illinois, Peter settled in Okawville with his brothers Jacob and Christian. He lived with his family on various farms in the late 1860's and early 1870's. Peter worked as a laborer and hauled boron; he also owned a farm two miles east of Venedy.

      Peter was united in marriage to Engel Maria Margarethe Barkau at St. Paul's United Church of Christ, also known as the white church, on April 24, 1873. Peter and Engel were blessed with a very large and extensive family of ten children, Henry, William, Christ, Mary, Peter, Elizabeth, Charles, Magdalena, Emilie, and Louis Schuetz.

      Peter Schütz was a very prominent and important citizen of southern Illinois. He became quite wealthy and further improved the status of the family name. Peter was a very gentle person and loved his wife dearly; in return, he was deeply cared for by his family. Peter was noted as being extremely religious and attended St. Paul's Evangelical church with unusual participation.

      They moved to Venedy and then Plum Hill in the middle and late 1870's before returning to Okawville around 1880. Peter and Engel remained in Okawville until the 1890's when they moved to Venedy once more. In 1901 he bought the Kahrs farm and worked as a farmer for nine years. His mother died at the age of seventy-nine in 1904 in Okawville. Peter retired in the June 1910 and enjoyed a short rest at his newly-built home in Venedy. In the late 1900's and early 1910's, Peter suffered from many ailments which were treated with varying success by several doctors. In the beginning of the year 1913, he developed a strong case of asthma which plagued him the last six months of his life. In late June, his asthma appeared to have been cured, yet it soon came back even stronger. Death on the way, Peter firmly recited his religious beliefs and wished to see his wife and children again in Heaven. Despite the best medical care available, Peter died on June 27, 1913 in Venedy. He was buried on the 29th in the cemetery of St. Paul's. In 1914, a beautiful marble tombstone was bought in Nashville for Peter.

From "The Nashville Journal" July 3, 1913
Peter Schuetz, sr., departed this life at his home in this village Friday, June 27, aged 65 years, 10 months and 6 days. Mr. Schuetz was born in Thalfroeschen, Rhenish Bavaria, Germany, Aug. 21. 1847, and emigrated to America with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schuetz, in '66. The family settled at Venedy. On April 24, 1873, he was married to Engel Barkau by Rev. Christ Mohr in the White Frame church near Okawville. To this union six sons and four daughters were born, one son Christ preceded the father in death three years ago. Several years ago deceased moved from his farm 2 miles east of Venedy to a house purchased from Fred Brueggeman, jr., in Venedy. About six months ago Mr. Schuetz's health began to fall and he suffered with asthma and other complaints. Death relieved him Friday at 5 o'clock a.m. He leaves to mourn his loss his wife and the following children: Hy. of New Baden, Wm. and Louis of here, Peter of Biddleborn, Chas. and Mrs. Mary Kuester, Mrs. Lizzie Kinzel and Lena Schuetz of St. Louis, Mrs. Oscar Reinhardt of Granite City, two brothers, Jacob Schuetz of Grand Prairie and Christ Schuetz of St. Louis, a sister, Mrs. Louise Fohrman of St. Louis. The funeral took place Saturday morning at the White Frame church, Rev. Wm. Schuessler officiating. The following from a distance attended the funeral: Wm. Kuester, wife and daughter Mildred, John Kinzel and wife, Chas. Schuetz and wife, Miss Lena and Mrs. Minnie Schuetz, Christ Schuetz, sr., and wife, Mrs. Peter Fohrman and Mrs. Louise Roethemeyer of St. Louis, Oscar Reinhardt and wife of Granite City, Hy. Schuetz and children and Mr. Reinhardt of New Baden, Peter Schuetz, jr., and family and Mr. and Mrs. John Kinzel, sr., of Biddleborn, Mrs. Christ Tieleman, Mrs. Fred Kuester and Mrs. Hy. Weilmuenster, jr., of Darmstadt, Hy. Barkau and wife, Louis Finke and wife of Addieville; Chas. Barkau and family of Johannisburg, Wm. and Louis Barkau and families of Plum Hill, Fred Barkau of Stone Church, Jacob, sr., Wm., Jake and John Schuetz and families and many others from the White church. We extend sympathy to the bereaved.
      The widowed Engel Schütz, nee Barkau, was born in Drohne on January 4, 1852. She was the second eldest daughter of Heinrich and Henriette Barkau. Engel had very deep brown eyes which she passed down to several of her children. She was a kind person and a loving grandmother. After her husband passed away, Engel vacated her home in 1914 for her son's use and moved in with her children of St. Louis. Then, Engel was known as Mrs. Peter Schuetz, sr. Once she came back in the December of 1917, she was known as Mrs. Engel Schuetz. Her name evolved and turned into Engeline, then Angelina, and finally she was called 'Lena Schuetz' by her family. Engel Schuetz died in Venedy on May 31, 1920. With their parents gone, the seven remaining children decided to sell their father's property, a ninety-five acre plot of land known as the Schuetz farm, that November.

Peter Schuetz
"Mr. Peter Schuetz, sr."
"Mr. P. Schuetz"

Engel Schuetz
"Mrs. Peter Schuetz, sr."
"Mrs. Engel Schuetz"
"Grandma Engel Schuetz"
      Henry Schuetz was born in Venedy on February 3, 1874. He was the eldest son of Peter and Engel Schütz. Contrary to his family's liking, he became a Catholic and was baptized on the eve of his wedding in St. George's Catholic Church of New Baden. He was united in marriage to Mary Friederich, the daughter of Peter Friederich and Margaret Grimmer, on November 23, 1897 in the St. George Catholic Church. Henry and Mary had four children: Laura Schuetz (1898 - ????), Annie Magerita Schuetz (1900 - ????), Francis E. Schuetz (1904 - 1982), and Edwin Louis Schuetz (1906 - 1925). Not much is known about Henry except that he liked to dance, he would commonly be found at parties and special occasions. He inherited his mother's brown eyes as did most of Henry's descendants. Henry Schuetz died at his home near New Baden, Illinois from blood poisoning at the age of forty-four on March 26, 1918. Mary followed him to rest on November 10, 1921.

      William "Will" Jacob Schuetz was born in Plum Hill on February 10, 1877. William worked as a farmer and around the 1900's, was employed by David Oberrmann. He resided with his employer near Okawville until he married Wilhelmina S. D. Finke on February 10, 1901, William's twenty-fourth birthday. William Schuetz and his new wife moved to Venedy where they remained. They had a daughter, Angeline G. Schuetz (1902 - ????), that died in childhood at least before 1910 Overcoming their grief, William and Wilhelmina had two more children: Walter H. Peter Schuetz (1904 - 1959), and Emilia M. A. Schuetz, (Abt. 1909 - ????). William J. Schuetz died at his home in Venedy on December 26, 1938, and was buried the 29th at St. Paul's, south of Okawville.

      Christ "Chris" Henry Schuetz was born in Plum Hill on February 22, 1879. He grew up working on his father's farm and ended up raising crops and livestock. He was also known to own several farm vehicles and various tools. Christ was united in marriage in St. Louis to Wilhelmina Louisa Windmoeller in the August of 1903. To this union one child, Viola Emma Schuetz (1905 - 1991), was born. They continued to live in St. Louis until the April of 1909. Christ had developed tuberculosis and moved into the Fred Holt farm near Venedy; his wife and daughter also joined him. He took up farming once again but in the spring of 1910, he was forced to retire and moved in with his parents. He succumbed to his illness on the evening of October 14, 1910.

      Mary "Mamie" L. Schuetz was born in the July of 1882. She went to school, as her parents wished her too, and eventually ended up as a house servant of the Steinkamp family. Around 1902, Mary was united in marriage to William Henry C. Kuester. The couple removed to St. Louis and had one daughter, Mildred E. Kuester (1904 - 1955). Mary became a widow in 1930 when William Kuester died June 14th. Mary lived in the northern St. Louis area and visited her Reinhardt relatives in Granite City, most often around Christmas. She made shortbread sugar cookies for them and was a very kind person. Mary died in 1962. She was buried with William Kuester at St. John's Cemetery of St. Louis County, Missouri.

      Peter "Pete" Conrad Jacob Schuetz was born in Okawville on February 9, 1884. He worked on his father's farm as a laborer in his youth. He was united in marriage to Katharina Anna Kinzel on January 25, 1906. The young couple moved to St. Louis and had a daughter, Evelyn M. Schuetz (1906 - 1980), and moved back to Venedy where their second daughter, Elda Maria Dorothy Schuetz (1909 - 2005), was born. Peter and his family moved between St. Louis and Washington County a number of times, mostly occupying Venedy, Biddleborn, and New Memphis. In the 1 930's, Peter Schuetz was a postmaster of the Venedy office and worked as a truck driver in the 1940's. He was a very social man and a member of St. John's United Church of Christ of Johannisburg. He died from hypertension on June 27, 1949, and was buried in Darmstadt.

      Elizabeth "Lizzie" Schuetz was born in Okawville on October 7, 1885. She was united in marriage to John Philip Kinzel on June 10, 1905. John and Elizabeth lived in St. Louis. They had a son, Elmer Philip Kinzel (1907 - 1909), which died in infancy. After this grievance, John and Elizabeth had two more children: Alvin Kinzel (1910 - 1972), and Telitha Kinzel (1914 - ????). They moved back to Illinois in the early 1920's and settled in Granite City. Elizabeth and John made residence at 2102 B. Street. Elizabeth died at the Deaconess Hospital of St. Louis at the age of forty-one from heart problems in the early morning of June 16, 1927. She was buried at the northern St. John's Cemetery of St. Louis County on June 19th. John died at the age of ninety in the October of 1974 in Hazelwood, Missouri. John, Elizabeth, and Elmer Kinzel were all buried at St. John's under one stone.

      Charles "Carl" Daniel Schuetz was born in Okawville on September 15, 1887. He was a craftsman and worked as the cabinet maker of Venedy. On May 19, 1909, Charles Schuetz was united in marriage to Sophia Augusta Tielemann. Shortly after this, they moved into a suburb of St. Louis. Charles and Sophia did not have any children. He became ill with tuberculosis and lived with his mother, Engel, for the last portion of his life. His wife left him for the next life in the May of 1918. Charles died shortly after at the age of thirty in Venedy on the night of July 11, 1918. He was buried on July 14th at St. Paul's United Church of Christ Cemetery.

      Magdalena "Lena" Helen Schuetz was born on November 27, 1889. She moved to St. Louis in her early 20's. Magdalena was united in marriage to John Schott, a World War I veteran, on June 20, 1919. Magdalena and John had a daughter together, Mildred Schott. After a steep decline in health, Magdalena died at the age of sixty-three in St. Louis on June 18, 1953. She was buried on June 22nd at the Friedens Cemetery in St. Louis County. John Schott died on December 13, 1945.

      Emilie Sophia Schuetz was born on June 12, 1892. Around 1911, she moved to Granite City, Illinois. She was united in marriage to Oscar Adolph Reinhardt on August 18, 1912 in Granite City. Emilie and Oscar had two children: Norman Harrison Reinhardt (1918 - 2002), and Milton George Reinhardt (1921 - 1987). Emilie was a very wonderful and kind person. She was a devout Catholic and an immaculate housekeeper. Emilie almost never cursed and was seldom cross with anyone. She helped raise her grandchildren and gave very practical and useful gifts instead of toys. Emilie Sophia Reinhardt died on July 4, 1968.

      Louis "Ludwig" Fred Herman Schuetz, the youngest child of Peter and Engel Schütz, was born in Venedy on April 14, 1895. Louis worked as an engineer at Venedy Station in the 1910's and early 1920's. He was raised on the farm by his father and rented, and later owned, a farm when he grew older. Louis's father died in 1913 when he was eighteen. On May 2, 1914, Louis was united in marriage to Emelie Minnie Schwering in St. Louis. They had six children: Adolph Henry Fred Schuetz (1915 - 1991), Oliver Charles William Schuetz (1917 - 1917), Elmer Charles Fred Schuetz (1918 - Alive as of 2010), Florence Nettie Marie Schuetz (1923 - 2010), Roy Monroe Schuetz (1927 - 1927) and Lewis William George Schuetz (1929 - 2001).

      He sold his farm in the 1920's and moved to Belleville where Louis obtained a better job at a stove foundry. They moved back to Venedy on July 10, 1927. Louis was known in the community as 'Ludwig'. He was a laborer and worked as a coal miner and later at the Moellman Sawmill. At this sawmill, Louis received a distinguishing circular cut into his right knee. He was quite well-known and was an honorable man and a hard worker; his only major flaw was that he was an alcoholic.

      Louis attended St. John's United Church of Christ of Johannisburg. He was a prominent member of the church, as both of his parents were very religious, and eventually became the president of St. John's. Towards the end of the summer of 1937, Louis's time as president ended and he continued serving the church as a trustee and a major part of the church's centennial celebration on September 19th. As October began, Louis discovered that money was being stolen from the church. He soon caught the culprit, the game warden of Venedy, and intended to expose him. On the morning of October 7th, Louis left home to go to work and was cornered in a small shack near the saw mill. The warden nearly decapitated him with a shotgun blast and set it up to look like a suicide to cover his tracks. The widowed Emelie Schuetz wished to take the warden to court but they did not have the money to and they had to take the shame of having a suicide in the family. Louis's family also sank into poverty after his death. He was buried on October 9th at St. John's cemetery.

Henry Schuetz
"Mr. Hy. Schuetz"
William Schuetz
"Mr. Wm. Schuetz"
"Wm. Schuetz, sr."
Christ Schuetz
"Mr. Christ Schuetz, jr."
"Chris Schuetz"
Mary Schuetz
"Mrs. Wm. Kuester"
"Mrs. Mary Kuester"
"Mrs. Kuester"
Peter Schuetz
"Mr. Peter Schuetz, jr."
"Pete Schuetz"
Elizabeth Schuetz
"Mrs. John Kinzel, jr."
"Mrs. Lizzie Kinzel"
Charles Schuetz
"Mr. Chas. Schuetz"
"Karl / Carl Schuetz"
Magdalena Schuetz
"Miss Lena Schuetz"
"Mrs. John Schott"
"Mrs. Lena Schott"
Emilie Schuetz
"Miss Emilie Schuetz"
"Mrs. Oscar Reinhardt"
"Mrs. Emilie Reinhardt"
Louis Schuetz
"Mr. L. Schuetz"
"Louis H. Schuetz"
"L. H. Schuetz"
Christian Michael Schütz
      Christian Michael Schütz was born in Thalfröschen on October 17, 1851. He came to the United States with his parents and siblings in 1867. Christian had worked as a garden grower in Germany along with his elder brother, Peter Schütz. Once in the United States, Christian became a farmer. Christian was united in marriage to Catherine Gilder, also from Germany, on April 4, 1876. Catherine had a child from a previous marriage, that child's name was August Huelskoetter. He was born around 1873. Christian and Catherine had four children: Louise, John, Christian, and Henry Schuetz. His first wife died in 1892 and he remarried two years later to Emilie Struebe. Christian died on January 16, 1925 and was buried in the St. Paul United Church of Christ Cemetery.
From "The Nashville Journal" January 22, 1925
Christian Schuetz, sr., died Friday of heart disease and senility at the home of his son a mile east of here. He was born Oct. 17, 1851, in Thalfroeschen, Germany, and immigrated to America in 1867. He was married to Mrs. Catherine Huelskoetter in 1876. To this union three sons, John, Christian and Henry, and a daughter Louise were born. The daughter passed away and the wife departed this life in 1892. Mr. Schuetz was on May 17, 1894, married to Mrs. Emilie Struebe of St. Louis, who preceded him in death in 1918. He had resided on the farm during the first marriage, but during the second matrimonial venture he lived in St. Louis the greater part of the time. For the past four years Mr. Schuetz spent most of his time here with his son John and wife, where he was well cared for. The old man had been bedfast most of the time since May. His age at the time of his demise was 74 years, 2 months and 30 days.

Funeral services took place Monday in the Evangelical St. Paul's church near Okawville, Rev. Albrecht officiating. Interment was made in St. Paul's cemetery. Those who survive him are: three sons, seventeen grandchildren and many other relatives.

The pall-bearers were: John Hecker, Chas. Nobe, Wm. Huelskoetter, Harry Bergman, Wm. Klasing and Wm. Hassebrook. Those from a distance attending the funeral were: Christian Schuetz, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schuetz, Mrs. Wm. Kuester, Mrs. Mildred Pearson, John Reising and wife of St. Louis; Oscar Reinhardt and wife of Granite City, Aug. Huelskoetter and children, Otto Knobeloch, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Huelskoetter of New Baden; Mr. and Mrs. John Kinzel of Biddleborn, Wm. Schuetz and family, Chas. Merrick, Adolph Schlich, Henry Hassebrock and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ruehl of Okawville; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Gilter, Mrs. Fred J. Toensing, Mrs. Adam Gilter and daughter and Mrs. Gerhard G. Schneider of Nashville; Louis Schuetz, wife and daughter, John Huelskoetter and wife, Aug. Riemenschneider, wife and son, Herman, Henry and Ed Nobe, H. E. Krewinghaus, Hy. Glaeser and son Wilfred, Mrs. F. G. Miller, Eugene Basse, Harry Brueggeman of Venedy and many from the vicinity of the church.

      Louise Schuetz was born in 1877 and died in infancy before 1880.

      John Martin P. Schuetz was born on August 4, 1878. John was united in marriage on October 12, 1902 to Emma Lottie Nobe. John and Emma had five children: Herbert A. H. Schuetz (1904 - 1978), Elsie L. E. Schuetz (1906- 2003), Albert H. E. Schuetz (1908 - 1980), Lillie Anna Laura Schuetz (1911 - ????), and Emma Cordaly Schuetz (1918 - ????). John M. P. Schuetz died on May 26, 1928.

      Christian Michael Schuetz, jr., was born on January 13, 1880. He moved to St. Louis and spelled his name as "Schutz" thereafter. He was a foreman of the United Drug Company. Christian was united in marriage on June 29, 1902 to Margaret Cathrine Rehbein, and had four children: Jeanne Schutz, Floyd Vernon Schutz, Earl Roland Schutz, and Noel William Schutz (1907 - 1966). Christian Michael Schutz died on January 24, 1945 in Webster Groves and buried January 27th in the Oakhill cemetery.

      Henry Peter Schuetz was born on June 30, 1882. He worked in a furniture warehouse. Henry died at the age of sixty-eight on March 26, 1951.

Christian Schuetz
"Mr. Christ Schutz, jr."
"Chris Schuetz"

Conrad Schütz

      Conrad "Cooney" Schütz was born in Thalfröschen on August 13, 1855. He came to the United States with his parents and siblings in 1867. In this new country, Conrad became a farmer. Conrad married Henrietta Engel Krewinghaus in 1875. Conrad and Henrietta had ten children: Elizabeth, Daniel, Edward, Bernadina, Christian, Peter, William, Conrad, and George Schuetz. The tenth child was a daughter that died in infancy. Conrad's brother, Peter Schütz, was the godfather of these children. Conrad Schütz died on January 18, 1899. He was buried at St. Paul's cemetery, south of Okawville.

      Elizabeth "Lizzie" Schuetz was born about 1876. She was united in marriage to a Mr. Ruehl. She was mentioned in her mother's obituary in 1915.

      Daniel Herman Schuetz, the oldest son of Conrad and Henrietta, was born on April 2, 1878 in Venedy. He worked as a farmer in Venedy and Okawville. Daniel was united in marriage to Anna H. Kahrs, the daughter of Dietrich and Maria Kahrs, on December 8, 1901, in Okawville. If Daniel and Anna had children, it was not before 1910. Daniel died in a St. Louis hospital on January 31, 1927.

      Edward "Pickle Eddie" J. H. Schuetz, the second child of Conrad, was born on January 8, 1883 in Venedy. On September 14, 1904, he was united in marriage to Emilie Muelken. Edward and Emilie had six children: Hugo E. D. Schuetz (1905 - ????), Alvin H. C. Schuetz (1906 - ????), Olga H. P. Schuetz (1909 - ????), Selma Schuetz (Abt. 1910 - ????), Arthur William Theodore Schuetz (1912 - 1997), and Roland Ernest Fred Schuetz (1918 - 2004). Around 1904, Edward established a farm near Venedy that his descendants have lived on for over a century. He was known to grow some of the best berries and melons in the county. Edward was a well-respected citizen, he was known for his jovial personality and good nature. In the September of 1940, Edward developed a heart condition and his health began to fall. Edward died on June 12, 1941 and was buried at St. Paul's United Church of Christ Cemetery.

      Bernadina "Dina" Schuetz was born on August 9, 1885.

      William Christian Schuetz was born in Venedy on November 15, 1887. He was married to a woman named Lora. William worked as a car salesman at the Bilgere Auto Company. He was one of many of his family that went by their middle name. On November 10, 1933, William entered into final rest and was buried at the Lakewood Cemetery on November 13th.

      Peter Ernest Schuetz was born on November 15, 1887. He worked as a show case glazer at H. Pauk & Son. Like his twin brother, Peter went by his middle name. Peter lived the last fourteen years of his life in St. Louis before his death on May 5, 1941.

      Conrad A. H. Schuetz was born on September 18, 1890. He was married to Marie S. Jung. Conrad and Marie had three children: Conrad Jacob David Schuetz (1915 - 1915), Norman Edward George (1917 - 1980), and Loretta Schuetz (1918 - 1919). Conrad lived in the New Memphis area. Conrad A. H. Schuetz died in the August 21, 1974; he was buried in the Mascoutah City Cemetery. The widowed Marie S. Jung was born in the December of 1890. She was the daughter of Jacob Jung and the granddaughter of Elisabetha Schütz, and thus, she was Conrad's second cousin.

      George D. W. Schuetz, the youngest son of Conrad and Henrietta, was born on January 10, 1897. He moved to St. Louis at a very young age. George lived the rest of his life in St. Louis and was stated as Conrad Schuetz's only living brother in 1974.

Daniel Schütz
Daniel "Dan" Schütz was born in Thalfröschen on June 23, 1858. He came to the United States with his parents and siblings in 1867. In the United States, Daniel became a farmer. He was united in marriage on November 11, 1880 to Sophie Caroline Meyer. Daniel and Sophie had ten children: Conrad, Christian, Minnie, Frank, William, Ella, John, and Daniel Schuetz. In the 1900's, Daniel worked as a highway commissioner and was a member of the Modern Woodmen. He was a wel-respected citizen and was known to politically favor the Republican side. Daniel died on the morning of September 8, 1904. He was buried in Okawville on September 10th.
From "The Nashville Journal" and "The Nashville Democrat" September 14, 1904
Dan Schuetz, a prominent and well known farmer, died last Thursday at his home two miles east of this city, aged 46 years. He was highway commissioner for this district and a member of the Modern Woodmen of America of our local camp. He leaves a family and a host of friends. The services were held last Friday and interment was made in the Evangelical Cemetery.

Daniel Schuetz died last Wednesday night, after an illness of several months. The funeral occurred Saturday from the family residence, east of town, to the German cemetery, Rev. Hugo officiated assisted by the Modern Woodmen of which order he was a member. He was 46 years of age and leaves to mourn his death a wife and seven children.

      Conrad W. Schuetz, the first child of Daniel and Sophie, was born on January 17, 1881. He died in infancy on February 7, 1881.

      Christian W. Schuetz was born in Plum Hill on January 25, 1882.

      Minnie S. Schuetz, the first daughter of Daniel and Sophie, was born on October 31, 1886.

      Frank H. Schuetz was born in Plum Hill on July 29, 1889. He served in World War I as a Private in the 326th Infantry. Frank died from a skull fracture obtained during a truck collision on March 12, 1959. He was buried in the Lutheran cemetery in Plum Hill. He was a bachelor and left no children.

      William Jacob Schuetz was born in Okawville on February 20, 1894. He was united in marriage on January 14, 1917 to Ella W. Barkau. William Jacob was a farmer and an avid alcoholic. William and Ella had two children: Lester Louis Frank Schuetz (1918 - 1993), Leverda M. S. Schuetz (1924 - ????). William and Ella lived in St. Louis and eventually moved back to Okawville. William Schuetz died on August 17, 1964 and was buried in Plum Hill.

      Ella Schuetz was born on August 23, 1896. Ella, contrary to most of her family, had no middle name. She died on August 6, 1967 and was buried on August 9th at St. John's Cemetery in Johannisburg.

      John William Schuetz was born in Washington County, October 27, 1899. He worked as a farm laborer and never married. John William died at the age of eighty-eight on December 30, 1982.

      Daniel "Dan" Jacob Fred Schuetz was born on December 29, 1900 in Okawville. He worked as a farmer in Washington County and was quite well known. He died in Plum Hill on October 23, 1921; it was a very tragic and gruesome accident. Daniel had been thrown and dragged from a wagon when his horse had gone out of control.

Louise Keller Schütz
      Louise Keller Schütz, the only daughter of Peter and Louise Schütz, was born in Thalfröschen on September 5, 1861. She came to the United States with her parents and siblings in 1867. Louise is the main reason that the Schuetz family came to America. She was united in marriage to Henry Meier on February 9, 1879. To this union, three children were born, Louise, Elisabeth, and William Meier. Henry Meier left Louise a widow in the 1880's.

Louise remarried to Peter Fuhrman around 1888. Peter and Louise had two children, George and Lulu Fuhrman. A third child, Conrad William Fuhrman, was born in 1883 and his death certificate lists Peter and Louise as the parents. Louise suffered from a kidney disease and when she came from St. Louis to pay respects to her late brother, she took ill. Louise died on September 28, 1914.

From "The Nashville Journal" October 8, 1914
Mrs. Louise Vurman died in Mullanphy hospital in St. Louis Monday, September 28, aged 59 years. She was a sister of the late Jacob Schuetz, sr., and attended his funeral here recently. She took sick here and was taken to the Original hotel at Okawville for the baths and was removed to St. Louis Sept. 27. Mrs. Vurman was operated the following Monday and passed away. Interment was made in St. Paul's cemetery. The following attended the funeral: Mrs. Jacob Schuetz and daughter, Miss Amanda, of Okawville, Miss Marie Jung of Venedy.

Louise Elisabetha Meier was born on June 16, 1880 and baptized on January 22, 1883. She died at the age of three on January 19, 1883.

      Elizabeth Caroline Sophie Meier was born on January 5, 1882 and died on January 9th, four days later.

      William Conrad Meier was born on November 13, 1883, and baptized on November 25, 1883. He was named after his paternal grandfather. When his mother remarried, his step-father adopted him and William was renamed as Conrad William Fuhrman. He became a bread salesman of the Walter Freund Company and married a woman named Clara.

      George Peter Fuhrman, the first son of Louise and Peter Fuhrman, was born in Missouri in the February of 1889. He did not die in infancy but little of his life is known.

      Lulu Fuhrman was born in the March of 1891. Besides the fact that she did not die in infancy or childhood, little is known about Lulu's life.

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      First, I would like to thank the Washington County Courthouse for letting me view their records and hauling around ten pound books for me. Second, I thank Michael Reinhardt for the many pictures and stories he has provided. Third, I would especially like to thank Noel Schutz for the libraries of information that he has provided me. Lastly, I would like to thank my grandparents and family, for being so awesome that I would feel inspired to partake in such an extensive search.

Compiled by,
Quentin Edward Lewis Schuetz

Son of Bruce E. Schuetz, Grandson of Lewis W. G. Schuetz, Great-Grandson of Louis F. H. Schuetz, Great-Great Grandson of Peter Schuetz, jr., and Great-Great-Great Grandson of the patriarch, Peter Schuetz, sr.
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