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Orville Eugene Stinde

By : Wayne Stinde 2008



Orville Eugene Stinde
Born : July 7, 1903
Married : Velda Leona Cope on June 3, 1926 in LeRoy, Illinois
Died : 1994
Burial : Wiley Cemetery near Colfax, Illinois.


      Orville Eugene Stinde was born 7 July 1903 on a farm near Richview, Washington County, Illinois. He was the third child and first boy born to Eugene P. and Mary Elizabeth Thompson Stinde.
      The farm was the Thompson Homestead where his mother was born 28 years earlier.


      When Orville was old enough to start school, he attended White School, the same one room school that his mother attended in her youth.

White School - 1913

White School

      His father hired out a lot to supplement the families income and so the children helped out doing much of the farm work. Orville shucked corn before and after school when he was only 13 years old.

      In 1917 the family moved to McLean County in central Illinois. They settled in Dawson Township near Ellsworth and Orville attended Cornell School, about 2 miles from where they lived. In a year or so they moved to Blue Mound Township and he attended Hopewell School, and then Union School, all one room schools common in that time. Orville was a good student but in that day working for the family was more important than education and he missed a lot of school helping out on the farm. And so he ended his formal education in 1919 and went to work for Frank Cope, his future Father in Law, as a farm hand. He worked for Mr. Cope for several years and in 1925 he got a job with the railroad on the Nickle Plate Line. He worked on the Bridge Gang and traveled the area building and repairing railroad bridges.

      Orville married Velda Leona Cope 3 June 1926 in LeRoy, Illinois. The traveling that was required with the railroad job did not work well with his status as a married man so he soon left the railroad and became a farmer. The Couple were parents of 7 children, all born in McLean County, and Orville farmed for the rest of his working years all in the McLean County area. Velda died in 1978 and Orville in 1994 and both were buried in Wiley Cemetery near Colfax, Illinois.



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