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Illinois Black Hawk War Veterans
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This database of Black Hawk War Veterans indexes the first volume of Ellen M. Whitney's The Black Hawk War 1831-1832. That volume contains a comprehensive listing of Illinois' Black Hawk War soldiers. It includes the muster rolls for all of the 1831 and 1832 companies including 2 Indian companies. Approximately 1800 men served in the 1831 campaign and 9000 in the 1832 campaign. The Illinois State Historical Library possesses in either original or on microfilm the records from which this information was extracted. The listing of veterans in Whitney's publication is far more complete and accurate than the listing found in the ninth volume of the 1902 Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Illinois. The Archives possesses the 1881 transcriptions, produced from official rolls in Washington, DC, from which the information was taken to produce the 1902 report. The transcriptions comprise the Archives' record series, Black Hawk War Records (RS 301.007).

The database was created and donated to the Illinois State Archives
by Fred Delap of Kansas, Illinois.

Abbreviations used in the Black Hawk War database are:
1LT 	- 	First Lieutenant 		IN 	- 	Infantry
2LT 	- 	Second Lieutenant 		INS 	- 	Inspector
3LT 	- 	Third Lieutenant 		LT 	- 	Lieutenant
ADJ 	- 	Adjutant 			LTC 	- 	Lieutenant Colonel
AID 	- 	Aide 				MAJ 	- 	Major
ARM 	- 	Armorer 			MAT 	- 	Matron
BEA 	- 	Color Bearer 			MV 	- 	Mounted Volunteer
BUG 	- 	Bugler 				MUS 	- 	Musician
COL 	- 	Colonel 			ODD 	- 	Unassigned Colonel
COM 	- 	Asst. Commissary 		ORD 	- 	Orderly
COR 	- 	Coronet 			PAY 	- 	Paymaster
CPL 	- 	Corporal 			PVT 	- 	Private
CPT 	- 	Captain 			QM 	- 	Quartermaster
DRU 	- 	Drummer 			SAD 	- 	Saddler
FAR 	- 	Farrier 			SGM 	- 	Sergeant Major
FIF 	- 	Fife Player 			SGT 	- 	Sergeant
FOR 	- 	Forage Master 			SP 	- 	Spies
GEN 	- 	General 			SUR 	- 	Surgeon, Asst. Surgeon, Surgeon Mate
GOV 	- 	Governor 			TRU 	- 	Trumpeter
GUN 	- 	Gunsmith 			WAG 	- 	Wagon Master
HOS 	- 	Hospital Steward 	  	  

Illinois Black Hawk War Veterans
J Burns Company
Regiment 3
Brigade 3

NAME                                       RANK  

ANDERSON, ALEXANDER                        PVT   
ANDERSON, JAMES                            PVT   
ANDERSON, SAMUEL K                         PVT   

BALCH, ARMSTEAD B                          PVT   
BURNS, JAMES                               CPT   
BURNS, JOHN M                              PVT   
BURNS, ROBERT                              PVT   
BURNS, SAMUEL                              PVT   

CASNER, JOHN                               PVT   
CHERRY, HENRY                              SGT   

DARTER, ANTHONY                            SGT   

FAULKNER, MARCUS G                         CPL   

GILBREATH, JOHN W                          PVT   

HOLLY, PLEASANT J                          PVT   
HOOD, JOHN H                               SGT   
HOUSE, ANTHONY                             PVT   
HUTCHENS, RICHARD                          PVT 
JAMES, PRESTON B                           PVT   
JOINER, WILLIAM                            PVT   

KING, WILLIAM                              PVT   
KINYON, EDWARD                             PVT   
KNIGHT, JOHN                               PVT   

LEE, GEORGE W                              PVT   
LINCH, MATHEW K                            PVT   
LIVESAY, LORENZO D                         PVT   
LOCKE, JAMES                               PVT   
LYONS, ANDREW                              PVT   
LYONS, ANDREW                              1LT   

MC ELHANNON, JAMES M                       PVT   
MC MILLION, MEREDITH S                     PVT   
MINSON, WILLIAM                            CPL   
MITCHEL, JOHN                              CPL   
MITCHEL, SAMUEL C                          PVT   
MORGAN, BENAJAH                            PVT   
MORGAN, CARY                               PVT   
MORGAN, SOLOMON                            PVT   

NEVIL, HARVEY                              SGT   

PATE, GEORGE W                             PVT   
PATTERSON, JAMES                           PVT   
PEPPER, MAXWELL D                          PVT   

RAMSY, JAMES                               PVT   

SAWYERS, CYRUS                             2LT   

TATE, WILLIAM                              PVT   
TERRIL, GEORGE                             CPL   
THOMPSON, JAMES                            PVT   

UNDERWOOD, DAVID                           PVT   
UNDERWOOD, JAMES                           PVT   

WELLS, LEVI                                PVT   
WHITE, ANDREW                              PVT   
WHITE, JAMES R                             PVT   
WHITE, JAMES S                             PVT   
WOOD, CHARLES                              PVT   
WOOD, JOHN D                               MAJ 
WOOD, JOHN D                               SGT   
WOOD, WILLIAM B                            1LT   



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