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H O F F M A N N S           1662 - 1972
By : Bernice Rheinhardt
Transcibed & Edited by : Dr. David S. Wulfman

This Contents page is not part of the book.
I created this to ease of viewing and research on-line.


1. Redactors Note

2. Introduction

3. Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Hoffman I
    Children of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Hoffman I

4. John (Johann) Ernst Hoffman I

5. Family Tree of the Hoffmann Family of Erdmannhausen

6. Children of John Ernst Hoffman
    John Peter Hoffman
    William Alexander Hoffman

7. John E. Hoffman & Catherine Hoffman
    Frederick William Hoffman
    Anna Marie Hoffman
    Elisabeth Sophie Hoffman

8. Caroline Wilhelmine Hoffman
    George Hoffman
    Sarah Catherine Hoffman
    George Henry Hoffman
    Martha Louise Hoffman
    Louis Hoffman

    Symbol of Merger "New Tones at Bethany-Peace"

9. Sophie Marie Elisabeth Hoffman - Fifth child of J. Frederick William Hoffmann
    Louise Collmeyer

10. Elizabeth Collmeyer (Second child of Elisabeth Hoffman)
    Christine Collmeyer

11. Frederick Collmeyer (Fourth child of Elisabeth Hoffman)
    Henry J. Collmeyer
    William Collmeyer
    Caroline Collmeyer

12. Johann Frederick William Hoffmann II (Sixth child of Johann F. W. Hoffman)
    Children of Johann Frederick William Hoffmann II
    Mary Elizabeth Hoffman
    Maria Caroline Hoffman
    Caroline Hoffman

13. Caroline Hoffman continued

14. Sophia Hoffman (Sixth child of Frederick Hoffman)
    CHRISTIAN FREDERICK HOFFMAN (Youngest child of Frederick Hoffman)

15. CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH WILHELM HOFFMAN "William"             (Eighth child of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Hoffmann I)
    Justine Caroline Hoffman
    Johann C. H. Hoffman
    Caroline Hoffman

16. Charles C.Hoffman (Sixth child of William Hoffman)
    Mary Hoffman

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