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Bucky McCoy
  An Ode To JIM McCOY By His Father
Wilbert "Bucky" McCoy


Jim McCoy
October 1946 - April 1991

An Ode To JIM McCOY By His Father

He was jes' a plain, ever-day all aroun' likeable

Kinda guy. Tall and kind a medium built and a bit mean lookin' ifen he keered to be so. The jokenist, wittiest, story tellin' song-singin', laughinest guy and jollyiest feller yo' ever seed.

A Long wall service engineer in mines and work was kinda course, but, yit, youse kin bet yo' last dollar he was extry fine in his talk, an' his feelins too. Lordy; If'en he was back on the job today, a carrin on like he uster ,the fellers he worked wit ud say: Nary a feller better not say nuttin bad about Jim. Needen a favor, no need to look no where else--You could git it o' Jim. Mostest free heartedest guy around that away I'd guess,. Give away bout ever nickel he had, Ifen you wanted sumpin., name it and it was yours ifen he had it. He'd give it to you. Allus reaching out and heppin a feller to his feet. He never keered how hungry he was hisself, He seen So as some body else could eat. Friens come first.

Made no difference to him how he dressed. I heerd him say lotsa times, Iffen to put togs on a bum in winter time, why he'll git along O. K. speshley iffen he stayed warm. Could eat nuther time.

Jim never did git too fer 'head. Liked a drink now and then, whichen he could got along wi'out, an' he loved wife n' kids and grand pa and ma. No wonder, I heered him say moren oncet. Worlds good to me. Why I seed him give his last dollar er two and borry a dime for coffee fer his self. He laff't and joket about his self fer a bit , n then jerk his ole wet mine coat aroun' kinda square up his chin an git back wid da ole Long wall machine. Start peggin a way at the job at hand. Patient feller on the job, sneezin and coughin up coal dust and spitten. laffin about it. He jist giff a pearance of man who oughten to never die but sad enough the grim reaper selects at random and say "gotcha." He show favors to ever'body. I bet when God made Jim he did not git much done rest of day. Jist set a roun an felt good about what He had made. God throwed the mol' away, I betcha. Nary any one like um, I betcha. Proud, arrogant and hansome describes 'Jim'

Time don't waits on no body, he says and every body gits his turn. All ends up with ashes 'n' dust and Jim got hiszen. Here today and gone tomorry. Ask God to do fer us what we need. Ask not fer what Jim got in Colorado. Leavin jist good memories. Moren lotsa other fellers coulda said. Probly lookin down from Heaven an sayin', Hurry up fellers its mighty fine here. Look on back of my tomb stone and ya kin see my words o' wisdom, "It's a jungle out there". Be waiten fur ya.

By: Bucky McCoy, His Father

Jim Born October 1946 Centralia Illinois and Lost his life in April 1991 near Meeker Colorado one car roll over. Wheel broke off his van. Married to Terry Kuhens(McBride) a grass widow. Daughters Kelly Jo and Jammie Lynn. Jims ashes are buried in Ashley Illinois IOOF Cemetery.

Bro Larry and family of Alabama is alls left. Jims chilluns too.

JIM WAS KILLED IN meeker Colorado. He owned 43 motorcycles, Raced Sprints, Midgets and Stocks Cars. Member B. C. R . A and raced in East on invitation. He was a trick motorcyclist.and daring sky diver.
Lived through One chute malfunction that he packed. Only broken bones


2006 Wayne Hinton

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