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Washington County, Illinois

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St. Luke's Evangelical
Death Register

Section 31, Township 2 South, Range 3 West
Nashville Township, Washington County, Illinois

1862 -1892
      Located 1 ¾ miles northwest of Cordes on three acres of land out of the SE corner of the N ½ of the NW ¼ of Sec. 31, T2S, R3W, commencing 35 ft. from the WE corner, running thence North 16 rods and 8 ft. thence West 29 rods, thence South 16 rods and 8 ft., thence East 29 rods to the place of origin, being three acres of land clear to the road.
      Records of St. Luke's Evangelical Church of Nashville Prairie are stored in the Archives of Eden Theological Seminary, Webster Groves, MO. Photocopies were obtained by Mrs. Gertrude Hogshead, nee Zacheis. Translation from the German script was done through the painstaking, persistent efforts, courtesy and kindness of Lawrence and Ester Eigenrauch.
      Transferred to digital format by Karla S. Skabialka in 2012

Death Register


# 333 BLUMHORST, Herman Henry Wilhelm 6 Oct 1863 weakness 17 d
  Parents; Karl & Kathrine DUESTERKOETTER

# 334 SCHUMACHER, Regina Wilhelmine 18 Jan 1864   3 mo
  Parents; Christian Frederick & Charlotte nee BRAMMEIER

  DINTLEMANN, a male child 4 Mar 1864 born dead  
  Parents; George & Barbara nee BERNGUS

  OSTENDORF, Maria 5 Mar 1864    
  widow of Frederich BEHNECKE; son-in-law, Friedrich KOCH

  DECKER, Elizabeth
2 Apr 1864   37 y
  Husband, Fredrick DECKER

  NIEMEIER, Henrich 5 Aug 1864   63 y
  Survivor, Frederich EIGENRAUGH

  DECKER, Child not baptized 8 Sep 1864   6m 11d
  Parents; Frederich & Elizabeth DECKER nee KROENER

  HALLER, Friederich Wilhelm 23 Oct 1865   55y 9m 29d
  No survivors

  KOCH, JOACHIM, Heinrich Friedrich 7 Nov 1865   15y 4m 20d

  GUTH, Margaretha Welhelmina
nee Kessler
3 Dec 1865   26y 7m 24d
  Survivor; husband Peter GUTH

# 338 LURKING, Maria Luisa
25 Nov 1866   55y 1m

  BLUMHORST, Luisa Katharina 13 Dec 1866 burns from fire; gangrene 5y 1m
  Parents; Karl & Katherine nee DUESTERKOTTER, BLUMHORST

NO ENTRIES FOR 1867 & 1868

# 339 KOCH, Heinrich 17 Sep 1869   20y

# 340 DUESTERKOTTER, Johann Friedrich 5 July 1870   73y 8?
  Cedar post J. F. D. 1870

  KOCH, Maria Dorothea 2 Sep 1870   7y 6m 1d

  STRICKER, Karolina 13 Oct 1870   55y 2m 18d

  BRAMMEIER, Ernst Fredrick 30 Oct 1870   66y 7m 1d

  GEGGI, J. Martin 17 Dec 1870   53y 2m 24d
  (from Elkton)

# 341 LORENZ, Jacob 7 Jan 1871   64y 4m 19d

  BLUMHORST, Sophia 21 Feb 1871   46y 4m 19d

# 342 DECKER, Friedrich 6 Jan 1872   50y

  HORSTMANN, Heinrich Christian 22 Feb 1872   9m 4d
  Parents; Christian & Charlotte nee MEIER HORSTMANN

  BRAMMEIER, Maria Karolina 15 Apr 1872   1m 3d
  Parents; Heinrich & Julie Anna Lisetta nee SIGMANN BRAMMEIER

  KLOSTERHOFF, Rosina Mathilda 10 Sep 1872   3y 8m 1d
  Parents; Frederich & Louisa nee DAHNKE KLOSTERHOFF

  RENKEN, Anna 8 Oct 1872   1y 11m 20d
  Parents; Diedrich & Fredericke nee HEGGEMEIER RENKEN

# 343 BRAMMEIER, Karolina Wilhelmina 27 Feb 1873   54y

# 344 RICHMAN, Karolina Christina 24 Mar 1875   5y 9m 16d
  Parents; Wilhelm & Christina nee HORSTMANN RICHMAN

  ZACHEIS, Christina Magdalene 24 Jun 1875   1m 1d
  Parents; Diedrich & Martha nee LINK ZACHEIS

  ENGELMANN, Friedrich Marten 4 Aug 1875   12d
  Parents; Renke & Sophie nee ENGELMANN?

  BRAMMEIER, Julie Anne Lisette 11 Jul 1875   22y 7m
  Husband; Heinrich Brammeier       nee SIEGMANN

  ZACHEIS, Anna Maria
2 Sep 1875   72y
  (Mother of George Wm., Conrad, Wendell, Diedrich, & Bernhardt)

  EIGENRAUCH, Karolina Sophie Emma 20 Dec   2y 4m 17d
  Parents; Wilhelm & Karolina nee HEGGEMEIER EIGENRAUCH

# 345 KESSTER, Maria Luisa
21 Jan 1876 Pneumonia 66y 2m 18d
  Father: Mellbirs HOBEL

  HORSTMAN, Christian Heine Wilhelm 18 Jun 1876   17 d
  Parents: Christ & Charlotte nee MEIER HORSTMAN

  BRAMMEIER, Christ Ludwig 28 Jul 1876 Diarrhea 4y 5m 27d
  Parents: Wilhelm & Charlotte nee ROHLFING BRAMMEIER

  MOELLER, Heinrich 23 Aug 1876 Congestion, chills 40y 2m 3d
  Wife: Karolina nee EIGENRAUCH & 9 children       From Rathen Kr. Lubbke Minden

  BRAMMEIER, Johann Wilhelm 6 Nov 1876 Croup 2y 5m 22d
  Parents: Wilhelm & Karolina nee ROHLFING BRAMMEIER

  HEGGEMEIER, Friedrich Wilhelm 28 Nov 1876   1 day
  Parents: Johann & Barbara nee BAUER HEGGEMEIER

# 346 RIECHMANN, Twins ???????1877   few hours
  Parents: Wilhelm & Christine nee HORSTMANN RIECHMANN

# 347 ZACHEIS, Karl 27 Jun 1878 Diarrhea 1y 9m 2d
  Parents: George & Katherina nee BERNIUS ZACHEIS

  HORSTMANN, Johann Heinrich Christian 9 Aug 1878 Consumption 65y 23d
  From Hartum, Rgs Bzk Minden       Wife: Maria nee Hsebein & 2 sons

  BRAMMEIER, Anna Henrietta Wilhelmine 3 Nov 1878   2y 2m 1d
  Parents: Heinrich & Minna nee KLINGENBERG BRAMMEIER

# 348 ZACHEIS, Phillipp 10 Jun 1879 Convulsion 3m 2d
  Parents: Wendell & Juliana nee LINDER ZACHEIS

  RICHMANN, Johann Heifr??chartum
(Kreis Minden)
30 Jul 1879 Infirmities of old age 74y 9m 15d
  In 1832 was married with Dorothea OHLMEIER.
Six children, 3 sons & 3 dau. 2 sons & 2 dau & their Mother died before the father.

  KLOSTERHOFF, Karl Wilhelm 11 Aug 1879 Chills 1y 1m 28d
  Parents: F. & Luisa nee DANKE KLOSTERHOFF

  SCHUMACHER, Karl Heinrich 10 Aug 1879 Summer sickness 1y 3m 8d
  Parents: Friedrich & Friderika nee BRAMMEIER SCHUMACHER

  EIGENRAUCH, Barbara Lisetta Bertha 13 Oct 1879 Diarrhea 1y 6m 26d
  arents: Wilhelm & Karolina nee HEGGEMEIER EIGENRAUCH

  DECKER, Wilhelm Ludwig 19 Oct 1879 Convulsions 6 days
  Parents: Heinrich & Maria nee EIGENRAUCH

# 349 SCHUMACHER, Friederika Wilhelmina
15 Feb 1880 Lung disease 35y 8m 1d
  Husband: Friedrich SCHUMACHER & 5 children; Fred, Henry, Carrie - M. DUNNERMAN,
Henrietta -- 1: M. GLAUERT, 2: M. SIEGMANN, Wilhelmina M. VOSS
SCHUMACHERS were from Eisenstadt, Felenberth Rgs Byk Minden

  WIESE, Henrich Wilhelm 30 Mar 1880   13y 10m 12d
  Parents: Christian & Maria Christina Karolina nee WULBRAND WIESE
From Kr. Rgs Bzk Minden

  SCHLUNDT, Otto Gustav 25 Dec 1880 Lung trouble 1m 28d
  Parents: Johann & Elizabeth nee HAUSFELD SCHLUNDT

# 350 BEATSCH, Gustav 7 Feb 1881 Lung stroke 20y 9m 29d
  His father preceded him in death; Survivors: mother, foster father - Geo. ZACHEIS, & 5 brothers & sisters.

  LEDEBUR, Christine Wilhelmine Sophie
17 Feb 1881 Infirmities 70y 7m 9d
  from Preuseh, married to Karl Louis LEDEBUR on 9 Mar 1833 of Raten (Vestfalen).
They had 7 children of which 4 died.
Survivors: Children & 3 brothers or sisters there from I b. o. in Germany (son)????

  BRAMMEIER, Franz Wilhelm 19 Apr 1881   2y 4m 19d
  Parents: Wilhelm & Karolina nee ROHLFING BRAMMEIER

  MEIER, Wilhelm Kathr. Sophie 28 Aug 1881 Diarrhea & fever 1y 6m 5d
  Parents: Wilhelm Friedrich & Minna nee BLUMHORST MEIER

  FRINKEN, Friedrich Wilhelm August 3 Oct 1881 Fell by the shot 29y 5m 21d
  From Hartum (Minden)
without wanting out of a gun which to, he was struck in the heart by someone - Was handed him by an ancestor. Well known.
Survivors: wife, parents, brothers & sisters.

  IGENRAUCH, Christian Friedrich 5 Nov 1881 Abdominal inflammation 73y 2m 11d
  From Wehden (Pruessen) Married on 20 Dec 1833 to Mary nee LEHDE; two children, 1 died.
On 30 Sep 1842 he wandered to America and Married Henrietta Wilhelmina Christ. BLUMHORST,
eight Children from this marriage, 2 died.
Survivors: Henrietta Wilhelmine Luisa nee BLUMHORST & 6 children.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Information above is from the records
Corrected data is courtesy of Sharon Wright.
  Christian Friedrich IGENRAUCH
married Henrietta Wilhelmina (nee CLASING (KLASING)) Blumhorst.
      Henrietta was the daughter of Herman Ludwig CLASING (1751-1807)
      Henrietta CLASING, married (1) Herman Heinrich Blumhorst,
            Herman Heinrich Blumhorst died getting off the boat at Cape Girarderau

  GILBERT, Catherine Philippine 18 Nov 1881 Nerve & windpipe infection 21y 9m 26d
  Parents: Heinrich & Catherine nee HEISEL GILBERT

# 351 KLUTKE, Wilhelmina Karolina Christina 3 Mar 1882 Fever & high temp. 1y 3m 1d
  Parents: Fredrich Wilhelm & Sophie nee KROEGER KLUTKE

  EIGENRAUCH, Wilhelm 16 Apr 1882 Diabetes 38y 5m 1d
  B. at Cape Girardeau, MO
Married 27 Feb 1868 to Karolina HEGGEMEIER; 6 Children, 2 deceased.
Survivors: Wife Karolina & 4 children, Christ Fried., Annie, Herman, & Louis

  BRAMMEIER, Friedrika Wilhelmine Christ. 1 Jul 1882   5y 8m 17d
  Parents: Wilhelm & Karolina nee ROHLFING BRAMMEIER

  SCHUMACHER, Friedrich Christian 5 Jul 1882 Convulsions 19 days
  Parents: Christian & Alwina nee HOPPE SCHMUACHER

  BLUMHORST, Karoline Sophie
1882 Childbirth fever 22y 4m 9d
  One son survives; also husband, parents, brothers & sisters.

  BLUMHORST, Ludwig Heinrich Karl 18 Oct 1882 weakness 3m 1d
  Son of Wilhelm & Karoline (deceased) BLUMHORST

  HESS(I or L)R, Christina Stoster 12 Nov 1882 Typhoid fever 57y 11m 13d
  From Tobinely Regt. Braunstweig when he wandered to America.
Married Henrietta WICHART.
Survivors; Henrietta & 5 children.

  HEGGEMEIER, Ida Luisa Sophie 17 Nov 1882 Pneumonia 7m 23d
  Parents: Wilhelm & Maria nee KLOSTERHOFF HEGGEMEIER

  BRAMMEIER, Friedrich Heinrich Wilhelm 10 Dec 1882    
  Parents: Heinrich & Minna nee KLINGENBERG BRAMMEIER

# 352 ZACHEIS, Karl Diedrich 19 Jan 1883 Convulsions 1m 21d
  Parents: Wendell & Juliana nee LINDER ZACHEIS

  SCHUMACHER, Christian Friedrich 21 Jan 1883 Pneumonia 47y 2m 6d
  From Hille Preusgen, came to America in 1858, married Friedrika WEIHE nee BRAMMEIER. They had 8 Children. His wife died 18 Feb 1880. He became ill Jan 13.
Survivors: Aged father, 5 children & 9 bro. & sisters: Fred & Mary HALLER; Henry & Emma DUNNERMAN; Carrie & Henry DUNNERMAN; Henrietta & 1) Wm. GLAUERT; 2) Hy SIEGMANN; Wilhelmina & George VOSS
Christian Friedrich & Friederika Wilhelmina nee BRAMMEIER SCHUMACHER, are the Grandparents of Oscar, Philip, & Henry SCHUMACHER, Lulu WILKERSON, Emma LUIS, Mary WILEY, Clara MOFFAT, Fred DUNNERMANN, Henry & Fred GLAUERT, Linda KULT, Emma VOSS ENGELMAN, Louise VOSS WOLF, John, George, & Ben VOSS as of 1973.
1) Fred SCHUMACHER M. Mary HALLER; Children: Emma, Rose - died 1918, Freddie, & Oscar; none married.
2) Henry SCHUMACHER married Emma DUNNERMANN; children: Hulda m. Adolph GRIESEL, Wm. M. Ida LIEBSCHER, Phillip m. Lela Ray MILLER, Lulu m. Harry WILKERSON, Emma m. Henry LUIS, Mary m. Dan WILEY, Henry m. Virgie PATTERSON & Clara m. John MOFFAT.
3) Caroline SCHUMACHER m. Henry DUNNERMANN: children; Fred m. Cora MILLER, Frieda m. 1) Wm. HENKE, 2) m. John YANKEY, Kathleen m. Reuben BIGHAM.
4) Henrietta m. Wm. GLAUERTY: children; (I) Henry m. Louise SCHUETTE; Marilyn m. Harvey CULLI; (II) Fred m Margaret SEIFFERT; Children: Vernon, Evelyn m. 1) SKELTON (Wm. G. killed when Henry & Fred were very small), 2) Henry SIEGMANN: children: (III) Carrie m. Henry SCHUETTE, their children: Roland, Melba S HEMANN, Gloria, Barbara, Linda, Richard, Clara S. HOHMAN, Henry, Arvie, Nola S. KRAFT, & Homer deceased. (IV) Linda S. m. 1) Frank WITT; children Sylvester m. Evelyn W. MALON, Rose W. HABBE, Norman m. SPENCER, Delores W. MERCER, 2) Ed KULT, deceased. (V) John SIEGMANN, m. Mary WUELBER: Children, Francis S. RAGLAN, Reta S. KLEIN; Olinda SRINGRING; John S., Virgil L., Betty S. ZAPP, Robert S..
5) Wilhelmina (Minnie) SCHUMACHER, m. George VOSS: children; Emma V. ENGELMAN, John V. m. Bertha BECKMAN, George V. mar. KLINGENGERG, Louise V. m. Clarence WOLF, Carl V. m. Ida Belle REUTER, Ben VOSS m. Elvira MOELLER.
NOTE: Entries for Regina Wilhelmine & Karl Heinrich SCHUMACHER are also children of Christian & Friedrika But there was a 3rd child who fell into the fireplace & burned to death.

# 353 KLOSTERHOFF, Alvina Katherina 15 Feb 1884 Pneumonia 2 months
  Parents: Frietrich & Luisa nee DECKER KLOSTERHOFF

  WIESE, Maria Christina Karolina
23 Apr 1884 Consumption 59y 5m 16d
  From Friedenwalda Rgs. Byk. Minden, Preusen

  EIGENRAUCH, Henrietta
15 Jun 1884 Typhoid fever 63y 2m 16d
  Widow       Born 29 Sep 1820 Wedem. Westfalen

  ZACHEIS, Bertha Elizabeth 12 Sep 1884 Weakness 5 days
  Parents: Wendell & Juliana nee LINDER ZACHEIS

  BECKMANN, Wilhelmine
16 Nov 1884   35y 7m 4d
  From Toenstedt Rgs. Byk Minden, Westfalen       Husband & 5 children

# 354 MOELLER, Emma Karolina Wilhelmine 20 Nov 1885   1y 13d
  Parents: Wilhelm & Maria nee SCHLAKE MOELLER

# 355 RENKEN, Johan Friedrich 28 Jan 1886   49y 4m 3d
  Survivors: Henrietta nee KLUSENER & 6 children       From Westerstehen Oldenburg

  MOELLER, Karolina
21 Feb 1886   45y 7m 17d
  From Wehden, K'r Luebbeke Rgs byk Minden Westfalen       Survivors; 9 children

  HALLER, Christine Karoline
nee KRUG
12 Aug 1886 Choleramorphs 58y 9m 28d
  From Ludhemmen K'r Rgs Byk Minden Westfalen

# 356 HEGGEMEIER, Frieda Margaretha 4 Aug 1887   10m 10d
  Parents: John & Barbara nee BAUER HEGGEMEIER

  HEGGEMEIER, Wilhelm 4 Sep 1887 Dropsy 64y 3m 3d
  Survivors: Wife Sophie nee ABLER HEGGEMEIER & 5 children; Mary DUNNERMANN, Louise DECKER, John, William & Christian HEGGEMEIER

  MEIER, Johann Fritz Heinrich entered late   64y 3m 3d typo?
  Parents: Fritz & Henrietta nee BLUMHORST MEIER       Born Mar 1826

# 357 DECKER, Ella Henrietta Maria 8 Apr 1888   4m 9d
  Parents: Edward & Luisa nee MOELLER DECKER

  DECKER, Jona Heinrich 16 Oct 1888   7 days
  Parents: Heinrich & Maria nee EIGENRAUCH DECKER
NOTE: John Friedrich & Henrietta Wilhelmina Fredericke nee Heggemeier RENKEN had 6 children: Anna died in 1872 at About 2 years of age; John D. of St. Charles MO, never married; Louise mar. a KROENER (Mother of Eddie, Albert, Henry, Herman, & Otto); Henry mar. Anna BLUMHORST, widow of John B. who had 4 children: Herman, Emma, Eddie, & Emil BLUMHORST; Henry & Anna had five children: William F. (Stuttgart, Ark.)Connie's father; John & Louise BULL both (Stuttgart, Ark); Christ never married & buried in St. John's at Cordes; Julius mar. Nettie DUNNERMANN, had one dau. Clara M. MITKOS.

# 358 HEGGEMEIER, Johan Friedrich 21 Feb 1889   34y 2m
  Wife: Barbara nee BAUER     Mother: Sophie ABLER HEGGEMEIER     5 Children     4 Brothers & Sisters

  BEATSCH, Anna Maria Amanda 16 Jul 1889   6m 27d
  Parents: Wilhelm & Margretha nee MOELLER BEATSCH

# 359 BLUMHORST, Heinrich Friedrich Louis 27 Jan 1890   5y 3m 18d
  Parents: Heinrich & Christina nee SCHLAKE BLUMHORST

# 360 GRANNEMANN, Still born 2 Jan 1891    
  Parents: Henrich & Christina nee WEISE GRANNEMANN

# 361 FEISSET, May Elisabeth 24 Feb 1892 Whooping Cough 4m 26d
  (in Elkton)
Parents: Phillip & Karolina nee KOESTER FEISSET       3 sisters & brothers

  SCHLAKE, Wilhelm 2 Jun 1892 Consumption 51y 5m 1d
  Survivors: Grandchildren & 3 brothers

  BLUMHORST, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm 15 Dec Erysipelas 39y 2m
  Widow, 4 children, step-mother, sister & brothers

The following have been interred in St. Luke's Cemetery but not recorded in the Church Register.
Some of the descendants as of 1973 are given:


  GILBERT, Anna & Emma
2 Nov 1864 1865  
  Children of Henry & Katherine nee HEISEL GILBERT

1 Jan 1822 Sep 1903 81y 8m 3d
  Cordes Church Records; G'mother of Philip H. & Nettie Renken, Lawrence Decker, Lydia Muether, & Bertha Klingenberg.

  KLINGENBERG, Wm. C 8 Oct 1864 4 Jan 1906  

  KLINGENBERG, Karoline 19 Feb 1865 19 Jun 1952  
  Wife of Wm.

  KLINGENBERG, Ida W. K. 29 Aug 1893 23 Aug 1894  
  Dau. of Wm. C.

  KLINGENBERG, Otto K. 16 May 1891 24 Apr 1895  
  Son of Wm. C.

  BLUMHORST, J. Friedrich 1856 1946  
  Dau. Lizzie NOBEL, Annie STEINKAMP & SON Rudolph of Nebraska

  BLUMHORST, Wilhemine 1861 1941  
  Wife of Fried.

  BLUMHORST, Matilda 6 Mar 1897 23 Jan 1911  
  Dau of J. Fried.

  BLUMHORST, Ludwich H. W. 3 Nov 1893 1 Mar 1896  
  Son of Fried.

  BLUMHORST, Karl F. W. 27 Nov 1832 11 May 1906  
  Cordes Records

  BLUMHORST, Katherine 25 Mar 1831 31 Aug 1912  
  Wife of Karl F. W.

  BLUMHORST, Wm. C. F. 13 Nov 1857 8 Jan 1938  
  Dau: Ella Detering & son

  BLUMHORST, Karoline 8 Dec 1863 10 Jul 1942  
  2nd wife of Wm. C. F.

  BLUMHORST, Adele 2 Jun 1896 18 Apr 1922  
  Dau of Wm. C. F.

  HORSTMANN, Emilie Marie 26 Sep 1814 29 Aug 1898  
  Born in Hartum Westfalen, Germany.
Grandmother of Ella Vernor, Ida Sti???, Paul, Albert, Henry, & Edward ZACHEIS.

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