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Washington County, Illinois

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Oak Grove Cemetery
Pilot Knob Township, Washington County, Illinois
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Photographs by : Sue Rowan Malinee ©

This information and transcriptions are
from the research of : Mike Jones ©
All rights and copyrights are reserved.
October 2006 Cemetery and Tombstone
Photographs by : Sue Rowan Malinee ©
All rights and copyrights are reserved.
Excepts items that are otherwise noted.

Legal description;
Section 15
Pilot Knob Twp., Washington Co. IL

Oak Grove Cemetery was transcribed 18 April 2002.
The tombstones were read north to south.
Row 1 describes the row of stones closest to the road in
front of the cemetery. Some of the tombstones are in excellent shape;
others are becoming unreadable.
The earliest burial is 1855.
The most recent burial is 1939.
There are four markers which note the deceased were veterans of
Company I, 80th Illinois Infantry (Civil War), and one marker
noting the deceased veteran had served in Company G,
29th Missouri Volunteers (Civil War).
For the nearly-illegible stones, I'm hoping someone with an earlier
transcription will share the correct information.
Thank you.
                                                Mike Jones


Row 1
Mary Glenn
      Wife of Wm Gerlach
      June 14, 1875
      Mar. 28, 1910
There is a concrete Gerlach
stone leaning against a
tree by the Glenn stones.

Jas. Glenn
Co. I
80 Ill. Inf.
  Glenn tombstone photo
Photo by Mike Jones

Jno. McElroy
Co. I
80th Ill. Inf.
  McElroy tombstone photo
Photo by Mike Jones

Row 2
Fred W.

M. Lydia (?)
Daughter of William & Sophia (?) Beckmeyer
Born Dec. (?) 1, 1880
Died Jan. (?) 4, 1886

Their Dau.
Aug. 18, 1900
Sep. 10, 1906
Georgia's parents were Theodore Buhrman and
Nancy (Nannie) Kerr Buhrman.

At Rest
Father & Mother
Theodore Buhrman
July 28, 1870
Jan. 15, 1917

Nannie His Wife
Sep. 27, 1873
Dec. 28, 1902
  Buhrman tombstone photo

Row 3

      In Memory of
      Andrew McKinstry
      Born in County Antrim, Ireland 1840
      Died 1897

Ann, His Wife
      Born 1842 - Died 1927

Robert Beggs
      Born in County Antrim Ireland
      Aug. 26, 1828 - Died May 7, 1911

Rose. His wife.
      Born 1823 - Died Mar 16, 1896

      Henry R.   1834-1881
      Rebecca   1842-1916
      Sarah       1867-1887

      In Memory of our sister
Sarah Wilson
      Born July 30, 1867
      Died Dec. 22, 1887

In Memory of Margaret E. Anderson
      ? A native of Co. Dongl. (?)
            [This appears to be an abbreviation
            of "Donegal"(?) Ireland]

      Died Perry Co., Ill
      March 6th, 1891
      Aged 73 yrs & 1 Mo. & 26 (?) Days
In Memory of James Anderson
      A Native of Co. Donegal Ireland
      Died Nov. 24, 1856
      Aged 54 years

In Memory of
David B. Anderson
      Co. I 80th Reg. Ill. Vol.
      Killed at Perryville, Ky
      Oct. 8, 1862
      Aged 18 years

In Memory of Robert Anderson
      A Native of Co. Donegal Ireland
      Died April 19 (?), 1855
      aged 58 years

Bettie Francis
Mar. 4, 1846
Dec. 22, 1922
  B. Francis tombstone photo

Wm. L. Francis
Co. G 29th Mo. Vol.
Sep. 29, 1844
Jan 13, 1904
  W. Francis tombstone photo
Note: [ Veteran marker: "01-65" ]

Davy C.
      Son of W.L. & Bettie [Hattie?] Francis
      Born Feb. 28, 1879 (?),
      Aged (?) & 9 d.

In Memory of Mary Jane
Wife of Hugh Adams
Died Aug. 30 1880
Aged 62 years.
  M. Adams tombstone photo

Hugh Adams
Born In Co. Armagh, Ireland
July First, 1811
Died Dec. 11, 1886
  H. Adams tombstone photo

Barbara Adams
      Wife of Rev. A. Rice
      Feb. 8, 1843
      Oct. 26, 1901

[ Along Row 3, there are stones piled
up against a tree, as follows:]

__enry R. Wilson
            [rest of stone broken]

J. D.
            [perhaps a footstone?]

George Henderson
Born in Ireland
County Tyrone
Died April 17, 1883
Aged about 82 yrs.
  G. Henderson tombstone photo
Note: [stone broken in two parts]

Louise Gerling
      Died Feb. 15 1899

John Boyle
Nov. 15, 1809
Aug. 10, 1881
  Elizabeth S.
His Wife
May 12, 1800
May 7, 1880

Row 4
June 26, 1847
Feb. 22, 1939
Oct. 10, 1855
May 21, 1915

      In Memory of
Rosly (?)
      Wife of Robert (?) Beggs
            (3 lines on tombstone difficult to make out?)

      Age ? [possibly ___ 22 years?]

Zachariah T.
Jennie, His Wife
Asleep In Jesus
  Means tombstone photo

            [Possibly LIly (?) -- Stone is nearly illegible]

      Died (?)

Edith A.
      Dau. of
      George (?) & Mary Reed
      Died Apr. 21, 1874
      Aged 2 years 1 month & fifteen (?) days

Zelotes Wilson
      Born in Washington Co., N.Y.
      Mar. 4, 1792,
      Died in Washington Co. Ill's
      July 7, 1875,
Aged 83 yrs. 4 mos. 3d's.
            [ There is a Masonic crest on Zelotes Wilson's grave.
            There is also a Z. W. footstone.]

Stone unreadable

Row 5
Hugh McElroy
  Margaret His Wife

Hugh G. (C.?)
-- [Nearly illegible]
      son of
      ? Adams

      In Memory of [parts becoming unreadable]
James Duncan
      Born June (?), 1810 (?)
      County [could be Derry?] Ireland
      Died (?) 5 (?), 1885
      in Clay Co., Il
      Aged 75 (?) years (?)

Mary Ann
      Wife of James Duncan
      Died Oct. 7, 1909
      Aged 90 Yrs. 4 Mo 15 days

James Duncan
      of Co I
      80 Reg. Ills. Vol.
      Died Nov. 8 1862.
      Aged 19 yrs. 2ms. 3ds.

Babes of R.D. & R Williamson
James R.       1866
Infant Dau.   1867
Infant Son     1871
Henry L.
[Portions of this stone are becoming unreadable]
      Son of Joseph (?) & ? _locher (?)
      Born Feb ? 1863 (or 1865?)
      Died Feb 9, 1883
      Age 17 yrs & 18 ds.

Barbary E.

Wife of A. Henderson
Born Mar. (?) 4, 1862
Died (?) 25 (?), 1882
Aged ? 22 (?) d.
  B. Henderson tombstone photo
[parts of this stone are becoming unreadable]

Luella Bee
Infant Daut. of
Barbara E. & A.
Died Aug. 22, 1883
Aged 9 mo 11 ds
  B. Henderson tombstone photo

Sarah Chorpenning
      Born Apr. 10, 1878
      Died Nov. 3, 1880


Burials for whom there is no tombstone
(as of 2007)

By : Mike Jones

Person buried at Oak Grove Source of information
Borcherding, Nannie Bell Obituary, "Oakdale,"
Nashville Journal, 23 November 1916
"Interment made in the
Oak Grove cemetery...."
Chorpenning, George B. Obituary,
Nashville Journal, 6 March 1919
"Funeral services were held at 2:30 at Oak Grove church conducted by Rev. W.O. Ferguson."
Elsie Campbell Giacomo recalls his burial and burial site being in Oak Grove. (Conversation in 2005)
Book Page Name Date of Death Burial Notes
Washington Co. IL
Book 5
George B. McClellan
1 Mar 1919 Oak Grove Cemetery
Pilot Knob Township
born 8 Sep 1861 in PENN
son of Wm. H. Chorpening,
      (born PN)
& Caroline Sithwood/Silkwood,
      (born OH.)
informant - Cora Chorpening
 Record of death provided by : Karla Shreeman Shabialka - Jan 2013
Elwell, Alex Obituary,
"Washington County History," 1903,
Nashville Journal, 19 August 1915
"Alex Elwell of Rice expired May 23 [1903]. He left a wife. Burial was made at Oak Grove."
Elwell, Letitia "Lettie" Henderson Obituary,
Nashville Journal, 23 August 1917,
researched by Sue Rowan Malinee
"Funeral services were held at Oak Grove church Saturday at 11 o'clock a.m., Rev. H.G. Dusenberry officiating. Interment was made in the adjacent cemetery."
Henderson, George [jr.] Obituary,
Nashville Journal, 26 November 1914
"Funeral services were held in the Oak Grove church Saturday afternoon. Rev. H.G. Dusenberry officiated. Interment was made in the Oak Grove cemetery."
McElroy, Emmerson "Washington County History" column, 1906,
Nashville Journal, 23 May 1916
"Emmerson McElroy, aged 27, died in St. Louis June 4 [1906]. Interment was made at Oak Grove."
McElroy, Myrtle "Washington County History" column, 1898,
Nashville Journal, 15 October 1914
"Myrtle McElroy departed this life at Rice May 15 [1898]. Burial was made at Oak Grove."
Wright, Lettie nee Adams "Washington County History" column, 1899,
Nashville Journal, 17 December 1914
"She formerly lived at Oak Grove, where her remains were interred."


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