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Ashley Baptist Church
Ashley Washington County, Illinois

By : Wilbert J. "Bucky" McCoy ©
Ashley Baptist Chuch in 2000
Photographed in 2000 showing new roof that was installed in the fall of 1999

Harrl Beatty Photograph Collection
Courtesy of Larry & Jo House
Baptist Church at Ashley, Illinois
Baptist Church at Ashley, Illinois


Ashley Baptist Church

      Ashley Baptist Church came into being in 1862.
      The organizing council came from Horse Prairie, DuQuoin, Richview, and Pleasant Hill.
      First Pastor is Unknown.
      The building had a steeple, two separate front doors, a stove on each side (one side for the men, the other side for the women), a Baptistry at the front, and multi-colored window panes.
      The Church records were destroyed by fire around 1885.
      The Church celebrated 100 years in 1964. the sermon was by Rev. Harold Konroyd.
      The longest Pastorate was of Rev. A. B. Plunkett who served from June 10, 1979 to January 2, 1994.
". . . Upon this rock I will build
My Church; and the gates of hell
shall not prevail against it."
                Matthew 16 : 18



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