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Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church
Posen, Washington County, IL
Copyright by Gloria Dettleff
Baptisms 1901 - 1906
Marriages 1901 - 1931
Burials 1901 - 1956

This church is in the Diocese of Belleville of Southern Illinois and it dates from 1901.
More current information about this church can be found here:
It is obvious from the majority of the names recorded here that this church has a
strong Polish and Slavic foundation. This is also true of the St. Michael Catholic Church in Radom, Washington County, IL which has an earlier beginning. A published history for Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church could not be found but St. Michael's history can be found here:
http://home.catholicweb.com/stmichaelradom/index.cfm/about . The only clue about Perpetual Help that was discovered was in the burial records which indicates that Martin Gryna was a founder.
In searching for information the following web site was discovered which is indexing marriages from the Posen/Poznan area of Poland:
In it the owner, Mr. Lukasz Bielecki, explains the problem of regional boundaries and trouble finding parishes, etc. This is a free searchable site and may help you find ancestors from Poland / Prussia. This is Mr. Bielecki's web site:
Those who died in Missouri may have their death certificate digitized on the Missouri Secretary of State web site:
This is also a free searchable site with Pre and Post 1910 sections. The Pre-1910 section does not contain digitized death certificates.
All of these church records are available in the Belleville Public and the St. Louis County (main branch) libraries on microfilm. They are available in clearer form online in digital format at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) Family Search site: 
Scroll down to Illinois, Archdiocese of Belleville and select Washington County and this church. Then you will have to register if you haven't already. Once you have registered you must sign in by clicking the "sign in" box at the upper right hand corner. It is free to register and your name will appear in the upper right hand corner when you have signed in correctly. There have been some problems with some browsers not being able to properly display these records. If you experience problems viewing the images, see the LDS Beta site help section. Please be aware that the transcription was done in good faith from the digital images but due to this transcriber's unfamiliarity with Polish spelling, expect errors and check the images for verification. The practice of last name female endings of "ska" and male endings of "ski" continued throughout the records. Last names were kept as-is but first names were changed from their Latin form to either a Polish form or English form.
In some of the records it is obvious that the priest recorded the event from another source as the events are out of sequence. For this reason when looking for an image it may be necessary to browse one page before or after a suspected date.
Thank you to Frankie Heinzmann from the ILGenWeb Clinton County website for making these records searchable by multiple columns.


Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church

Posen, Washington County, Illinois

Marriage Records

Compiled & Copyrighted© by Gloria Dettleff 2010

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Groom Bride Married Groom Father Groom Mother Maiden Bride Father Bride Mother Maiden Witness Witness Comments
Antkowiak, Casimir Starzek, Francisca 29 May 1928 Antkowiak, Stanislaus Not Listed Starzek, Jacob Skotarczyk, Catharina Not Listed Not Listed ---
Antkowiak, Stanislaus Piasecka, Sophia 22 Nov 1904 Antkowiak, John Not Listed, Rosalia Piasecki, John Not Listed, Marianna Piasecki, Casimir Piasecka, Helena ---
Antkowiak, Stanislaus Nowak, Marianna 16 Apr 1913 Antkowiak, John Kozanecka, Rosalia Dlubala, Laurent Niemcarz, Rosalia Bejma, Stanislaus Niedbalska, Francisca Bride widow of John Nowak ?
Bak, Anton Paszkiewicz, Agnes 10 Nov 1919 Bak, John Not Listed Paszkiewicz, Andreas Krus, Josepha Bak, Ladislaus Paszkiewicz, Stanislawa ---
Bak, Edward Nowak, Josepha 11 Nov 1919 Bak, Joseph Miglinowska, M. Nowak, Peter Medestet, Agnes Nowak, Albert Bak, Vanda ---
Banaszek, Emil Liszewska, Marianna 9 Sep 1913 Banaszek, Felix Jany, Marianna Liszewski, Michael Zolkowska, Sophia Liszewski, Peter Szabelska, Leocadia ---
Barber, Robert Nowak, Francisca 25 Oct 1927 Barber, Joseph Jozusek, Josephina Nowak, John Giezella, Eva Kushke, Thadeus Barczewska, Angela ---
Barczewski, Barnard Niedbalska, Vladislava 12 Nov 1912 Barczewski, Francis Tomicka, Barbara Niedbalski, John, Jr. Mahajewska, Maryanna Nowak, Francis Niedbalska, Veronica ---
Barczewski, Ignatius Banaszek, Rosalia 27 Oct 1919 Barczewski, V. Kitowska, M. Banaszek, Joseph Czarnecka, V. Kitowski, Waclaus Banaszek, Ver. ---
Barczewski, John Jessa, Stanislawa 26 May 1903 Barczewski, Francis Tomicka, Barbara Jessa, Jacob Mozolewska, Maryanna Jessa, Joseph Riterska, Anna ---
Barczewski, John Szymanska, Josepha 30 Jan 1906 Barczewski, Francis Not Listed, Barbara Szymanski, Boniface Not Listed, Veronica Szymanski, Alexander Bauza, Anastasia ---
Barczewski, John Niedbalska, Rosalia 26 Oct 1915 Barczewski, Francis Tomicka, Barbara Niedbalski, John Machojewska, Maria Bauza, Peter Niedbalska, Veronica ---
Barczewski, Valentin Paszkiewicz, Vladyslawa 6 Nov 1906 Barczewski, Francis Not Listed, Barbara Paszkiewicz, Andreas Not Listed Szymanski, Alexander Paszkiewicz, Pelagia ---
Bargiel, Joseph Dlubala, Barbara 4 May 1925 Bargiel, Martin Nosal, Anna Dlubala, Michael Dlubala, Francisca Bargiel, Joseph Dlubala, Elisabeth Groom is from Madison, IL
Bartnicki, John Piglowska, Veronica 8 Nov 1921 Bartnicki, Francis Czarnecka, Helena Piglowski, Martin Szturman, Emilia Bartnicki, Peter Matecka, Teresa ? ---
Bauza, Dominic Nowak, Theresa 21 Jun 1927 Bauza, Thomas Barczewska, Stanislawa Nowak, John Dlubala, Mary Not Listed Not Listed ---
Bauza, Paul Antkowiak, Josepha 19 Aug 1929 Bauza, Thomas Barczewska, Stanislawa Antkowiak, Stanislav Piasecka, Sophia Bauza, Leo Antkowiak, Anna ---
Bejma, Stanislaus Dlubala, Agnes 14 Nov 1905 Bejma, Andreas Not Listed, Margaritha Dlubala, Laurent Not Listed, Rosalia Dlubala, Francis Bejma, Agnes Groom is from Radom, IL
Bielatowicz, Francis Musielak, Francisca 25 Sep 1923 Bielatowicz, John Rejmer, Maria Musielak, John Giezella, Ladislawa Bielatowicz, Peter Musielak, Marie This entry is out of sequence; year might be 1924
Bogucki, Anton Niedbalska, Agnes 15 Oct 1924 Bogucki, Stephan Kozanecka, Agnes Niedbalski, John Machajenska, Maria Niedbalski, Francis Gajlewska, Sophia ---
Bonczyk, John Dlubala, Isabella 26 Sep 1927 Bonczyk, Jacob Piglowska, Josephina Dlubala, Michael Not Listed Not Listed Not Listed ---
Brink, Peter Giepert, Veronica 9 Nov 1920 Brink, Ignatius Kamedulska, Fr. Giepert, Martin Wachonska, Magie Brink, Louis Brink, M. Both are from Pilot Knob, IL
Bujewski, Leonard Geppert, Francisca 23 Apr 1929 Bujewski, Adalbert Wiceskallo, Ver. Geppert, Martin Wachowska, Magdalena Bujewski, Albert Geppert, Sophie Groom is from St. Louis, MO
Cybort, Valentin Bak, Anna 17 Oct 1911 Cybort, Valentin Kozuszek, Francisca Bak, John Nacek, Maria Dlubala, Ignatius Kozuszek, Hedwiga ---
Czarnecki, Anton Gawronska, Josepha 24 Jan 1905 Czarnecki, Joseph Not Listed, Margaretha Gawronski, John Not Listed, Josepha Gawronski, Stanislaws Piasecka, Helena ---
Damazyn, Anton Nowak, Maryanna 12 Jan 1909 Damazyn, Michael Not Listed, Michalina Nowak, Martin Not Listed, Catharina Nowak, Francis Banaszek, Paulina Both are from Bolo, IL
Deering, Anton Pinska, Victoria 19 Aug 1913 Deering, Francis Bauzae, Juliana Pinski, Michael Wachowska, Marianna Pinski, Bartholomew Deering, Maria Groom from Doniphan, MO
Deering, Leo Podwojska, Emilia 24 Oct 1923 Deering, Francis Bauza, Julyanna Podwojski, Francis Piglowska, Victoria Deering, Joseph Podwojska, Helena Groom is from Radom, IL
Dlubala, Aloysius Liszewska, Veronica 2 Oct 1918 Dlubala, Michael Dlubala, Francisca Liszewski, John Wisniewska, Veronica Liszewski, Stephan Dlubala, Agnes ---
Dlubala, Francis Szturman, Maryanna 24 Nov 1908 Dlubala, Laurent Not Listed, Rosalia Szturman, Martin Not Listed, Victoria Szturman, John Szlachetka, Maryanna Both are from Bolo, IL
Dlubala, Ignatius Kurwicka, Pelagia 25 Oct 1915 Dlubala, Laurent Musial, Rosalia Kurwicki, Michael Tonjanowska, Maria Dlubala, Michael Liszewska, Victoria ---
Dlubala, Michael Grott, Julia 18 Jan 1921 Dlubala, Laurent Meirich ?, Rosalia Grott, Valentin Mozelewska, Julia Grott, Wilhelm Kitowska, Amelia ---
Dziobek, Francis Kitowska, Angelina 9 Nov 1931 Dziobek, Joseph Ciesliewicz, Catharina Kitowski, Sigismund Janka, Rosalia Not Listed Not Listed Groom is from Tamaroa, IL
Dziubek, John Kitowska, Barbara 1 Sep 1930 Dziubek, Joseph Cieslewicz, Catharina Kitowski, Zygismund Janka, Rosalia Dziubek, Francis Kitowska, Rosalia Groom is from Tamaroa, IL
Filichowski, Ladislaus Musielak, Hedwiga 2 Sep 1929 Filichowski, Alexander Jagielska, Valeria Musielak, John Gizella, Hedwiga Filichowski, Carl Gizella, Martha Groom is from St. Louis, MO
Filipski, Victor Bartnicka, Eva 13 Jan 1919 Filipski, Joseph Kolakowska, Anna Bartnicki, Francis Czarnecka, Helena Bartnicki, John Curowska, H. Groom is from Pinckneyville, IL
Frost, Edward Musielak, Teresa 22 Sep 1930 Frost, John Maszka, Marianna Musielak, John Gizela, Ladislava Frost, Andreas Musielak, Josepha Groom is from Radom, IL
Furmaniak, Anton Banaszek, Maryanna 28 Jan 1902 Furmaniak, Andreas Piechota, Eleonora Banaszek, Michael Cepel, Anna Kartecki, Francis Banaszek, Pelagia Both bride and groom are from St. Louis, MO
Galabowski, Andreas Malawa, Antonia 4 Jun 1906 Galabowski, Francis Not Listed, Francisca Malawa, Joseph Not Listed, Antonia Malawa, Michael Galabowski, Ladislaws Both are from Nashville, IL
Gawronski, Stanislaus Karolczak, Victoria 18 Oct 1909 Gawronski, John Not Listed, Josepha Karolczak, Martin Not Listed, Agnes Karolczak, Laurent Piasecka, Eva Both are from Pilot Knob, IL
Giezela, Albert Mozolewska, Maryanna 10 May 1904 Giezela, Andreas Not Listed, Hedwig Mozolewski, Andreas Not Listed, Cecelia Nowak, Jan (John) Kozuszek, Stanislaw Bride is from Radom, IL
Glazek, Anton Piasecka, Eva 27 Apr 1915 Glazek, August Porozynska, Francisca Piasecki, John Polenska, Maryann Kania, Carl Polka, Maryanna Bride is Pilot Knob, IL
Gogotek, Francis Kozuszek, Antonia 15 Apr 1913 Gogotek, Anton Nowak, Floryanna Kozuszek, John Przybylska, Marianna Gogotek, Stanislaus Szymanska, Zofia Groom is from St. Louis, MO
Gorski, John Liszewska, Rosalia 24 Aug 1915 Gorski, Michael Szymanska, Maria Liszewski, Michael Ziolkowska, Sophia Liszewski, Stephan Krol, Rosalia ---
Gruchala, Stanislaus Krewicz, Veronica 20 May 1920 Gruchala, Thomas Musielak, Stanislawa Krewicz, Adalbert Kozanecka, Josepha Bogucki, Anton Gruchala, Rosalia Groom is from St. Louis, MO
Grzechowiak, Francis Smugala, Thecla 14 Oct 1913 Grzechowiak, Valentin Sipera, Agnes Smugala, Michael Pelka, Joanna Smugala, Francis Pieszchalska, Pelagia Groom is from Radom, IL
Grzegorek, Joseph Smugala, Ver. 4 Nov 1919 Grzegorek, Valentin Gruchala, Maria Smugala, Michael Pelka, Anna Smugala, Joseph Krewicz, V. ---
Grzegorek, Laurent Krerowicz, Stanislawa 19 Oct 1909 Grzegorek, Valentin Not Listed, Maryanna Krerowicz, Adalbert Not Listed, Josepha Grzegorek, Valentin Bogucka, Maryanna Both from Bolo Twp., IL
Grzegorek, Theodore Bak, Maria 16 May 1916 Grzegorek, Valentin Gruchala, Maria Bak, John Noncek, Maria Grzegorek, Joseph Lejza, N. ---
Grzegorek, Valentin Bogucka, Maria 18 Oct 1910 Grzegorek, Valentin Gruchala, Maria Bogucki, Stephan Kozanecka, Agnes Golzbowski, Ladislaus Gorska, Antonia ---
Haill, Michael Hylla, Martha 10 Jun 1902 Haill, Francis Szaszek, Anna Hylla, Anton Klein, Catharina Kostecki, Joseph Hill, Mary Groom is from St. Louis, MO
Hughes, Edward Kitowska, Regina 23 Nov 1931 Hughes, Newton Dubin, Dora Kitowski, Sigismund Janka, Rosalia Not Listed Not Listed Groom is from St. Louis, MO
Hyla, Bernard Bartoszkiewicz, Maryanna 22 Sep 1903 Hyla, Anton Klein, Catharina Bartoszkiewicz, Thomas Brzycka, Catharina Kitowski, Theodore Bochantyn, Katherina ---
Hyla, Joseph Kozuszek, Anna 1 Sep 1903 Hyla, Anton Stawicka, Catharina Kozuszek, Martin Czechranska, Maryanna Kitowski, Theodore Kozuszek, Weronika ---
Hylla, Stanislaus Rogazewska, Maria 8 Dec 1919 Hylla, Anton Klein, Kat (Catharina) Rogazewski, Francis Wesobacha, Rosalia Not Listed Not Listed Bride is from St. Louis, MO
Janiszewski, Martin Pinska, Pelagia 3 Oct 1905 Janiszewski, Adalbert Not Listed, Josepha Pinski, Michael Not Listed Pinski, Laurent Bauza, Anastasia Groom is from Chicago, IL
Jankowski, Leo Szlachetka, Victoria 25 Oct 1904 Jankowski, Michael Not Listed Szlachetka, Albert Not Listed, Balbina Slacatka, Jozef Jankowska, Jadwiga Groom is from Nashville, IL; Golden Jubilee notation
Jankowski, Michael Paszkiewicz, Rosalia 2 Jun 1919 Jankowski, Michael Niklewicz, Josepha Paszkiewicz, John Hojnacka, Anna Paszkiewicz, John Hojnacka, Anna Groom is from Nashville, IL
Jozwiak, John Kamadulska, Josepha 21 Sep 1909 Jozwiak, John Not Listed, Constantia Kamadulski, Joseph Not Listed, Francisca Jozwiak, Ladislaus Banylska, Francisca Groom is Pilot Knob, IL; Bride is from Bolo Twp, IL
Kamadulski, Albert Kozuszek, Catharina 12 Nov 1901 Kamadulski, Not Listed Adamska, Catharina Kozuszek, Martin Czechrowska, Marianna Piechota, Jan (John ?) Korzuszek, Anna Both bride and groom are from St. Louis, MO
Kamadulski, Michael Kozuszek, Hedwiga / Jadwiga 3 Sep 1912 Kamadulski, Peter Brzycka, Catharina Kozuszek, John Przybylska, Maryanna Kamadulski, Francis Kozuszek, Antonia Groom from Pilot Knob, IL
Kamedulski, Anthony Bury, Helena 30 Sep 1924 Kamedulski, Michael Roszak, Agnes Bury, Anton Malich, Catharina Not Listed Not Listed ---
Kamedulski, John Paszkiewicz, Veronica 12 Apr 1921 Kamedulski, Michael Roszak, Agnes Paszkiewicz, Francis Bauza, Michalina Burly, Ant. ? Paszkiewicz, Mary Groom is from Pilot Knob, IL
Kaszuba, Joseph Groth, Zofia 4 Nov 1908 Kaszuba, Andreas Not Listed, Anna Groth, Valentin Not Listed, Julianna Groth, John Kaszuba, Magdalena Both are from Bolo, IL
Kitowski, Isidor E. Klein, Sophia M. 11 Nov 1913 Kitowski, Thomas Zaremba, Marianna Klein, Joseph Barcz, Martha Barczewski, Ignatius Krol, Rosalia Both are from Chicago, IL
Kitowski, Theodore Modzelewska, Rosalia 21 Oct 1907 Kitowski, Joseph Stawicka, Barbara Modzelewski, Andreas Patowska, Cecelia Modzelewski, John Musial, Clara ---
Kolodziej, Stanislaus Kozuszek, Stanislawa 10 Sep 1928 Kolodziej, Stanislaus Holaszka, Anna Kozuszek, Stanislaus Piglowska, Elisabeth Liszewski, Joseph Kozuszek, Cecelia ---
Koralewski, Josef Bonk, Maria 13 May 1908 Koralewski, Julian Lebilska, Franciszka Bonk, Francis Noncek, Johanna Koralewski, Charles Novak, Magdalena ---
Kostecki, Francis Rozycka, Maryanna 3 May 1904 Kostecki, Valentin Dekasz, Maryanna Rozycki, Casimir Smukala, Maryanna Rozycki, Jan (John) Kostecki, Pat ---
Kowalewski, Roman Barczewska, Maria 31 Jul 1927 Kowalewski, Carl Maikow, Paulina Barczewski, Valentin Paszkiewicz, Ladislawa Benze, Paul Paszkiewicz, Vanda ---
Kozuszek, Casimir Malawa, Angelina 5 Oct 1931 Kozuszek, John Przybylska, Maria Malawy, Michael Mozolewska, Anna Kozuszek, Ladislaus Malawa, Hedwiga Groom is from Pilot Knob, IL
Kozuszek, Francis Hass, Francisca 18 Sep 1911 Kozuszek, Stephan Cieslewicz, Agnes Hass, Joseph Kemnitz, Paulina Kozuszek, Thomas Rozycka, Anastasia Both from Pilot Knob Twp, IL
Kozuszek, Ignatius Bielatowicz, Martha 21 Oct 1913 Kozuszek, John Przybylska, Marianna Bielatowicz, John Reimers, Marianna Przybylski, Theodore Laskowska, Helena ---
Kozuszek, John Barczewska, Angela 27 Aug 1929 Kozuszek, Martin Oblamska, Veronica Barczewski, John Szymanska, Josepha Kozuszek, Thaddeus Oblamska, Veronica ---
Kozuszek, Peter Pyglowska, Catharina 10 May 1909 Kozuszek, Szczepan (Stephan) Not Listed, Agnes Pyglowski, Martin Not Listed, Emilia Kozuszek, Stanislaus Piglowska, Veronica Both are from Bolo, IL
Kozuszek, Stanislaus Pyglowska, Elisabeth 18 Jan 1909 Kozuszek, John Not Listed, Maryanna Pyglowski, Valentin Not Listed, Barbara Kozuszek, Peter Piglowska, Catharina Both are from Bolo, IL
Kozuszek, Stanislaus Breck, Stanislava 17 Oct 1910 Kozuszek, Martin Czechanska, Maria Breck, Ignatius Kamadulska, Francisca Kamadulski, Michael Kozuszek, Hedwig ---
Kozuszek, Valentin Polewska, Catharina 26 Aug 1913 Kozuszek, John Przybylska, Marianna Polewski, Francis Hylla, Othelia Kozuszek, Ignatius Piasecka, Eva Bride is from Pilot Knob, IL
Krawecki, Michael Rybicka, Cecelia 20 Nov 1923 Krawecki, John Majewska, Stanislawa Rybicki, John Kucharska, Appolonia Krawecki, Stan Rybicka, Clara Groom is from Radom, IL
Krygris, Edward Rybicka, Clara 21 Sep 1926 Krygris, Francis Bak, Agnes Rybicki, John Kucharska, Appolonia Krygris, Francis Rybicka, Lucia Groom is from Radom, IL
Krzycki, Joseph Polczynska, Anna 20 Nov 1905 Krzycki, Laurent Not Listed, Julianna Polczynski, Albert Not Listed, Josepha Gawronski, Stanislaws Krzycka, Julianna Groom is from St. Louis, MO
Kucharski, John Riterska, Agnes 23 Sep 1902 Kucharski, Michael Gmogolska, Victoria Riterski, Michael Pizarek, Hedwiga Kucharski, Henry Ryterska, Anna Groom is from St. Louis, MO
Kujawa, John Kamedulska, Catharina 28 Aug 1918 Kujawa, John Ignosiak, Catharina Kamedulski, Michael Roszak, Agnes Kamedulski, Fr. Kozuszek, Ver. Groom is from Todd's Mill, IL; Bride from Pilot Knob, IL
Kujawa, Leon Rybicka, Lucy 14 Oct 1930 Kujawa, John Liszewska, Hedwiga Rybicki, John Kucharska, Apolonia Not Listed Not Listed Groom is from Radom, IL
Kulikowski, Casimir Bartoszkiewicz, Sophia 22 Sep 1903 Kulikowski, Albert Slowikowska, Emilia Bartoszkiewicz, Thomas Brzycka, Catharina Szarkowski, Feliks Haszak, Cataryna Both bride and groom are from St. Louis, MO
Kurwicki, Stanislaus Kitowska, Anna 27 Jul 1914 Kurwicki, Michael Tryjanowska, Marianna Kitowski, Stanislaus Kania, Marianna Barczewski, Ignatius Kurwicka, Pelagia ---
Kwiatkowski, August Damazyn, Cecelia 14 Sep 1931 Kwiatkowski, Anton Katilebowska, Victoria Damazyn, Anton Nowak, Maria Kwiatkowski, Anton Damazyn, Clara Groom is from Radom, IL
Kwiatkowski, Edward Cybort, Anna (Widow of Valentin?) 27 Jan 1920 Kwiatkowski, Ladislav Gwan, Anna Bak, John Noncek, Maria Blun, Julius (?) Grzegorek, Mar. Groom is from Bavaria ?
Lamczyk, August Bak, Cecelia 4 Oct 1926 Lamczyk, August Prauza, Julia Bak, Joseph Brouka, Veronica Lamczyk, Peter Brouka, Stephania Groom is from Du Bois, IL
Liszewski, John Gawronska, Victoria (Josepha) 11 Apr 1921 Liszewski, Michael Not Listed, Sophia Karolczak, Martin Waszak, Agnes Liszewski, David Karolczak, Fr. Bride is from Pilot Knob & possibly the widow of Stanislaus.
Liszewski, Stephan Brink, Catharina 15 Oct 1919 Liszewski, John Wisniewska, Veronica Brink, Ignatius Kamadulska, Francisca Brink, Louis Brink, Maria (Mrs. Louis Brink?) Bride is from Pilot Knob, IL
Liszewski, Valentin Ratajczak, Catharina 5 Sep 1911 Liszewski, John Wisniewska, Veronica Ratajczak, Michael Niklewicz, Francisca Jankowski, Francis Liszewska, Francisca ---
Lukaszewski, Michael Malawa, Josepha 28 Jan 1902 Lukaszewski, Felix Susogor, Margaritha Malawa, Joseph Walkowiak, Antonia Antkowiak, Stanislaus Dalman, Wladyslawa ---
Majewski, Vincent Jankowska, Martha 22 Sep 1909 Majewski, Francis Not Listed, Maryanna Jankowski, Ignatius Not Listed, Antonia Gero, Stanislaus Kurwicka, Veronica Groom from Nashville, IL; Bride from Bolo Twp., IL
Malawy, Michael Mozelewska, Anna 13 Sep 1910 Malawy, Joseph Not Listed, Antonia Mozelewski, Francis Not Listed, Maryanna Mozelewski, Stanislaus Malawa, Michaelina ---
Mantych, Jacob Wonsk, Pelagia 19 Aug 1902 Mantych, John Krus, Catharina Wonsk, John Skiera, Anna Mantych, Maclal Paszkiewicz, Francisca ---
Mantych, Matheus Bogucka, Stanislawa 7 Nov 1904 Mantych, Michael Not Listed Bogucki, Stephan Not Listed Antkowiak, Stanislaus Mantych, Katathryna Golden Jubilee notation
Markowski, Joseph Krol, Agnes 14 Nov 1927 Markowski, Anton Daniszewska, Maria Krol, Joseph Saminska, Anna Not Listed Not Listed Groom is from St. Louis, MO
Maszka, Francis Szlachetka, Marianna 10 Feb 1914 Maszka, Michael Dering, Agatha Szlachetka, Adalbert Belinska, Balbina Szlachetka, Joseph Paszkiewicz, Agnes ---
Maszka, Leo Niedbalska, Veronica 25 Sep 1917 Maszka, Michael Dering, Agatha Niedbalski, John Machajenska, Maria Not Listed Not Listed ---
Matecki, Michael Kitowska, Constantia 13 Nov 1906 Matecki, John Not Listed, Catharina Kitowski, Joseph Not Listed, Barbara Kitowski, Theodore Szczepanska, Maryanna ---
Mendel, Ludwig Musielak, Josepha 12 Oct 1931 Mendel, John Zietalek, Weronika Musielak, John Gezella, Hedwiga Not Listed Not Listed Groom is from St. Louis, MO
Mierkowski, George Krol, Martha 5 Sep 1916 Mierkowski, Joseph Not Listed Krol, Joseph Liszewska, Maria Zelasko, Carl Krol, Rosalia ---
Mortek, John Musial, Rosalia 19 Oct 1910 Mortek, Joseph Borowiak, Apolonia Musial, John Jankowska, Antonia Jozwiak, Ladislaus Kozuszek, Antonia ---
Musial, Francis Brink, Maria 8 Oct 1924 Musial, Paul Parolowska, Maria Brink, Ignatius Kamadulska, Maria Jablonski, Alexander Brink, Anna Groom is from Radom, IL
Niedbalski, Andreas Dlubala, Francisca 14 Sep 1909 Niedbalski, John Not Listed, Magdalena Dlubala, Laurent Not Listed, Rosalia Dlubala, Ignatius Niedbalska, Ladislava Both are from Bolo Twp., IL
Niedbalski, Joseph Smukala, Rosalia 25 Oct 1904 Niedbalski, John Not Listed, Maryanna Smukala, Michael Not Listed Niedbalski, Andri Piglowska, Katryna Golden Jubilee notation
Niedbalski, Thomas Smugala, Cecelia 26 Oct 1926 Niedbalski, John Machajenska, Maria Smugala, Michael Pelka, Joanna Smugala, Vincent Barczewska, Angela ---
Nowak, Albert Dlubala, Agnes 31 Jan 1921 Nowak, Peter Medestet, Agnes Dlubala, Michael Dlubala, Francisca Kamedulski, Fr. Nowak, Helena ---
Nowak, Francis Bonk, Francisca 1 Oct 1907 Nowak, Peter Madistaez, Thecla Bonk, Francis Rutkowska, Maria Nowak, Adalbert Bonk, Maria ---
Nowak, Francis Nowak, Victoria 14 Apr 1913 Nowak, Martin Borowiak, Catharina Nowak, Peter Medastedt, Tecla Nowak, Joseph Nowak, Josephina ---
Nowak, John Giezela, Eva 9 Aug 1904 Nowak, Peter Not Listed, Tekla Giezela, Andreas Not Listed, Hedwig Nowak, Frank Kozuszek, Stanislaw Golden Jubilee - Nashville
Nowak, John Dlubala, Maryanna 26 Sep 1905 Nowak, Martin Not Listed, Catharina Dlubala, Laurent Not Listed, Rosalia Damazyn, Anton Dlubala, Agnes ---
Nowak, Joseph Michalek, Bronislawa 22 Apr 1902 Nowak, Martin Borowiak, Catharina Michalek, Francis Krzyzanowzka, Francisca Dalman / Talman, Josef Piglowska, Elzbieta ---
Nowak, Joseph Trumbka, Maryanna 20 Sep 1904 Nowak, Peter Not Listed, Tekla Trumbka, Martin Not Listed, Catharina Nowak, Francis Musielak, Anastasia Bride is from Pilot Knob
Paszkiewicz, Adalbert Niedbalska, Maria 7 Oct 1924 Paszkiewicz, Andreas Krus, Josepha Niedbalski, Joseph Smugala, Rosalia Niedbalski, Thomas Smugala, Cecelia ---
Paszkiewicz, Ladislav Brink, Anna 3 Sep 1928 Paszkiewicz, John Hojnacka, Anna C. Brink, Ignatius Kamedulska, Francisca Paszkiewicz, Szczepan Brink, Bronislava ---
Paszkiewicz, Michael Bury, Anna 11 May 1920 Paszkiewicz, John Hojnacka, Anna Bury, Anton Malich, Catharina Paszkiewicz, John Bury, Helena ---
Piasecki, Casimir Palucka, Pelagia 17 Aug 1909 Piasecki, John Not Listed, Maryanna Palucki, Andreas Not Listed, Josepha Piasecki, Victor Szymanska, Maryanna Both are from Pilot Knob, IL
Piechota, John Hyla, Maryanna 2 Sep 1902 Piechota, Peter Wachowska, Maryanna Hyla, Anton Klein, Catharina Hyla, Bernard Pinska, Pelagia ---
Pierdzoch, Michael Ryterska, Amelia 26 Apr 1904 Pierdzoch, John Not Listed, Josepha Ryterska, Michael Not Listed, Hedwiga Pierdzoch, Adam Ryterska, Anna Groom from Radom, IL; bride from St. Louis, MO
Pierdzoch, Michael Paszkiewicz, Francisca 30 Oct 1905 Pierdzoch, John Not Listed, Josepha Paszkiewicz, Andreas Not Listed, Josepha Pierdzoch, Adam Paszkiewicz, Wladyslawa ---
Piglowski, Adalbert Borowiak, Josepha 2 Jun 1930 Piglowski, Adalbert Mortek, Catharina Borowiak, John Nering, Martha Kozuszek, Casimir Piglowska, Jossepha ---
Piglowski, Albert Mortek, Catherina 27 Oct 1903 Piglowski, Valentin Kucik, Barbara Mortek, Joseph Borowiak, Apolonia Mortek, Andrew (?) Piglowska, Elzbieta ---
Pijnt, Albert Piechnik, Magdalena 19 Feb 1906 Pijnt, Vincent Not Listed, Marianna Piechnik, Joseph Not Listed, Agnes Matecki, Michael Piechnik, Rosalia Groom is from Du Bois, IL
Pinski, Bartholomew Dziobek, Francisca 16 Sep 1913 Pinski, Michael Wachowska, Marianna Dziobek, Joseph Cieslewicz, Catharina Pinski, Francis Dziobek, Rosalia ---
Pinski, Francis Pisarik, Rosalia 11 Oct 1915 Pinski, Michael Wachonski, Maria Pisarik, Martin Rybicka, Stanislava Pisarik, John Borowiak, Celestina ---
Pinski, Laurent Kozuszek, Rosalia 3 Sep 1907 Pinski, Michael Wachowska, Maria Kozuszek, Martin Czechanska, Maria Kozuszek, Stanislaus Salucka, Pelagia ---
Pinski, Stanislaus Bauza, Josepha 30 Oct 1916 Pinski, Michael Wachonska, Maria Bauza, Thomas Barczewska, Stanislava Deering, Michael Bauza, Barbara ---
Pinski, Thadeus Niedbalska, Stanislawa 29 Apr 1929 Pinski, Adalbert Niza, Casimira Niedbalski, Joseph Smugala, Rosalia Pinski, Andreas Smugala, Francisca ---
Podkomorski, Clemens Stawicka, Louisa 2 Sep 1902 Podkomorski, Francis Szabelska, Anna Stawicki, Theodore Ludwick, Maryanna Podkomorska, Waclow Stawicka, Deleigia Groom is from Du Bois, IL
Pokorny, Joseph Grott, Elizabeth 8 Jun 1903 Pokorny, Francis Wolanska, Antonia Grott, Valentin Mozolewska, Juliana Levendowski, Martin Mozolewska, Maryanna Groom is from Du Bois, IL
Polczynski, Stephan Szarkowska, Pelagia 24 Oct 1905 Polczynski, Adalbert Not Listed, Josepha Szarkowski, John Not Listed, Marianna Szarkowski, Joseph Polczynska, Anna ---
Polewski, Benjamin Gill, Ella 29 Jun 1925 Polewski, Francis Hylla, Ottilia Gill, Theodore Smith, Anna Polewski, Frederick Gill, Maria Bride is from Todd's Mill
Rozanski, Edward Kozuszek, Veronica 3 Sep 1923 Rozanski, Theophil Sckira, Jadwiga Kozuszek, John Przybylska, Maria Frost, Joseph Kozuszek, Theresa Groom is from Radom, IL
Rozycki, John Ryterska, Anna 24 Oct 1904 Rozycki, Casimir Not Listed, Josepha Ryterski, Michael Not Listed, Hedwigis Rozicki, Michael Ryterski, Jan (John) ---
Rozycki, Michael Piasecka, Helena 17 Nov 1908 Rozycki, Casimir Not Listed, Josepha Piasecki, John Not Listed, Maryanna Rozycki, Theodore Piasecka, Eva Both are from Bolo, IL
Rozycki, Theodore Liszewska, Francisca 21 Oct 1912 Rozycki, Casimir Smugala, Jozefa Liszewski, John Wisniewska, Veronica Liszewski, Peter Rozycka, Anastasia ---
Ryterski, John Paszkiewicz, Pelagia 9 Jul 1912 Ryterski, Michael Pisarek, Hedwiga Paszkiewicz, Andreas Krus, Josephina Ryterski, Maximilian Paszkiewicz, Agnes Groom from Todd's Mill, IL
Skobolewski, Vincent Banaszek, Veronica 16 May 1923 Skobolewski, Joseph Olesiak, Catharina Banaszek, Joseph Czarnecka, Anastasia Tylelski, Anton ? Bartnicki, Teresia Groom is from West Frankfort
Smugala, Francis Barczewska, Tecla 3 Nov 1915 Smugala, Michael Pelka, Anna Barczewski, Nicolaus Nowak, Cecelia Smugala, Stanislaus Borowiak, Stanislawa ---
Smugala, Joseph Krus, Maria 13 Oct 1924 Smugala, Michael Pelka, Joanna Krus, Michael Kozenska, Helena Not Listed Not Listed ---
Smugala, Stanislaus Mascassini, Pelagia 17 Oct 1917 Smugala, Michael Pelka, Joanna Mascassini, Lucian Bauza, Stanislawa Smugala, L. Bauza, St. ---
Stanowski, Michael Musielak, Maria 6 Nov 1923 Stanowski, Francis Malick, Appolonia Musielak, John Giezella, Ladislawa Stanowski, Joseph Musielak, Nattie Groom is from Radom, IL
Stawicki, Michael Kurwicka, Veronica 18 Jan 1910 Stawicki, Michael Kadzban, Elizabeth Kurwicki, Michael Not Listed, Maryanna Kurwicki, Stanislaus Nowak, Victoria ---
Suchowicz, Francis Trombka, Stanislawa 26 May 1908 Suchowicz, Anton Not Listed, Marianna Trombka, Martin Not Listed, Catharina Jessa, John Musielak, Anastasia Groom is from Herrin, IL
Szarkowski, Felix Kozuszek, Veronica 13 Nov 1906 Szarkowski, John Not Listed, Josepha Kozuszek, Martin Not Listed, Marianna Szarkowski, Thomas Kozuszek, Rosalia ---
Szarkowski, Joseph Hass, Josepha 20 Nov 1905 Szarkowski, John Not Listed, Maryanna Hass, Joseph Not Listed, Apolonia Pinski, Albert Haas, Agnes Thomas Szarkowski & Martin Gryna also witnesses
Szigura, Stanislaus Liszewska, Theodora 3 Feb 1908 Szigura, John Smith, Maria Liszewski, John Wisniewska, Veronica Rozycki, Theodore Liszewska, Francisca Groom is from Chicago, IL; bride is from Bolo, IL
Szlachetka, Joseph Paszkiewicz, Stanislawa 21 Nov 1921 Szlachetka, Albert Not Listed, Balbina Paszkiewicz, Andreas Krus, Josepha Paszkiewicz, Albert Pierdzoch, Ver. ---
Szperra, Ignatius (Widower) Barczewska, Vladislava (widow) born Betlejewska 12 Apr 1910 Szperra, Francis Not Listed, Maryanna Betlejewski, Francis Not Listed, Maryanna Mirek, Felix Jelasko, Francisca Groom from Du Bois, IL
Szymanski, Alexander Musial, Clara 16 Aug 1916 Szymanski, Boniface Jessa, Veronica Musial, John Jankowska, Michalena Musial, John [Musial?], Emma ---
Wajer, Leo Gretzmacher, Anna 1 May 1928 Wajer, Ignatius Kruszka, Rosalia Gretzmacher, John Figut, Catharina Grajek, Stanislaus Biechurska, Eleonora ? Groom is from Du Bois, IL
Yoch, John F. Jakoubek, Agnes C. 24 Mar 1914 Yoch, Caspar Mentel, Clara Jakoubek, Francis Metzka, Anna Kohl, A. M. Pieszchalska, Pelagia Both are from Belleville, IL
Zegarski, Francis Podwojska, Anna 30 Apr 1918 Zegarski, Francis, Sr. Slijewska, Francisca Podwojski, Francis Piglowska, Victoria Bak, Anton Paszkiewicz, Agnes ---
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